Dorothy, setting up for the Snatch Balance.

Cate...due on May 6th, still WODing as Rx'd

W.O.D. 4.1.10
7 Rounds for time of:
7 Power Snatch (95#/65#)
7 Snatch Balance
7 Over Head Squats

Top 10 Practical Tips/Tricks to Healthful eating by Chris Plentus

Our wisdom comes from our experience, and our experience comes from our foolishness.
- Sacha Guitry (1885 - 1957)

Cate: 19:19

Kim S: 15:26 (35#)
Ellie: 20:26 (35/15#)
Kathleen: 19:59 (35#)
Melanie: 19:29 (35#)
Dorothy: 17:05 (45#)
Dave: 3Rds (35#)
Megs: 17:37 (45#)


Chris P. said...

Folks, good discussion tonight. If people are interested, I'm open to having a night where 1 hour is dedicated to beginners FAQ/discussion and the second hour is dedicated to advanced. Both would be open to all who wanted to attend, but I feel like people are on all sorts of levels and would benefit to a more focused discussion. Post to comments if interested.

Also, no matter what your goals/paths are, be sure to weigh yourself and take a picture of yourself in a bathing suit (or less....Tim). Even if you don't technically lose weight, you don't know how much muscle you gain or fat you lose. Chances are you will lean out, but who knows what that means for your weight vs. what you LOOK like.

JZuck said...

That sounds good Chris! I would definitely be interested.

Miranda said...


Do we have a scale at the box? I refus to have one in my house, so I need to weigh my self. Also, what about body comp? Should we have that done for the challenge? I would be interested in a discussion as well and a recipe exchange!

Chris P. said...

Miranda, there is a scale at the box you can use. I wouldn't worry about body fat % since many methods are unreliable. Instead, I like the idea of taking a picture because it's hard to notice changes day to day...instead, after a month any body comp changes will be more obvious

Unknown said...

Chris - I would definitely be interested in a beginner's session. I'm not fully participating in the challenge this time, but am going to try to at least eat "cleaner". I hope to learn alot more by following you guys on the blog this month.

Anonymous said...

sounds good to me Chris--and I would love to do a recipe exchange of some sort....

Anonymous said...

sounds good to me Chris--and I would love to do a recipe exchange of some sort....

Melanie said...

A pictures worth a thousand words but a good old tape measure may be another good way to assess your progress. You can try to measure areas such as your waist, thighs, around your ass, arm, etc...

I too would love some recipes!

Laura Pappas said...

Found a few more recipie venues for you guys from the Zaleo site so they are zoned paleo recipies - best of both worlds!


Jen S. said...

oooo Laura!!!

That is totally for me :)

CC said...

My goals are simply no dairy, no processed sugars, no grains. I even had black coffee today, yuck, but actually not as bad as I thought it would be. So far so good, and I'm writing everything down. I am going to make my bathing suit photo my facebook profile picture -- KIDDING. I would lose all my friends.

stephanie said...

I'm down with meeting for an hour Chris. I have a lot of questions. how about next Tuesday or Thursday night?