W.O.D. 3.10.10

12 Deadlift(275/185)
40 Wall Ball
9 Deadlift
30 Wall Ball
6 Deadlift
20 Wall Ball
3 Deadlift
10 Wall Ball

“Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.”
-Douglass MacArthur

Joe: 17:23
Pukie: 7:47
Jay E: 10:08
Hannah: 9:07
Jim C: 13:23
Mike F: 11:53
Jerry: 15:49
Joe D: 14:40
Charlie: 11:27
Mike V: 9:40

Jay S: 9:33
Todd: 11:27
WW: 11:56
CC: 8:38
Justin: 13:31
Brendan: 9:03
Alex: 13:13
Kelly: 11:34
Patti: 11:11
Melanie: 11:50
Christine: 11:44
Laura: 10:58
Sarah: 11:27
Kim S: 12:12
Jen S: 14:40
SAZ: 14:49
Kara: 9:23
Donkey: 10:08
Deb: 9:05
Dorothy: 16:41
Kristen: 15:15
Kevin M: 12:01
Olan: 13:54
JZ: 15:26
Ian: 15:28


Shawn Tammaro said...

Lets get some chatter going...what are the initial thoughts about the sectionals WOD?

WOD #1--great for big strong people..sucks for the little guy.

WOD #2--the person who runs the least will win. Do whatever it takes to not run.

WOD #3--a great burner. It kind of sucks to be the last heat because the weighted vest should be pretty sweaty and smelly by the time they have to strap it on.

Do we have odds on anyone yet? What is Vegas saying?

Chris P. said...

wod 1: big guys but also technique guys. Those who can get that weight up efficiently and often, will wreck it. I expect to be astounded by some people.

wod 2: agreed. it will be raining so it should add an interesting variable. guys have a hard time switching arms.

wod 3: the vest sucks. tried it last night and all technique changes, esp. on the row. (leaning back hurts the abs a lot) double unders are a whole new ballgame. I like your prediction about the vest sweatiness, that kind of makes me want it first!