CrossFit King of Prussia had 13 young athletes compete at their first weightlifting meet yesterday. There were many top three finishes, PR's and amazing accomplishments. None of this would be possible without the dedication, determination and perseverance of all of our kids coaches, especially Steph and Paul.  Thank you so much for making our youth better.

Congratulations to Tre, Tommy, Greg, Austin, Carter, Ray, Josh, Kate, Jovina, Haley, Natalia, Jocelyne and Teagan..and to big kids Jim C and Gene!

For time complete:
10 rounds of
5 Power Cleans (105/155)
100 meter sprint
30 seconds rest

Cash out:
5 Sets of 5 Strict Pull-ups
Perform a negative on the last rep of each set

 "If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much."
-Jim Rohn


Chris P. said...

Congrats to the kids, even the big ones. I got to see the end of the boys and beginning of the girls and they were all awesome!

Paul S said...

Thanks for coming bud

Stephanie Vincent said...

Yes, thanks Chris!! Thanks also to Jz,ditty, Miranda, Leslie, Faby, john m and Jess who also came to support! And to Kate and Jim who helped coach the kids!!

Paul S said...

Jonathan 13:31 #95
Kara 15:17 #75
Barb 13:29 SC
Roni 16:48 #75
Jen 17:44 #65
Lisa 17:16 SC

Aimee Lyons said...

Brian H 15:27 135#
Erika 14:12 95
Ryan B 12:40 Rx
Klutch 13:23 Rx
Roni 16:16 95#
King 13:32 Rx
Kathleen 15:06 55#
Jason 14:41 135#

Pete 11:27 Rx
Balmer 11:18 Rx
Nick 13:49
Joe - ouchie

Paul S said...

Pete and Balmer... Must have been a fun class to watch.

Anonymous said...

how about dog wall climbs?probably only the 6 foot. they could also jump paralettes

Anonymous said...

Favorite dog movie? Air bud!

Travia said...

Nice job to the young athletes and to the coaches Paul and Steph

Favorite dog movie: Turner and Hooch- what a great movie.

Dog is mans best friend

Paul S said...

Turner and Hooch is top notch.. But Beethoven is the best.

Kathleen said...

Do you guys even remember the classics like Benji? Or the TV show Lassie?

Unknown said...

5:30 Mobility

John M
Justin R

Calves , calves, CALVES...

Aimee Lyons said...

Solid work from Justin Rx 16:04---way to hit full extension on the cleans, the video didn't lie!

Rachael-- 17:03 85# nice job on understanding the importance of quick elbows.

All around great session!

Keith B said...


Ryan S 12:33 115
Borden 14:45 135 80m r1&2
Jeremy 13:30 115
Patrick 12:43 Rx
Derreck 13:53 Rx (no walking around)
Alona 14:40 85
Jill 12:44 65
Shawna 14:44 65
Manisha 13:56 45


Jenna 14:14 45
Mike 20:50 135
Conn 13:36 95
Olan 14:11 Rx
Stephanie C 13:47 65
Fayth 13:49 75
Nicole 14:10 35hpc

There was a lot of energy in the gym tonight. Nice work pushing hard on those sprints!!!

Paul S said...

Eh Beethoven and Turner > Benji.....
Hell, Homeward Bound > Benji

Paul S said...

Liza #60 13:27
Regi #70 12:42
Tracy #80 14:06
Kelly #80 13:59
Anne #45 14:53

Lots of people ran out before we got scores up...

B said...

This, I love.

B said...

This, I love.