Jeff and Chris passing on the hill.
Keith in the final 15 feet of the Farmers Walk.
W.O.D. 5.19.09

Run 200M
10 Pull-Ups
Run 400M
15 Pull-Ups
Run 800M
20 Pull-ups
Run 400M
15 Pull-ups
Run 200M
10 Pull-ups
200M Farmers Walk
(45#DB or KB Men/35#DB or KB Ladies)

"Return to the Catch" by Angela Hart, Concept 2 - video [wmv] [mov]

Schedule Notes:
In June, we will be adding the 9:30 AM Monday Class to the regular schedule and our first Level 2 WOD at 7:30PM on Mondays. The Level 2 class is for anyone who typically does RX weight, these will be more difficult WODs and you are expected to RX and NOT complain; WOD's for the 7:30PM Level 2 class will NOT be announced prior to 7:30PM that day. On Fridays we will add the 12:00 noon as previously stated and also add a 6AM class added for Sam G...

Curin 23:20 35#
Doreen 20:24 35#
Tim P. 16:46 Rx 45#
Swine 16:59 Rx 50#
Keith 18:25 Rx 45#
Tim M. 23:58 Rx 50#
Jen S. 23:07 25#
Doug 16:40 Rx 50#
Shawn 23:54 40# Rx PU
Miranda 25:52 35#
Sam 20:16 Rx 50#
Hot Wheels 23:07 45#
Jeff 24:45 35# Rx PU
Nicole 26:42 35#
Chris 27:30Rx 45#
Ray 27:20 Rx 45#
Jen B. 27:18 30#
Mike B. 23:19 45#


Jim Curran said...

the currans will support the 6am classes for sure...great to see the membership is growing so well Aimee and Jason, great work!

Aimee Lyons said...

Thanks Jim, I'm glad and I'm sure Sam will be happy that "his" class will have some other athletes in it as well.

Appalachian Athlete said...

Couple of comments:
1 - great class last night, Aimee (& Jason & Evan). Liked the static hangs as part of the warmup (Climbers call them Frenchies... don't know why, but let's do more... maybe I can scare up a cheap hangboard or we can hang some furring strips to the wall so we can do them hanging by our fingertips... nice!), and liked the emphasis on form, this is important. Along with hard work and determination, I def. saw some rounded backs and knees that would wander on the squat portion during the first class. Makes me nervous.

2 - Great crowd last night, saw some strong efforts during the wod (Miranda & Jen S. happened to be near me when I wasn't working out and their effort got me motivated on a day when I wasn't feeling 100%. Thanks.)

3 - Who ever complains about doing as Rxd? I see more people that are gung-ho and ready to go than folks that ever (really) complain.

Miranda said...

Thanks Doug! I needed the encouragement.

Aimee~your dream is becoming a reality! Congrats, Xfit is growing and so is our family. I hope to be in the rxd group by July! Evan & Jason thanks for the help and being there for all of us.


nicole said...

I heart Crossfit.

Cindy said...

Love the static hangs but not so fond of the angry gorilla jumps (my gorilla was more mildly annoyed than angry!!)

Jill said...

Aimee I cant believe how much and fast your crossfit dream has grown.I cant tell you how much crossfit has changed my life and helps me get through some shit. Your dedication to us is appreciated and focusing on our individual growth and accomplishments makes crossfit more personal than any other workout regime I've been in. I cant say thank you enough for bringing crossfit into my life.

Joe A said...

I think it would be cool to have an indoor climbing wall at the gym.

Jen S. said...

Thanks Doug! :) I never realized I could be motivational just by getting out there and putting forth my best efforts! I'm glad I could help you out. You did awesome last night!

I too am obsessed with CrossFit. I am sad when I can't make it to class and missing one day feels like a week to me. It never fails - I always feel happier when I leave The Box then when I first got there. And when I talk to my friends they probably think I'm nuts because it's pretty much ALL I talk about! haha

Aimee I'm so glad I found you and CrossFit and didn't join Platoon Fitness....ew gag. haha ;)

And PS - perfect form everytime has become my No 1 goal for 2009!

Hannah said...

this workout would definitely kick my fat ass! luckily i am working tonight and cannot attend. darn! i will be visiting your noon class tomorrow aim!

Aimee Lyons said...

Thank you all. CrossFit KoP is a success because of everyone of you who walks through the door daily. Each class I see 110% effort with the desire to learn, grown and create a better life for yourself and families.

Doug-1.If you can "scare up a cheap hangboard or furring strips" Dad's back in town on the 29th and anxious to do some work at the gym.

2.Let me re-phrase, complaining in general...not about Rx-ing it.

Hannah- Remember we must train what we are not good at...which allows us to "train not to suck at life"...(pretty sure that's the CF One World Quote).

Ray said...

Running is my nemesis, so I wanted to make this one just for that reason even though it was my rest day. Breaking the run into intervals and mixing in the other stuff like pull ups tonight makes it much more interesting for me. I am not sure why going from one source of pain to another makes it better, but it does for me.

Nice job by Paul and Tim on the motivational front. Stopping during the run was not an option. Speaking of motivation, Doug is off the chart. Pure bred, hard corps animal.

Finally, awesome job Chris. Having someone to share the pain with is always a motivator. That farmers carry was an ass kicker up that hill. I would have put those KB's down a few more times if you were not there. My performance has definitely gotten better working with you.

Chris said...

Right back at you Ray. Great job. It was good to have someone to share that farmers walk with and we definitely share a common nemesis - running. Thanks for helping me get better.

nicole said...

Sorry for being negative Nancy last night. I was in a crappy mood and should have stayed home and sucked my thumb.

Jen S. said...

Nicole, I'm glad you came out. You should be proud of yourself for pushing through no matter what mindset you came in with. You go girl!

PS - don't suck your thumb, it'll give you buck teeth ;)

nicole said...

Aww Jen S, my little cutie!!