Split Jerk

Cash out:
3 Split Jerks on the Minute for 8 Minutes use 80@ of your 1RM

Community Notes:
Open Gym is tomorrow, Sunday 1/5 from 11AM-1PM a FREE time for members to come in and make up a missed workout, work on a new skill or do some strength work.

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“In the end, some of your greatest pains become your greatest strengths.” 
― Drew Barrymore


Unknown said...

Good stuff!

Coach Bud Kilmer said...

Kathleen 100
Lauren 125 PR
Gina 115 PR
Roni 115 PR
Becca 110
Kim G. 100
Anne 85
Fayth 90
Mike S. 130
Peterson 215 PR
Rich 155 PR
Arieanne 95
Mike L. 155
Jenna 75
Justin R. 225
Chip 255
Mischa 145 PR
Jeremy 165
Faby 285