Trevor Win'E Memorial Day CrossFit Challenge

Painstorm #12 "The Olympic Bar Mile"

9:00AM WOD-Trevor:
300 Pull-ups, 400 Push-ups, 500 Sit-ups, 600 Squats completed in teams of 4 with only 2 athletes working at a time. Exercises were completed in order and the athletes were not allowed to move to the next station until all reps were complete.
Team 1 - Aimee, Tim P, Sam, Paul - 24:39
Team 2 - Jason, Ray, Scott, Mike M. - 28:44
Team 3 - Brad, Mike, Jeff, John - 29:15

11:00AM WOD-Painstorm #12 The Olympic Bar Mile:
With an Olympic bar the athletes completed the the following exercises in a team. Athletes could not move to the next exercise until EVERYONE was back from the run.
Run 400M
Back Squat X 50
Front Squat X 50
Over Head Squat X 50
Run 400M
Shoulder Press X 50
Push Press X 50
Push Jerk X50
Run 400M
Hang Power Clean X50
Hang Power Snatch X 50
Run 400M
As many of you know the Olympic bars weighs 45#, most of our gentlemen and ladies used 45#, congratulations on a great team effort!!!!

44:12-Ray, Dawn, Mike M, Paul, Jason, Dave Z, Tim P, Scott, Curin
51:33-Tim M, Sam, Laura, Hannah, Meighan, Miranda, Doreen, Mike B, Aimee

For more pictures from the events click here. You may also notice the quality of some of the shots looking a tad more professional than what my little 400MegaPixel Cannon can dish out...Well, that's because we have the honor of welcoming one our newest CrossFitters Dave Zaveloff, who is also an amazing photographer. Click here to check out his website.

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