CFKoP Community Stuff:
(Yep this is long, sit down, pick up your coffee or tea and start reading; we have an amazing community and alot going on...)

Jason and I just returned from the Powerlifting certification at Westside Barbell this weekend! We learned a TON of great exercises/training methods from Louie Simmons and his Elite crew. We have special "toys" on order & the construction of some NEW "things" underway at the box; all will enhance your training and experience at CFKoP! Stay posted for the fun!

This week:
Level 2 continues at 7:30PM on Mondays (this class will be taking on a new format) if you are curious ask Aimee!

To add to our collection, MORE Atlas Stones from Rob Orlando/Hybrid Athletics will be arriving on SATURDAY!

You have until Wednesday to sign up for the CFKoP Softball team!! Who is in? If you are interested, please sign up at the front desk or email Steph at s_rudolph@live.com.

Friday, March 26th- The Maltz Challenge is on, if this WOD seems like alot, not to worry, we can scale it for all levels and abilities or allow you to work in a team!

Who doesn't love to snatch? If you haven't signed up yet, EC's Snatch Clinic is this weekend and there are a few spots available! Click here to Register for the Clinic.

When: Saturday, March 27th 2010.
Cost $100...yes, it's WORTH IT!
Time: 9AM-12PM or 2PM-5PM.

Judith will be here on Saturday March 27th starting at 9AM for Massages...please email crossfitkop@gmail.com or call 973.885.8728 to schedule today!

The Whole 30 Challenge will begin on April 1st. We will have a kick off on March 31st at 7:30PM...Laura and Tim are just finishing up their Whole 30 and will be available on the 31st to share their experiences and will field and answer any questions.

We will be CLOSED for Easter on 4/4.

Free Class:
A special thanks to Nikki who coached and to everyone who came out for the free class this Saturday-it was a HUGE success; look for the next Free Class in April!

Affiliate Cup:
On April 11th we will host our Affiliate cup tryouts for the CFKoP Affiliate team! Everyone is welcome to give is this a go! Click here to learn more about the CrossFit KoP Affiliate team. Jason is organizing the events and tryouts, so please direct all questions to him or post to comments.

Summer Schedule:
In June (starting on 6/5) our Special Saturday Summer Schedule will begin:
For the early birds and beach goers we will offer a NEW 9am class on Saturday. The 12 noon class on Saturdays will continue for those who need to sleep in, but we will be removing the 1pm Saturday class for the summer. If you have any recommendations for time/classes you want to see added, moved or removed, please post to comments.

Who wants to be the King and Queen of Prussia!?!
On July 10th, in the spirit of the CrossFit Games, your CrossFit KoP Coaches will host a tournament for all non-coaching members of the gym. Athletes will compete in up to four workouts and when all the dust has settled, the top man and woman will be crowned the King and Queen of Prussia. In addition to bragging rights for the year, the winners will have their names engraved on trophies that will proudly display in the main lobby. It is our goal to make this inaugural tournament a long lasting tradition at KoP that you anticipate each and every year. We encourage you to participate and take this opportunity to have your family and friends come and watch you compete.

Meet the Coaches
Our CFKoP Coaches are the BEST!

Aimee (small, but mighty-generalist and specialist): "How are you developing your lifts? Are your Max efforts going up?" Ask Aimee to show you some of the secrets from Westside Barbell. She offers private lessons and 20 minute skill sessions. Email crossfitkop@gmail.com.

Jason (our Oly optimist): "What's a Snatch balance?" Ask Jason, with his passion and Olympic lifting certification he can show you how to develop a better Snatch and Jerk! Jason is available for 20 minute skill sessions and private lessons. Email jason@crossfitkop.com.

Nikki (our gymnastic guru): "When have you done your last "skin the cat"?" Ask Nikki to show you! She recently completed her Gymnastics certification and is available for private lessons or 20 minute skill sessions. Email nikki@crossfitkop.com.

Tim (our resident POSE perfectionist): "Have you been working on your "figure 4's"? Ask Tim about the Fundamentals of POSE! He offers private lessons and 20 minute skill sessions. Email tim@crossfitkop.com.

Our assistant coaches:
Chris and Cindy...
Have you checkout Chris's blog Constantly Varied and Cindy's blog A Woman's journey from Couch to CrossFit? or Cindy's website Boundless Possibilities? Both post offer some great information and services! Make sure to hit them up for questions or suggestions for blog posts!

Don't forget...If you have a "package" Bronze, Silver or Gold, you get one 20 minute skill session once a month! Make sure you are utilizing them, they do expire monthly...sign up with Aimee or one of your coaches listed above!

...did we miss anything? what else would you like to see at CFKoP?


jen blasi said...

this post really makes me miss crossfit KoP! :(

Joe A said...

How about a strength class or optional strength component to class.

Aimee Lyons said...

Joe - Your wish is my command...That is actually what I'm going to morph the Level 2 class into...and I want to add another L2 during the week/end.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jen B. we miss you!

Melanie said...

How about a skills day for all (not just level 2)? Perhaps set up into three 20 minutes stations with 3 different coaches to go through some lifting skills? Each person could then rotate to each station. Just an idea...

I can't wait to hear about everything you guys learned at yoru cert. The whole coaching staff is getting more and more impressive with their different "specialties" and certifications. It makes it even a better place to be a part of!