25 Pull Ups
50 Deadlifts (M:135/W:95)
50 Push Ups
50 Box Jumps (20"/24")
50 Floor Wipers (M:135/W:95)
50 DB Clean and Jerk (M:35/W:15)*
25 Pull Ups

This is the “300″ WOD from Gym Jones and the training sessions Mark Twight did with the actors who played as the Spartans in the movie, “300″. They used this WOD as a benchmark a couple times throughout the training process.

*These DB's are rather light, I would increase the weight a little for anyone who has been CrossFitting for more than 6 months to a year!

Community Notes:
This weekend's classes (1/11 & 1/12) will be held at the Annex 110C DeKalb Street.  The CrossFit Cubs class at 10:00 AM on Saturday will be cancelled. CrossFit King of Prussia is Hosting a Level 1 Seminar.  Meet and Park at the Annex.

Opportunities are like sunrises. If you wait too long, you miss them.
-William Arthur Ward

Welcome back Lisa!
 Modified Push-up helps keep the midline stable
Floor wipers


Jason Lyons said...

Persian dude about to die: "This is madness"

Coolest dude on the planet: "This is SPARTA!!!!!"

Jen Naspinski said...

OmG my favorite!!!!!!

Jen Naspinski said...

OmG my favorite!!!!!!

Travis said...

Wow this looks horrible, see you at 4:30!

Anonymous said...

Box jump height?

Aimee Lyons said...

the old standard on box jumps----(20"/24")

Travis said...

You said TV sucks right now and I do agree but it is slowly starting up. I like justified, that just started back up and shameless starts this Sunday!

Anonymous said...

Love Shameless!

Brett said...

King Leonidas: Spartans! Prepare for glory!

Tim P said...

Steve Z 28:15 scale
Gina 26:33 scale
Erika 25:40 55#wipers
Mike S 34:34 scale
King 26:50 95# wipers
Joe C 31:41 scale
KT 23:28 Rx+25#
Tobin 24:53 Rx+45#
Peter 25:57 25:57 Rx

Anonymous said...

Mark Twight is the famous aplinist who devisdd Gym Jones to train for light and fast ascents and to do really remarkable things in the wild. Nice wod!

Unknown said...

Game on! This looks awesome. What are floor wipers?

Anonymous said...

Try Google. You'll find some info there.

Unknown said...

Thanks - video link below for others who had no clue


Keith B said...

Hey Travis, do you remember what I said about Phillip Rivers? I might have to take to it back.


Jason Lyons said...

Mark Twight was orginally involved in CF before an ugly break-up. I do not know if I am 100% accurate with this so please do not quote me but I thought I remembered him writing somewhere that CF type workouts were not for everyone and that it was for the elite only. Again, I may be wrong.

Jason Lyons said...

Thor's Day

1) I do not know what Shameless is
2) Sunday TV does not help on Wednesday
3) My favorite vacation as a kid was Mrtyle Beach
4) Pearl Jam is the best band ever
5) I wish I had duel citizenship
6) I like your pictures when you post
7) Google translate is not that bad
8) I want to be better at crossword puzzles

9) I don't know why that space just happened...but I cant erase it
10) I would love to sit next to pope francis on a plane

Travis said...

I warned you! Be very afraid of Rivers! I wish that streak would rub off on the eagles.

1) Can I suggest "on demand" maybe a DVR?
2) pearl jam 10 great, the rest ah ok
3)I sleep on planes
4)shameless is a very good show on showtime FRANK
5) Disney fav vaca as a kid, hope I am lucky enough to take my kids some day.
6) I can't wait for football this weekend, I hope the games are classic battles.
7) I don't have enough to say for 10 points

Jason Lyons said...

11) Have a DVR and use it routinely
12) 10 not even close to best album
13) I read on planes
14) Want Saints and Niners BLOWOUTS
15) Bought an NFC Championship ticket IF held at Candlestick
16) People under utilize blue highlighters
17) I had a crush on Joan Jett
18) I never met anyone from Arkansas

19) Damn this space again!
20) I miss good ole fashioned MTV

Travis said...

