Push Press

There are a lot of gymnastics moves, PRACTICE any and all.  Muscle UPs, HSPU, Pull-ups, Handstands, Handstand Walk, Front/Back Levers, Skin the Cat, Rolls, Cartwheels...etc. Find your weakness and ATTACK it!

"Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears."
–Les Brown


Aimee Lyons said...

Don't forget about the free seminar tonight at 7:30 with DR Turner on injuries, re-hab, pre-hab and mobility!

TP said...

6/7 AM
Alona 90
Jason L 215
Klutch 175
Brian H 165
Erika 105
Kathleen 75
Gina 95
Roni 105
Melissa P 50
Pete 155
Joe C 165

Travis said...

1) I was going to make fun of Jason for 39 degrees then my heater broke last night
2) Holding steady at 59 degrees
3) I am still sore from Mondays back squats
4) On a positive note, fogo de chão for dinner!!!!
5) I think crossfit for dogs would work
6) I'm happy we finally have a true northeast winter
7) I really wanted to attend the Dr Turner seminar
8) My dogs name is Mason or Ma$e

Jason Lyons said...

1) Feels good to be back
2) This just in...eating healthy makes you feel better and more awake in the morning.
3) If you ask Travis if he did wall squats today and he says no, punch him 10 times.
4) I used to like winter but spring has definitely overtaken it
5) We don't have pets
6) Revolution is a good show
7) I am traveling a lot in the first quarter of the year
8) Wifies and I are hitting northern Italy in June, any suggestions?
9) 3 days alcohol free.
10) Buuurrrrrrp. I love sparkling water

Aimee Lyons said...

Ronnie 88# big PR!
Diane 155#
Kara 73#

Huge congratulations to Ronnie on the big PR...dedication to CrossFit and a good diet pays off!

Happy to be back at the 9:30AM on Thursdays...I'll also be taking over the nooner too in March.

Aimee Lyons said...

Aimee 135#

Anonymous said...

5) DogFit

I'm all in favor of canine athletes at the box, though I'm a little concerned about movement standards. We'd certainly need a third column for them on the record board. They'd excel at some exercises (for example, sled drag and 400 m run), though they'd need to modify many other activities. Dogs could likely learn to do sit-ups, box jumps, and even wallballs effectively, but lack of thumbs is a major challenge. Can a dog snatch safely? Perhaps a dog clean or kettlebell swing could involve holding the bar or kb in the mouth. I'd also be inclined to let them do SU rather then DU as Rx. I think this could work. Scale to species and agility.

TP said...

Flounder 170
Steph C 85
Samson 125
Seshu 115
Taryu 105
Mike Fr 115
Ryan B 295

TP said...

Flounder 170
Steph C 85
Samson 125
Seshu 115
Taryu 105
Mike Fr 115
Ryan B 295

Chris P. said...

a 4 legged SU is just as hard as a DU in my book

Anonymous said...

I have a yorkie..The only thing he could Rx is having accidents in the house. He is although a very fast runner..he would def . challenge all the top leaders

Keith B said...


Justin R 185 200x1
Marci 50
Dave C 185 200x1
Kate F 85
Liza 80
Regi 85