What a crew...CrossFit KoP Represents at the PA/MD/DE Sectionals!
Oh wait, where's Kit...? Outside Squatting?!

Or inside squatting?

Mike B...Where were you?

W.O.D. 3.19.10
Shoulder Press

Push Press

Muscle up 10x

Calorie Counter beware: Sugar's everywhere.

“Courage is fear holding on a minute longer.”
-General George S. Patton


Chris P. said...

I think Mike B. made it in a later picture...

New blog post folks: http://chrispconstantlyvaried.blogspot.com/

KDitty said...

I think I was outside with Kit too...

Miranda said...

Will there be a Whole 30 Challenge/paleo Challenge starting April 1st?
How come beans aren't considered paleo... I thought they were a good source of protein/carb?
and no hummus???

Anonymous said...

Dear CrossFit KOP,
You are all invited to come (and bring family, friends,kids) to my My 30th Birthday Party at Crossfit on SUNDAY at 4pm. Great opportunity to introduce people the the xfit experience!

There will be a 4 person team WOD, The Dirty 30. And a Kids WOD, 30 is OLD for Kids 3-13.

I have asked guests to make a donation to Steve's club instead of presents. You will be able to buy chances for a raffle (also benefiting steve's club)The prize? A 1hr Personal Training Session with Aimee.

It's a potluck, so bring something yummy to share.

Chris P. said...

Miranda, beans and legumes (such as peanuts) do not have the same kind of protein as animal protein. Also, they have these things called lectins that can cause gut irritation, forming small holes in your gut lining. Hence, no hummus. However, there are a lot of alternatives, such as this: http://www.sonofgrok.com/2009/06/primally-delicious-hummus/

Miranda said...

That sounds so yummy and super easy. Love, love, love easy to make recipes! Thanks!!

Anonymous said...

Results: Press x5/Push Press x3

Steph V 75/100
Jen S 60x4/90x3
Steve Zipf 75/85
Jim C 125/185
Meieighan 65/95x2
JZ 105/120x1
Kristen S 58/78
Dorothy 63/83x2
Jeff H 105/145
Cindy H 65x2/95x2
Sam B 155/175 MU 10,5
Roger 105x3/125
Mike V 145/195x2
Miranda 65/110
Tim G 95/95
Christine 45x3/50
Brendan 110/135
Swine 115/135
Shawn T 155/185
Kerry S 75/115x1
Rob 145x3/175
Kit 135x3/175x2
Joe A 165/205
Laura 70x3/95
Dunnkey 60x4/75
Dan 135x3/165