The Pennsylvania/Maryland/Delaware Sectional WODs have been announced. The following information comes straight from 2009 CrossFit Games Champion Tanya Wagner herself.

WOD 1 (Indoor)

As many reps as possible in 3 minutes of:
Floor-to-Overhead (155/85lbs)

* Barbell can move anyway from the floor to overhead (c&j, snatch, squat clean, split jerk...)
* Arms must be at full extension overhead with elbow in line over shoulder and both legs must be at full extension with feet reset under your body (no wider than shoulder width) before bar returns to the floor.
*arms and legs must be at full extension, locked out at the same time with feet back under body before barbell returns to floor.

WOD 1 movement standards are the same as the Utah/Nevada sectional... [wmv] [mov]

WOD 2 (Outdoor)

In 10 minutes as many reps as possible of:

500m Run
1-Arm Overhead Kettlebell Squats (35/26lbs)

Note: "Nicole" style scoring, put the kettlebell down at any point and run 200m.

* Bottom of the bell must stay above shoulder for entire squat for rep to count, hip crease below knee for full depth and hips at full extension at the top of the squat.
* Every time the bottom of the kb touches shoulder, head, or falls below the shoulder you must run 200m before returning to the kb and continuing.
* You may change hands as long as the bell does not fall below your shoulder or touch your shoulder or head. Holding with 2 hands overhead is acceptable only when resting or changing hands.
* For the rep to count, the kettlebell must remain in the same hand for the full duration of the squat.

WOD 2 Standards Video ... [wmv] [mov]

WOD 3 (Indoor)

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
(35/15lb vest worn throughout)

Row 1000m - This is only done once to start the heat.


20 Double-unders
15 Wall Balls (20/14lbs)
10 Ring Push-ups
5 Pull-ups

* Double Unders - 2 Swings per jump, some jump ropes will be available, we recommend bringing your own rope to use.
* Wall Balls - Full depth hip crease below knee and entire ball must hit above 10'/8' target line and hit the wall.
* Ring Push-ups (fixed height with bumper plate under athlete) chest to plate vest/chest must touch plate at the bottom and arms must be fully locked out before a knee can come down for rep to count. The rings must stay over the plate during the entire duration of the pushup for the rep to count (arm width does not matter, however the rings cannot go in front of or behind the plate).
* Pull-ups - Arms at full extension and chin must clear over the bar, touching the bar is no good, must be over the height of the bar for rep to count.
* Scoring on this event is on every rep after the 1k row
* Scaling is wearing no vest, score won't count. Just need 1 rep with vest to be in contention.

WOD 3 Standards Video ... [wmv] [mov]


March 13th - CrossFit KoP (200 Dekalb St. Bridgeport, PA 19405)

7:30-8:30am - Athlete Registration
8:00am - Spectator Registration Opens
8:30am - Athlete Meeting
8:45am - National Anthem
9:00am - First Heat Begins
6:25pm - Final Heat Ends
6:45pm (approx.) - Awards


Laura Pappas said...

Ok Shawn, here's some chatter for you:

WOD 1: The weight for guys looks like it will be killer, girls I think it will be better, we have done Grace with 75# but I think all our girls can throw up 85# no problem.

WOD 2: The KB in the rain are going to be interesting - hope all our athletes get a dry spell for that one...trying not to run is a great plan, especially in the rain.

WOD 3: The weight vest is a crazy variable, just doing the movements is going to be completely different and we don't do much with weight vests this one will be interesting for everyone. I think how tired you are is really going to play here.

Good luck everyone, can't wait to be cheering you all on Saturday!

TP said...

aw, thanks ;)