Our first "little" CrossFitters class.
AMRAP in 10 minutes
5 Burpees
10 Squats
5 PVC Presses

A special congratulations to MJ, Lukie, Ethan, Shea, Rieley, Kelci, Dana Rae and Kaden who made this WOD a success!! As many of you know, I will be traveling to Brand X in Ramona California for my CrossFit Kids certification in May. When I return CrossFit KoP will be offering an 8 Week CrossFit Kids program; details will follow.
Thank you to all the parents for introducing your kids to the world of CrossFit.


Ray said...

Thanks for the rainy day activity Aimee! