W.O.D. 3.13.10
NO regularly scheduled CLASSES today.

CrossFit KoP is hosting the PA/MD/DE Sectionals.

Spectators are welcome, cost is $25.00. Kids under 12 are FREE.


7:30-8:30am - Athlete Registration
8:00am - Spectator Registration Opens
8:30am - Athlete Meeting
8:45am - National Anthem
9:00am - First Heat Begins
6:25pm - Final Heat Ends
6:45pm (approx.) - Awards


CrossFit KoP (200 Dekalb St. Bridgeport, PA 19405)

...to all the athletes especially my crew from CFKoP:
Jen, Kim, Nikki, Kerry, Mike, Sam, Tim, Chris, Paul, John and Kit!
Get out there, kick butt and take names...3.2.1...GO!

If you want to be incrementally better: Be competitive.

If you want to be exponentially better: Be cooperative.


Swine said...

Thats my sign...

See you bright and early tomorrow. I love each and everyone one of the KoP people coming tomorrow. I might not finish in the top 20 but all the well wishes and good lucks have been amazing and I promise to make you all proud. Time to sleep.

Jason Lyons said...

Good luck everyone. It will be a great day no matter where you finish. You can only ask of yourself...did I try my best...if the answer is yes, you have succeeded.

Good Luck!

Ray said...

Bayonets only. No quarter.