For time:
400 Meter Run (with Sandbag 35#/75#)
5 Bar Muscle Ups
400 Meter Run (with Sandbag)
4 Bar Muscle Ups
400 Meter Run (with Sandbag)
3 Bar Muscle Ups
400 Meter Run (with Sandbag)
2 Bar Muscle Ups

“ A generation which ignores history has no past and no future. ”
— Robert A. Heinlein


Unknown said...

Tempting... Very tempting

Travis said...

I think these non "wod" guys should step up to the plate!

Non-WOD Guy said...

I really like today's quote.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Becca 15:17 InclinedRow/lowbar
Ellie 14:43 lowbar
Kim G 16:04 RR/Dip
Brian 15:28 35/13"+45plate
King 14:05 13"

7am Mike T 13:35 Rx
Peter 18:58 Rx
Mark C :) 13"

Stephanie Vincent said...

P.S. Rx mens weight is 75 not 70

Anonymous said...

"Before you start some work, always ask yourself three questions - Why am I doing it, What the results might be and Will I be successful. Only when you think deeply and find satisfactory answers to these questions, go ahead." -Chanakya

Paul S said...

Fran 18:43 #20+Vest SC
Ronnie 17:59 #25 SC
Jonathan 13:10 #40Vest
Susan 16:11 #35 SC
Jill 16:34 #25 SC
Christ 15:05 #25 SC
Kara 15:25 #25 SC
Dianne 17:25 SC
Jackie 12:50 SC

Steph V said...

Pam 12:23 13"+45x2

Jason Lyons said...

Up to me again huh?

1) Everyone should tour the Andersen Window factory
2) Andersen E series have blinds BETWEEN the glass
3) We have good coaches
4) My wife beat me in the MU race
5) I publically say I will get one before 3/17...
6) It may be choked up though
7) I heart crossword puzzles
8) Smurfs are not three apples tall
9) I have too many books
10) Look mommy a schooner

Jimmy Two-Tones said...

I am tired.
I am drinking RedBull

Emily @ My Little Lasik said...

Sounds awesome!

Travis said...

1) I'm exhausted
2) my wife doesn't even know what a muscle up is
3)I had an Anderson storm door that was blown right off the frame
4)I like having the different coaches. Each one can see/add something that the other may not making you that much better
5) I'm exhausted

Stephanie Vincent said...

Laura 14:30 pu/dip
Justin R 15:57 Plates

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

John M
Dan P
Jen S

Very large mobility class with a few new faces! Staying consistent with this stuff is the name of the game! Excellent work every one keep it up

Paul S. said...

Joe G. 13:30 SC
Travis 12:03 JMU/Row
Lauren G. 14:27 #25/JMU
Jill C. 15:53 JMU
Nick C. 16:21 RX
Ryan S. 24:20 RX
Balmer 13:52 RX