A packed house!

And the winners are....

W.O.D. 3.16.10
G.I. Jane
100 reps for time of:
Burpee Pull-ups
*The two requirements for each rep is that the chest hits the deck and that the chin goes above the bar.

(compare to 3.28.09)

Cash Out:
50 GHD Sit-ups
50 GHD Back Extensions

G.I. Jane (Greg Amundson) [wmv][mov]

Sectional Results:
We are proud of all the athletes who competed, especially the following...

Kit 23rd, Eric 26th, John 27th, Mike H. 40th, Sam 54, Swine 55th, Mike B. 75th, Plentus 76th, Tim P. 90th
Aimee 5th, Nikki 7th, Kerry 9th, Granny 15th, Kim J. 32nd

CLICK HERE to view the gallery of photos from the event!

"It is better to live one day as a lion than a hundred years as a sheep."
- Italian proverb

Donkey: 32:08
Tim P: 14:08
Aimee: 17:45
Jason: 18:58
Olan: 18:00
Mike F: 26:11
Miranda: 22:01
Swine: 12:49
Jen S: 16:46
Jeff: 15:38
Granny: 13:47
JZ: 15:35
Roger: 24:16
Laura: 12:17
Shawn: 19:18
Jim C: 22:00
Kerry: 24:42

Kathleen: 14:50 (100)
Jay E: 15:44 (62)
Flounder: 28:21 (100)
Han: 16:50 (50)
Victor: 24:33 (75)
Jay S: 10:20 (50)
Cate: 7:32
Lisa: 10
Ditty: 19:54
Cindy: 18:52
Melanie: 16:05
Christine: 13:51 (75)
Kara: 21:43
Chris T: 21:43


Nikki said...

Ohhhh I always wanted to try this one! Bummer my legs still won't work from this weekend! I'll make it up sometime soon!

Melanie said...

Ahhhhh.... and what's the scale for this? Based on our practice yesterday, I would have to say that my kip is not there yet. Seems like it will be a bit awkward to burpee and then get on a band to do the pull up. Is that what we do?

Aimee Lyons said...

Mel-You can scale with a jumping pull-up.

Dorothy said...

Great job to everyone who competed. I am so honored to train with all of you. You are all high class in my book.

Gotta get the pullup bar installed in my basement to do this WOD. Over estimated the ceiling height and my bar is at eye level. Whoops. Aimee, can I borrow your dad?

Should probably just rest anyway. Quads are pretty sore from the KB squats.

Jerry said...

I can't make it to the box today... So instead, I stopped on the way to work on West River Drive at the pull up bar station and did the GI Jane. The best part was.....it was all wet and muddy underneath the bars, so I was covered from head to toe with mud!!! It was awesome!!!!!
Time: 19:44

Melanie said...

Jerry- just consider that training for the tough mudder!

donkey said...

jerry...where the hell do you work that you can show up covered in mud, cuz i need to apply.

aimee...i thought the rx was jumping pull ups? do i have to retract my "rx" statement?

Ray said...

Must be a Jarhead thing Jerry. I did the same thing last year out at my daughter's swing set. Huge holes in the ground and mud everywhere. Even my Jack Russell Terriers were stunned by the madness. Good training for the Tough Mudder!

Jerry said...

Ray -
I knew you would understand....

Semper Fi -

Anonymous said...

This WOD was orgasmic. Thank you to Tim, Cindy, Jeff, everyone, who pushed us to reach deep to do better than what we thought was our best.

TP said...

My pleasure you know that. Rogers aggressive effort on the burpee pullups was wicked - he moves quick for an old guy. The other old guy is a ninja so its accepted.

Aimee Lyons said...

Roger- you are certified BAD ASS! Now lets get your Double Unders down and you will be dangerous!

Miranda said...

Props to Kerry for doing ALL 100 burpee Pullups on the HIGH bar!!! You are incredible, watching you is inspiring. Keep up the good work girl!

Jen S. said...

And Mike Fab too! You rocked it. So proud of you! :)