Don't forget your lifting shoes!

W.O.D. 5.16.09

Power Clean
Barbell starts from the floor and ends in the rack power position (quarter squat stance)

Push Press
Barbell starts from the rack position, you dip, drive and press over head with knees forward, butt back and chest up.

Power Clean...[wmv][mov]
Learning to Push Press...[wmv][mov]

"Perhaps I am stronger than I think."
-Thomas Merton

Tim M. 210 PP, 215 PC
Mike F. 185 PP, 205 PC
Sam 185 PP, 185 PC
Jason W. 205 PP, 220 PC
Mike B. 200 PP, 195 PC
Ray 165 PP, 185 PC
Chris 190 PP, 175 PC
Nicole 100 PP (2 times), 95 PC
Scott 165 PP, 175 PC
Jeff 145 PP, 140 PC
Paul 170 PP, 160 PC
Hannah 120 PP, 115 PC
Lisa 110 PP?, 125 PC
Jon ? PP, 125 PC?
Jill 85 PP? 85 PC?


Ray said...

"Strong people are harder to kill than weak people, and more useful in general."

Mark Rippetoe

That sums it up quite well.

Jason Lyons said...

Good work this morning everyone. It is important to work on flexibility. Really focus on getting your elbows up when you are practicing your cleans. You want the bar to be resting on the shelf of your chest, you do not want to support the bar with your arms.

The all-star for today's class was Lisa. Nice work on getting up 125 in the clean.

Also, some of you have question marks beside your numbers because Scott took the liberty to erase half of the board before class. So, please post your weights to the comments section and I will change them accordingly.


Scott M said...

Wow dont tread on me

Ray said...


Awesome job on that last set of Push Presses,...especially your attempt at hurdling the rack with 190 overhead!!

Aimee Lyons said...

Solid numbers everyone!! WOD 2 at East County CrossFit -Mile run 10 clean and jerks w/85lbs, 5 rounds of Cindy, 10 clean and jerks, 5 rds Cindy,10 clean and jerks - Mile run 33:53

Ray said...

That WOD number 2 looks interesting. Nice time.

I did a 2nd WOD tonight myself at home to work in some metcon after today's strength work:

4 rounds:
500 M Row, all under 2 minutes
25 Squats w/35 lb KB
25 Push Ups
25 Bench Dips
25 Situps
Time: 30 Minutes

Finished with an easy 10 minute 2000 Meter row.

Anonymous said...

Paul, what happened to your legs. Were you running in the woods???poison ivy?? Be careful...Mom