Maltz Challenge!

Local DEA comes out for the Maltz Challenge!

CFKoP WOD books are now available!

CrossFit Kids ATLAS STONE race!

W.O.D. 3.29.10

Five rounds for time of:
40 Double-unders
30 Box jumps, (25/21 inch box)
20 Kettlebell swings, (55#/35#)

Community Notes:
The Reverse Hyper and Atlas Stones have arrived...ask Aimee or Jason to learn how to use these fun toys!

Powerlifting Videos:
These are a few recent videos from the SPF Guerilla Squad Classic. AJ and Laura both featured are our friends from Westside Barbell.
Laura 510# Bench (world record)
AJ 1035# Squat
AJ 805# Bench
AJ 706# Deadlift

CFKoP Videos & Photos:

Donkey Spinning Fire
Kerry 112# Atlas Stone
Maltz Challenge

"A man's friendships are one of the best measures of his worth."
- Chuck Darwin

Rxtra Credit
Tim M: 46:36 (70#KB)
Swine: 19:49 (20# vest)
Kit: 21:29 (20# vest)

Mike B: 25:30
Shawn: 29:31
Jeff: 26:03
Ditty: 38:38
Liz: 29:29
Han: 28:32
Jim NY: 31:40
Mike F: 34:05
Miranda: 24:48
Aimee: 14:42
Laura: 19:08
Kerry: 19:47
Mike V: 24:18
Nikki: 16:49
Pukie*6+: 29:06
Plentus: 18:04
Olan: 36:04
Kristen S: 36:28
Dorothy: 31:27

Brendan: 27:53
Kelly: 32:47
Sam B: 26:22 (MU)
Steph V: 32:40 (3Rds)
Katie: 36:10
Kathleen: 26:23
WW: 28:04
Darlene: 20:17
Alex: 21:21
Muara: 20:50
Justin W: ? (3Rds)
Kim J: 53:33
Kara: 29:24
Jaime: 42:41
Chris T: 31:21
Cate: 23:08
JZ: 33:13
Gina: 26:00 (3Rds)
Candice: 20:29 (3Rds)

Caveman Grace
30 Clean & Jerk w/ Atlas Stones

Kerry: 8:36 w/ 60#
John: 16:57 w/ 23@130# (stone breaker) and 7@150#
Steve: 5:37 w/ 112#
Kit: 8:43 w/ 112#


grans said...

OMG--that pic of steph carrying swine is so freakin funny...i'm pissing my pants for a whole new reason! lov it!!

Chris P. said...

Donkey, your next challenge:


donkey said...

OMFG, i don't know what's more awesome. steph carrying swine, kerry pushing that massive stone, or that friggin picture plentus posted. HOLY CRAP.

Jeff said...

No problem Donkey, it was a light weight and the guy didn't even lock out his legs at the top of the lift. Piece of cake for you!

Dorothy said...

You guys are soooo coool!
Loved the fire spinning, stone lifting, and all the pics.
I tried to explain to my boss why I can't move my arms today. Blank stare. I don't think he believes me about the 50 pullups, 50 ring dips, & 100 pushups.

Also, I found a new way to get people off my back for not eating grains. I just tell them that they give me IBS. That ends the inquisition pretty quickly. Ha!

Anonymous said...

OMG...i almost peed my pants too! Swine talked the whole freakin 100meters too!! LOL.

Hey Chris, can you get Donkey that guys digits, i think she wants a date. Aimee and jason, don't get any ideas!!

I want a WOD book!

Chris P. said...

Dorothy, interesting point. Even people with real IBS and auto-immune diseases seem to have those vanish after cutting the grains and legumes.

9:30 women, thanks for letting me workout with you! Chris, no scaling double unders anymore!