1) I hope Niners make it so you can experience how awesome a Home championship game is

2) blank space for fun
3) I loved beavis and butthead "I am cornholio"
4) blog is back on fire and I love it!

Unknown said...

What the hell is happening on this blog?? !!

Aimee Lyons said...

Nick 21:35 135#ringpulls
Ronnie 25:49 sc
GiGi 21:00 sc
Kara 21:35 sc
Susan 23:15 95#

Gavin 27:15 sc
Lisa A 23:42 sc
Rachael 27:05 sc
Jen F 23:12 sc

Great classes today, Welcome back to Lisa A! Solid work all around.

Our first Postpartum class starts on Monday. We are running a 6 week program M-W-F at 9:30AM that focuses on Women's wellness. There will be FREE babysitting those days. If you know anyone who recently (or not so recently) had a baby, this is a great program. email me at crossfitkop@gmail.com for more info.

Travis and Jason these remind me of Ruminations (an Aaron Karo) daily email I used to receive....ha!

I'll try to give you both a few randoms:
1. I got filet for dinner and I'm excited about it.
2. Drank a green smoothie the last three days to get my veggies and fruits!
3. I think Gavin will crawl in a month
4. Cate and I did a crushing WOD today with 100 GHD sit ups and 50 back extensions and 150 back squats...that was kinda silly. I couldn't see straight for about 20 minutes after

Community Note:
We have put a piece of plywood in the Annex to block off the door to outside and upstairs, that has helped the extreme cold over there. We will be installing an actual door soon.

The router is fixed for the computer at the gym.

JZuck said...

Jason - Shameless - Check it out - Awesome show.

Alicia keys said...

This blog is on fire

Anonymous said...

This "Anonymous" guy is the best.

1. Say I had never heard any Pearl Jam. Which song should I listen to first?
2. Which PJ song could you listen to on repeat all day?
3. Which is the best PJ song that you might not want to listen to on repeat all day because it's just that awesome?
4. What country would you you pick for dual citizenship?

Not Jason said...

1. Dissident
2. Off He Goes
3. Wishlist
4. Sweden

Not Jason too said...

elderly woman is best PJ song. end of discussion.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jason will pick Whipping for #2

Jackie said...

I thought no way would be a good pick for Jason 's #2... he did play it every Thursday at the bar for years. That and the song that has "the best third line ever. " Can anyone name that tune?

Travis said...

Aimee You reminded me that I didn't take anything out for dinner, now I am sad

I like Eddie vedder's solo stuff. I love the "into the wild" soundtrack. Also loved the movie and book.

All this talk about PJ really makes me want peanut butter and jelly on toasted rye

Craig Laban said...

c'mon Travis. everyone knows PBJ goes on fresh Strohmans. if you don't eat Strohmans, your not really from Philly.

Tim P said...

Klutch 26:27 Rx
Oleg 31:12 Rx
Derrick 29:01 scaled
Josh (drop in welcome) scaled
Jess S 31:33 scaled
Shawna 28:18 bnd 55#
Laura P 16:22 (No FloorWp, 20#db)
Patrick 29:06 scaled
Flouder 32:15 scaled
Brett M 31:55 Jumping Pullups
Travis 17:41 (25 reps)
Stephanie 21:31 scaled

Jason Lyons said...

TOUGH questions...I love it. I am happy to say that my wife knows me better than the wife of one of my best friends...but she knows me too.

1) Chloe Dancer/Crown of Thorns 10/18/2013. Not technically PJ but two members of the band were in MLB so it counts.

2) Whipping 6/13/2007. Best performance of this song ever.

3) No Way 8/25/2000. One of their best songs.

4) Ireland

Jackie. I know the answer!

1) This bed is on fire with passionate love
2) The neighbors complain from the noises above


Unknown said...

And sweet Jesus Jason, how can you not be watching Shameless?!! You need to get caught up!

Keith B said...


Regi 22:46 scale
Tracy 28:13 scale
Jessie 22:18 scale
Dave N 33:50 135 band
Liza 25:28 scale