Congratulations WAX and KT on your engagement!! The First at CrossFit KoP!

3 Rounds for time of:
400 Meter Run
21 Kettlebell Swings
12 Pull-ups

Community Notes:
This weekend's classes (1/11 & 1/12) will be held at the Annex 110C DeKalb Street.  The CrossFit Cubs class at 10:00 AM on Saturday will be cancelled. CrossFit King of Prussia is Hosting a Level 1 Seminar.  Meet and Park at the Annex.

A pessimist is one who makes difficulties of his opportunities and an optimist is one who makes opportunities of his difficulties.
-Harry S. Truman


Anonymous said...

400m row, not run? Or 500m row?

Aimee Lyons said...

Oh silly typo. 400 m run. Scale or modify with a 500m row if necessary.

Jason Lyons said...

I knew a Helen once. She was insane.

Travis said...

Today's topic: If you could have dinner with any two people who would it be? 1 past 1 present

Chip Kelly- I am amazed at the dedication that goes into being an NFL head coach. I would love to know what it is like behind the scenes and what goes into designing a new offense especially with a new team. Not to mention setting franchise records having to utilize 3 different QBs.

Benjamin Franklin- A working class Philadelphian who liked to drink beer.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Jesus & ekhart tolle

Anonymous said...


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Michael Lyons

Anonymous said...

Wow,Very nice...

Facebook Michael

Mike S said...

Past: Ben Franklin - one of the most influential people of the somewhat recent past.

Present: Pope Francis - still early, but potentially one of the most influential people of the present.

Mike T. said...

Past-Steve Jobs
Present- Howard Stern
or Warren Buffet

Travis said...

Congrats guys

Kathleen said...

KT and Wax so happy for you guys!!! I was relieved to find out it wasn't the WOD that causing so much emotion after class. So glad I was there this morning to share the moment with you! Congratulations!!!!!

Chris P. said...

man, we did our engagement pictures at KoP, but an actual engagement?! Now that's constantly varied. Congrats guys!

Jason Lyons said...

Anonymous allows spammers like the two link virsuses seen below.grrrrr

Anyway, Present...I would also choose Pope Francis for the same reason I wanted to sit next to him on an airplane. Maybe I can have dinner with him on the airplane.

Past...Kurt Vonnegut. His writings have influenced me more than anyone else that I know.

Present, not famous. My beautiful wife

Past, not famous. My dad's mother as she passed when I was very very young.

Sebastian said...

Hitler and Michael Douglas

Mike S said...

KT and Wax, so happy to hear the good news! Congratulations!

King said...


Gina Spinelli said...

Congrats again!!!! So very excited for you two!! I can't believe I was in the shower for this!!!!

Unknown said...

KT & Wax - great news. congrats!

Coach Paul & Tim said...

Nicholas Cage and Nicholas Cage

Stephanie Vincent said...

KT 11:41* + Wax 15:53rx = PRoposal
Kim g 11:59* 55rus
Steve z 14:40* 35/26
Becca 16:49* rom
Gina 13:49* pu&rr
Kathleen 14:48* rr
Brian 14:52 band
Erika 13:28*
Roni 13:58

Pete 10:25 rx
King 10:21 rx
Chip 13:48 rx

Mark c 13:13* rus
Olan 14:37 rx
Pam 14:53*

* row

Congrats to kt and wax. He proposed to her at the spot they met after the 6am class!!

Coaches note: Pam is no longer allowed to used bands!!

Stephanie Vincent said...

Roni 13:58*

Stephanie Vincent said...

Pam 14:53* rom

Chris P. said...


I see what you did there

Jason Lyons said...

Friday Thoughts

1) Anything can happen at 6am
2) I love movies and do not see enough anymore
3) Everyone in our family has 5 letters in first and last name
4) travis's wife looks like reese
5) wwf is wrestling, not pandas
6) hot tamales rule
7) your song is saddest song ever
8) aliens exist and built the pyramids
9) we never landed on the moon
10) The Simpsons came on when I was in 4th grade!

Paul S said...

Jackie 14:27 Row/Band
Diane 15:24 Row/Band
Kara 14:45 SC
Christ 14:23 SC
Dianne 16:28 SC
Barb 15:18 SC

Unknown said...


Travis 13:42 RX
Rachel 15:17 band
Westwood 15:32 44#/JPU

Travis said...

1) NASA Drives me NUTS. We should use that money for education or medicine.
2)I agree that Kristen looks like Reese, I actually have a uncle that will only call her Reese
3)movie tavern has changed the way I do movies
4) I rent from red box often
5) I prefer to be sleeping at 6am
6) I always trust my phone will automatically fix all my typing/spelling errors

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

Jill H
John M

It's good to see that some people made mobility a new years resolution! It's also good to see consistency with the athletes that were mobilizing before. Nice work keep it up!

Coach Bombay said...

Manisha 13:57 SC
JKwon 11:59 RX
Derreck 13:223 RX
Steph C. 12:04 SC
Nick C. 11:53 RX
Keith L. 16:28 SC

Stephanie Vincent said...

Dave c 16:08 row/rr
John m 15:15 rr
Luke ouchie
Pat 11:53rx