15-12-9-6-3 reps for time of:
Chest to bar pull-up
135/95 pound Clean and jerk

Community Notes:
We encourage everyone to sign up to compete in the CrossFit Open, more than 138,000 people participated in the Open last year, and this year, the worldwide competition will be even broader and more inclusive.  Registration starts on January 15th.

What does this mean for you??? 
The open will be run weekly from 2/27-3/27 at CrossFit King of Prussia and allow you to compete against the athletes in your gym and worldwide.  It's only one workout a week, programmed by CrossFit HQ.  This will allow you to challenge yourself and reach new goals! We encourage all CrossFit Kopers to compete...
Click here for more information directly from the source.

What do you have to loose???
Nothing...just $20 to register

New Program:
Click here to check out our flyer for the new Postpartum Women's program at CFKoP.

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Tim P said...


Tobin 11:12 Rx
Erika 15:24 85, pullups
Gina 15:57 75# pullup ron/pu incline
Roni 15:48 85#/pullup
Brian 20:01 105/bnd
Kathleen 15:5365#/rr/dips
King 14:52 Rx
KT 14:04 Rx
Jason L 15:51 135/pullups
Peter W 14:52 Rx
Lauren M 16:31 85#/greenbnd

Aimee Lyons said...

9:30 AM
Rich 17:13 65#/black
Fran 15:27 35#/green
Keith B. 123:28 Rx
Sharon 19:02 36 reps 95#/floss
Gigi 16:26 24#/green
Aimee 14:17 Rx

Gavin 17:15 75#
Flounder 19:11 95#blue
Nicole 17:00 65# blue/black
Ronnie 18:28 50#/green
Justin R 19:53 scale 115#

Jason Lyons said...

Keith must have done it one handed to get that time. :)

Also, Gavin is a stud using 75# at age 6 months! BOOM!

Coach Paul said...

Travis DNF
Balmer 12:00 RX
Brett 17:28 PU
Liza 14:56 #25/Band
Regi 13:48 #55/Band
Joe G. 17:47 #55/Band
Dave N. 21:40 #115/Band
Justin (MIA) 15:57 #115/Band
Tom 12:39 #115/Band
Alison K. 14:27 PU
Ryan B. 9:42 RR
Tracy 14:37 #70/Band
JZ 15:44 #95
WW 16:33 Scale

Tim P said...


LP 12:11 95#/pullups
Kate C 11:27 Rx
Oleg 16:12 Rx
Ditty 17:38 83#/rr
Derrek 16:40
Klutch 14:25 Rx
Manisha 19:17 45#/band
Melissa P 16:09 35#/band
Patrick 14:04 115#
Johnny 14:34
Taryn 18:39 75/band
Shawna 17:05 55/bnd
Arianne 17:25 form/band
Stephanie 19:02 65#/blubnd

Anonymous said...

Morning classes tomorrow???

Aimee Lyons said...

We will be closed for the 6/7 am tomorrow and re-open for 9:30 based on road conditions.