Snatch Pull
5 sets of 2 


Cash out:
4 rounds
5 OHS (65/95#)
10 GHD Sit-ups

Community Notes:
All weekend classes will be held in the Annex (110C DeKalb).  There will be no CrossFit Kids class (Cubs) on Saturday at 10AM.
Click here to check out our latest event---The Crockpot Cook off on February 22nd!

"The will to win, the desire to succeed, the urge to reach your full potential... these are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."


emilyyannabella said...

Cold cold cold 6 am Snatch session. But great job everyone. KT, way to go making some legit technique corrections.
KT: 100/95/3:39 RX
Kathleen: Tech/3:56 SC
Wax: 125/4:13 RX

Travis said...

1) Llove the idea of a cook off
2) I wish I used the crockpot so I could enter
3) My lungs still hurt from yesterday's workout
4) K9 regiononals
6)Anyone familiar with snowshoe mountain WV? If so how is it/what is the area like?
7) I saw Wolf of Wall st, thought it was good not great
8) American Hustle is the next movie I want to see.

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday to coaches Mike T. and Laura P! If you both show up to a class, I hope they like burpees!

emilyyannabella said...

Ronnie, great job at 9:30. So so proud of you! Where was everyone else?!
Ronnie: 40/65/4:20 SC

Travis said...

I'll take a few squares, will you be in the gym wed or thurs?

Denver wins with a total in the upper 40s

Aimee Lyons said...

Happy Birthday to Mike T, Laura and Taryn!

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday Taryn!

steph v said...

12noon Snatch Circle

Welcome to Audrey!! It was her first class (She was a natural at the snatch!)

Audrey 46, 5:40 31/su
Kate F 61, 4:25 31/su
Dianne 41 4:07 41/su
Jen S 105PR! 4:02 Rx
Pam form 4:50rx

Jason Lyons said...

1) I suck at cooking
2) I love crockpots but dutch ovens are awesome
3) My traps still hurt from cleans earlier this week
4) I don't have any pets
5) Q
6) Nope, go to Hunter Mt.
7) I want to see that too but my wife hates movies
8) I haven't see that either
9) A lot of gyms are closed on Sundays, ours is not
10) The Annex is bigger than our first two locations

Chris P. said...

Ryan B 305
Travis 135/3:44 Rx
Regi 85/3:22 su
Justin R 155/4:53 75#
Diane 120 PR/5:05 Rx
LP 100/4:59 t2b

Mike L 145/5:58 65# t2b
Klutch 160 PR/3:54 Rx
Manisha 50/4:30 35# su
Kelly 70/3:35 35 su
Tracy 70/4:08 40#
Shawna 55 PR/3:33 45# su
Rebecca :-) / 2:56 15# su
Kelsey :-) / 3:01 15# su

Welcome to Rebecca and Kelsey for their very first class, they did great with a tough tough movement to learn. ---insert dirty jokes--- Congrats to Diane, Shawna, and Klutch on their PRs!
Also, Brennan's number is his snatch pull...just wanted to see what some people's reactions were

Chris P. said...

1.) I love movies and just got new surround sound speakers to replace 12 year old ones...I'll be wiring them through the walls this weekend

Aimee Lyons said...

P- I did a double take, then made sure to read your comments. haha!
Nice Job Ryan!

Jen S. said...

Steph C 55#/4:02 sc
Melissa form/4:26 sc

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Chris, I definitely got that wrong, my max was 115 not 145. Sorry I don't math good.