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35 Deadlifts at 70% of your 1RM

The greater the obstacle, the more glory in overcoming it. 


Chris P. said...

1) yay deadlifts!
2) who knew KoP had passionate dishwasher owners?
3) downton abbey is much better than I expected
4) Amazon prime is the shiz
5) would you rather go a year with the same clothes on but be able to shower, or a year without showering but you get to change your clothes?

Chris P. said...
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Anonymous said...

Can I use baby wipes Chris

Jason Lyons said...

Downtown Abbey looked like a chick show...I would not even thought to watch it.

2) I would rather shower. If I don't shower for a day, I can light a house

Jason Lyons said...

1) 6am flight out of ABE cancelled.
2) Thus got to sleep later
3) Thus I was happy I saw email before falling asleep
4) Thus Gavin felt the need to wake up every two hours
5) Thus my dreams of more sleep were unfounded
6) Thus I am cranky
7) Thus I need food
8) Thus I will be even more cranky as airport food sucks
9) Thus I will hope that 3A comes with food
10) Thus I may yet have a chance at happiness

Chris P. said...

let's say for this situation no baby wipes allowed

Chris P. said...

Jas, I agree it looked like a "chick" show (whatever that means). More so, I thought it was going to be a melodramatic time period piece, so I was apprehensive. After the first episode though, you'll find yourself laughing out loud at the witty dialogue and there are some dramatic twists. If it helps, I have also really liked West Wing, Newsroom, Lost, Homeland, Breaking Bad, and House of Cards, and so far this is up there in terms of entertainment

Travis said...

1) Chris if you are putting Downtown Abbey with those other great shows I'll have to give it a try
2) Always a shower, it's what wakes me up
3) I cook 90% of my meals on the grill, as long as its not raining. Mostly because I hate to wash dishes
4) beef steak is my favorite protein
5) In order: strip, ribeye, porterhouse, skirt, filet
6) I'm not a huge fan of filet
7) I hope my PR on the deadlift didn't drop too much

emilyyannabella said...

9:30 was small but fierce!! Thank you Nick for visiting CFKoP, it was great having you. Ronnie got a nice little 25# DL PR! WOOOOO! And I truly admire Susan & Diane's hard work, all day, every day! :)

Aimee Lyons said...

Chris -- I would rather go a year with the same clothes on but be able to shower...

Anonymous said...

Chris - Can you wash the clothes or shower with them on? For the other option, are you allowed to go swimming or stand in the rain?

Laura Pappas said...


King 225#/ 2:50
Erika 185#/ 2:00
Tobin 375#/ 2:11

Nice work this morning guys, it's always hard to max DL early in the morning!

Gina Spinelli said...

Def would rather shower every day but wear the same clothes!

Unknown said...

Congrats Ronni on your awesome PR today! From 115# to 140#
And also to Nick for Nola, from 270# to 285#
Diane busted out 275# and I did 185#

Stephanie Vincent said...

Pam 210 pr 4:39 @ 150
Jen s 265 3:31@ 185
Joe g 335pr 3:38 @ 205

Nice prs and improvement today!!

Coach Bud Kilmer said...

Fugo 150, 2:24
Kate F. 178PR, 5:39
Anne B. 158, 5:15
Travis 375 #30PR
Ryan BBBBBB. 485

Great Job to Fugo for taking my stern criticism on her form ;-), also great job to Anne B. who took weeks off and came within #2 of her PR easy. Travis not giving up on his #30 PR, and Ryan who pulled 485, and knew when to call it quits.

Coach Bombay said...

Oh and.......Kate F. Took months off and hit a 68lb PR... Rest works wonders.

Chris P. said...

Tim H 365/6:42
Manisha 175 PR/4:04
Jill C 225 PR/3:51
Shawna 175 PR/4:40

Joe Jr 345/4:17
Klutch 355/3:08
Dave 365/6:15
Melissa 138/3:19
Borden 385/5:23
Conn 395/4:23
Mike L 285/5:10
Jenna 143/6:01

nice job everyone! some massive PRs from the girls at the 5:30 e.g. Jill 20lb. improvement from FESTIVUS. That isn't even supposed to happen

Jen S. said...

7:30 PT
Steph C - 190# PR!/ 5:20 140#

Chris P. said...

I would say no shower with clothes and no lake with clothes, but rain is fine. In other words, you can't go out of your way to wash your clothes. I would also say that there are too many questions and you should just answer the hypothetical!

I go with shower with same clothes as well

Anonymous Dirty Hippie said...

New clothes, no showering, 100% paleo hygiene baby