...And thanks to the many who aren't featured in these photos, you all rocked at Sectionals, it wouldn't have been possible without you there!

W.O.D. 3.20.10

Weight for the Thruster is 65#=Ladies, 95#=Men
Pull-up- Chin MUST be above the bar

Teams of 4 will complete the following:
200 Barbell Thrusters
200 Pull-ups

50 Thrusters for each person on the team
50 Pull-ups for each person on the team

Each individual must contribute to the total, but does not have to complete exactly 50 per person.

The team will hold the bar and a "human rack" will be created for each team mate to use.

The bar for the Thruster cannot touch the ground, if it does a penalty (of 50 Thrusters) will be assessed.

The weight for the team will be determined by a weight that everyone on the team is capable of and can complete full Range of Motion (ROM) with.


"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."


Nikki said...

Free CrossFit Class - 21 burpee pullups, 200 m farmers walk, 15 burpee pullups, 200 m farmers walk, 9 burpee pullups, 200 m farmers walk. Results:
Maureen 14:11
Gunter 11:50
Laurie 14:31
Amigo Dan 12:48
Schipul 20:38
Martha 19:40
Adam 20:14
Roger 13:05 (thrusters)
Ian 15:47
Liz 14:35
Jaime 16:43
Ken 17:43
John C. 12:14
Kathleen 15:06
Lisa 13:10
Kim 15:47
Sue (ouchie!)
Kevin 14:44
Ernie 12:16
Steve A. 14:19

Nikki said...

Great job everyone! I LOVED your energy and enthusiasm today! Look for another free Saturday class in April!

Tim P said...

Cate/Cindy/Jim C/Olan (#65) - 19:13 (200)

JZ/Jay/Nikki/Kerry/Joe A (#95) - 22:51 (250)