For Time:
100 Partner Wallballs 14/20# (to 9'/10' target)
100 KB Swings 35/55#
80 Handstand Pushups
100 Partner Situps w/ Medball 14/20#

The Rules:

You can complete the work any way you choose, it's not a chipper.
ALL of the movements must be completed synchronized! 
If you're KB swings aren't happening in unison, that's a no rep! Which means that's 100 reps each.
In the HSPU, one partner holds a handstand while the other works to complete HSPU reps.
Toss the ball between each partner during the situps, both must do each situp.

"When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be."
–Lao Tzu


Nicholas said...

Small Hot and Sour Soup

Travis said...

Joe G- way to push your limits.

Coach Paul said...

Squats R-Us 19:79 SC
Bitches Get Stitches 29:58 SC
Mrs. Robinsons 24:13 SC
Youngin's 22:30 SC
RX KluPatrick 29:58 RX
Honey Badgers 19:58 SC

Unknown said...

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