CrossFit KoP...On the Road to the 2010 Games.

Athlete Profile: Kim Jackson

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 160
Age: 27
Started CF: November 2009

Deadlift: 205
Back Squat: 120
Snatch: 75
Front Squat: 105
Helen: 15:06
Lynne: 85
FGB: 186
Angie: 38:20
Helen: 15:60


Jason Lyons said...

To the rookie in the crowd. Good luck and more than anything else, have fun!

Jerry said...

What's up with the profile?? No plug for "professional roller derby chick"

Go for it Kim!!!!

Miranda said...

Good luck Kim!

Melanie said...

Kim- will you be registering under your roller derbie name?? Go out there and give it your all and like Jason mentioned, remember to have fun. I will be cheering you on!

Jeff said...

Kick some ass and have fun! Too bad hip checks aren't allowed in the Games, nobody would even be able to come close to you!

Cate said...

Kim, do you have some kind of secret past that I don't know about? Roller derby???? Do tell!!

Good Luck and have fun!!

Kim said...

Donkey and I are joining up with the Penn Jersey She Devils roller derby league. My derby name is going to be Cherry Pi #3.1415926... I didn't register for sectionals under that name but I should have.

Kim said...

I love the picture too... you had to use one that showed my pit sweat, didn't you?

donkey said...

woooohooooo Cherry Pi! i'm gonna be screaming your name at sectionals, kick some ass girl!

Chris P. said...

good luck Kim! we'll be there cheering you on for sure

Ray said...


The pit sweat gives you Crossfit street cred!

No sweaty, no worky.

Nikki said...

So excited you're competing with us! Good luck, kick butt, and hope you have a blast!