Who is in?
CrossFit Softball...starting in April?
Contact Steph R. at s_rudolph@live.com for more details or post to comments.

W.O.D. 3.9.10

200m Sand bag sprint (70#/35#)

3 Rounds of:
10 Burpees
20 Push Press (95#/135#)
30 Double Unders

200m Sandbag sprint (70#/35#)

It's Exercise in Disguise
Proof is in the Numbers

Be beautiful if you can, Wise if you want to... But be respected--that is essential.
-Anna Gould

Rx Results:
Cate 16:58
Mike F. 23:57
Sam B. 23:40
Olan 31:24
Shawn 21:40
Jim C. 28:04
Hannah 25:22
Tim M. 24:49
Pukie 20:58
Mike V. 17:28

Scale Results:
Kevin M. 18:36
Chris T. 19:57
Steph R. 24:24
Kim S. 14:23
Gina 25:42
Granny 11:57
Nikki 12:48
Tim G. 29:05
Liz 21:43
Patti 21:20
Chris P. 17:23
JZ 24:20
Gary 25:31
Miranda 24:10
Maureen 21:12
Christine 18:46
Kathleen 25:58
Victor 25:31
Flounder 17:34
Jen S. 20:15
Laura 16:23
Roger 15:34
Tim P. 12:32


Swine said...

"Martin said the beauty of a CrossFit program is that young people look at the equipment and see a playground."

Is it weird to say that I think of it as the same thing and I'm 31?

Jeff said...

Away WOD, adapted from todays WOD:

Lunges with 35 lb dumbbells, about 150m (roughly)
3 rounds for time: 10 burpees, 20 dumbbell push presses at 35 lb, 30 doubleunders; lunges with 35 lb dumbbells, about 150 m (roughly). Time: 13:16 by watch, so could be give or take a few seconds. No food for about 14 hours, so probably not the best time, but interesting to push on the empty stomach.

Worked out with a CrossFitter from Lakewood, CO, 47 years old, he used 20 lb dumbbells, finished in 17:31 give or take. He had a great effort, he even had his own jumprope, much better to work out with someone first thing in the morning!

Jen S. said...

I am signing up for the Run-A-Muck in Philly/Jersey (May 15th): www.runamuckfest.com

Anyone else is interested?

Shawn Tammaro said...

Count me in for softball. Where do we play?

Meighan said...

jen S - I love mudruns....depending on foot, I', in!

Where are the Sectionals wods!!!!!!

c wiss said...

Every time your box adds stuff I love (nutrition seminars, oly seminars, SOFTBALL!!!) I get more sad that I moved away when I did. But I think it makes my husband happy, because now I'm more willing to move back to the Philly area when we're done in the Marine Corps. :)

Also, just wanted to mention that I think there's a field at Norristown Farm Park that you guys could use for your games. That would also be a great place to go for an outdoor WOD in spring or summer. :)

Aimee Lyons said...

@ Jen S.- I'd be down for the Run-A-Muck fest...shockingly there is nothing on the calendar that weekend!

@ Shawn- I asked Steph, she will get back to us soon!

@ Gina Fab- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!

@ Megs- We are all anxiously waiting!!!

@ Cheri- come home!!!

Anonymous said...

I think I wanna runamuck...I'm scared tho! Have u done it before, so I can ask u questions?? I see u can go around obstacles that u cannot do...that makes me less scared!

Anonymous said...

Softball fields

Well we have two options. We can play in the East Norriton league which plays at Norristown High School and two other schools in Norristown or play in the Norristown league that plays in Bridgeport. Depending on how many players we get by Friday March 19th, I'll let the players intersted know then which still has a spot for us.


Melanie said...

Jen S- I may be up for the run a muck! These just sound so fun! I also registered for the down and dirty run in July if you are interested. Megs, if your foot isn't better in May, maybe you can do this one with us? I already registered for this. http://www.downanddirtymudrun.com/

Jen- do you plan to register individually or as a team? Also- costume or as "open category with no restrictions on attire"

Steph- I think you should do it.

How much fun will it be to cross the finish line after going through a 50' mud pit!!

Anonymous said...

ok its not the mud or obstacles that worry me...its the 5k run part. I will finish (as long as my feet can walk), but it probably will be when everyone else is all showered and changed with a beer in hand! :-)

@swine- its not weird...thats a good thing!

Miranda said...

As long as you don't have to swim for the one July, I am down for doing that run with you. The 15th of May I have something planned already.

Jen S. said...

I've never done it before.

Mel - I have no idea if I'm signing up individually or on a team. I'll find out tonight. I'm so excited!!

Steph - you should absolutely do it!

Aim - pen it in the calendar! I'm putting it in MindBody as your scheduled and no cancel appointment. ;)

Meg - Hope your feets get better!!

Miranda - there is also a Run A Muck in DC. I think May 9th - but not positive.

I know the early bird special ends on March 15th at midnight...so I'll post a follow up tomorrow.

I might be up for the Down & Dirty - that's July 18th? I'll have to check the calendar.

Melanie said...

Down and Dirty is on 7/18 in Fairmount Park. Nothing will feel better on a hot day than some cool mud to run in! Patti Meyers and I are in so we woudl love to have others join us too!

Steph- don't worry about the distance. It is about the fun. I personally am more about having play time in the mud and laughing a lot along the way than attempting a 5K PR. The pictures will be priceless.

JZuck said...

The WOD's for sectionals are up.

Jen S. said...

I am going to do the non dress up one for Run A Muck.

I am going to register in teams of 4 so let me know if your definately in and I'll get teams signed up by the 15th so we can get the early bird special.

This is going to be so much fun! :)

swine said...

Saw the WOD's.... I'm a little upset. I thought they would be ca challenge The only one that looks tough is wod 3 I'm a little dissapointed in the other 2. If you look at other sectional wods they seem varied not some much with 1 and 2... Also where did the ratio of #155/#85 come from???? Isn't grace #135/#95??? I don't get it but whatever.

Chris P. said...

although I don't like the weight for wod 1, I don't think it's unfair either. Some of these sectionals have gotten ridiculous with their programming, almost like they're trying to 1-up everyone else. There's still regionals and then the Games this year! What I am surprised about (and KDitty pointed this out first) is that there are 3 AMRAP wods and no "5 rounds for time..." I wonder if that's something Tanya changed to keep the schedule consistent. I WAS wondering about the weight for women, but it's not a big deal since we're not competing against them...

Patti said...

Hey Jen, count me in for the run a muck:)
Sounds like fun!!

Jim Curran said...


You dominate, a full four minutes on the RX better than anyone, and oh btw, you are 7 months pregnant!


Melanie said...

Jen- Run-A-Muck- count me i

Miranda said...

Olan~ It was great working out next to you last night. Thanks for pushing me! 95# was pretty heavy! You should be very proud of your self for fighting through to the end. way to rock it!