Gary pulling.

Brendan setting up.

W.O.D. 3.24.10

GHD sit ups
GHD back extensions

Steph asked awhile ago and we did a little research, thanks to Jen S...this is what we found:
CrossFit Virtuosity’s four-part series on hand care:

Rips will happen, its inevitable. Angie? Mary? Barbara? GI Jane? Yes, all these ladies leave us with some torn up hands. As our hands get stronger, the skin gets used to the demands placed on it and you will develop callouses that are more resistant to rips. With proper hand maintenance, torn hands can be kept to a minimum. Trim or file callouses if they build up to prevent them from pinching up during pull-ups. Also, make sure to tape hot spots before attempting high-volume pull-up WODs.

Constructing an Athletic tape grip

If your hands rip, trim the torn skin with sterile clippers. If a blood blister forms, pierce the skin with a sterile pin and drain the built-up fluids. Clean the area thoroughly. If the wound is deep (does it bleed or weep?), try and keep it moist with Neosporin and a band-aid for the first 36-48 hours; wrap athletic tape over the band-aid to keep it on if necessary. Once healed enough to expose to air, try and keep the area moisturized so the skin does not dry out and begin to crack...this is uncomfortable. Yes, it will be tender, but yes, you should try and get on the bar again as soon as you can! If your hands rip, we have a anti-fungal simple green solution at CFKoP, please always clean the bar when you are finished!

It is a man's own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.


SAZ 225 x3
Ellie 153
Steph V. 200 x5
Jaime 155 x2
Jen S. 200
Kim J. 210
Kim S. 165
Deb 165
Jason 385
Jeff 285 x2
Nikki 240
Dorothy 210
Aimee 275
Plentus 450 (3x bodyweight)
Cindy 235
Ian 225
JZ butt arm
Han 245 x3
Gunter 245
Kathleen 145
Ditty 185 x2
Brendan 345
Vincent 345
Mel 200
Gary 355
Alex 175
Maura 175
Jay S. 298
Kerry 265
Roger 225
WW 325
Pukie 475
Jerry 375

STELLAR results today!!
Super proud of everyone on this list!


Chris P. said...

sweet, I was going to do a post on how to tape hands, but this is even better!

Mike F said...

Wow, that guy is like MacGyver with athletic tape. I have found that CVS blister bandages work great. They are meant for the back of the heal, but fit well on the palm of your hands. They are flesh colored so they are not noticeable.

Ray said...

That is the hottest gorilla that I ever did see. Seriously awesome form especially the weight inthe heals.

Aimee Lyons said...

@Mike F-there is some special potion in them that heals faster. I can't put my finger on it, but I concur!

@Ray-Lou says push your feet out...I was trying, even though he looks like he was sleeping in the background I like to think he was happy with my 260# lift...lol!

Jason Lyons said...

The morning class did awesome. Almost everyone set a PR on the dead. Fantastic efforts!

Dorothy said...

Thanks for this info. Very helpful. My husband enjoys pouring hydrogen peroxide on my rips and watching me try to pretent that it doesn't hurt.

Nikki said...

Jason - As far as keeping track of PRs, shouldn't the sumo-dead be recognized as a different lift than the regular deadlift? It's a totally different set-up, shorter ROM... so in that case EVERYONE should get a PR today!! (Since it's the first time we are doing sumo-deads.) I just wanted to caution everyone to keep track of both your regular dead progress/PRs and you sumo-dead progress/PRs. They should track eachother, but they will be different, and both are valuable lifts to practice.

Aimee Lyons said...

Yes, the Sumo-deadlift is recognized as different lift then the "regular" deadlift.

Stephanie Vincent said...

yeah Jas, Almost everyone!! lol A word of caution, don't nessicarily expect a PR! apparently i joined the weak hammy club today. I can dead lift way less sumo style! 225 felt like 300! I have plans to start pulling jovina around on her sled everywhere with my hands between my knees.

Stephanie Vincent said...


A few of us are planning a ladies night out on Sat. April 17th. We are going to The Melting Pot in kop (paleo friendly for those doing the whole 30) and then to a show at theater horizon in norristown. Yickets are 25, less if we get a group of 8 or more. Shooting to buy tickets next week. let me know if you will be joining, letgobefree@comcast.net.

Miranda said...

Thanks to Jim for the rowing tips last night, obviously i have been going at it ALL wrong.

Also~ huge thanks to The Handlers for making my sister and her friend feel welcomed their first night.

Jason Lyons said...


You are right in that it is a different lift and notes should be taken on how your dead was approached...either conventional or sumo.

You are also correct when you mention that the ROM is shorter but that does not mean you will pull more weight. In this lift, you are utilizing your hamstrings a lot more and some of us may identify areas to work on. I am surely in that club.

When I say people pulled more weight, I meant it in a fashion for those contemplating competing for the Affiliate Team or in Regionals...if it is not stated that you must use conventional, consider sumo because you may lift more weight. For instance, at Aromas last year...if they said go pick it up and it didn't matter how...some of you should consider using sumo. It is a different lift but in the end, you are standing up with the weight. Make sense?

Chris P. said...

interesting that everyone's setting PRs, I would have thought the sumo would be tougher for most...will be for me

usually people with a longer torso/shorter legs do well with the sumo setup. Opposite is true for the conventional. Something to keep in mind is that you will use muscles in a very different way: adductors and glutes. Important also to keep those knees OUT, even more so than conventional deads. Glad we're playing around with it though, no doubt inspired by Louie!

Anonymous said...

just an fyi on the last hand post, the lifting straps he mentioned that you can use when you already have a hand injury (not all the time) are on sale at five below. i may go buy a pair, i've stopped ripping (for now) on my palm, but keep getting blisters and rips on my fingers before the first knuckle. They might work when the pain gets to be too much.

Erik Miller said...

Great Pic Amiee! The master watching in the background.

Chris P. said...

it should also be noted that sumo deadlifts are allowed (and used) in powerlifting competitions. I guess the tradeoff of having a shorter distance to travel is countered by the different muscles used (or rather, emphasis on muscles where the lower back is used much more in conventional and hammies are used more in sumo)

Chris P. said...

JZ, nice job on the butt arm...not easy to do!

Jeff said...

For the uninitiated amongst us: what is butt arm?

Chris P. said...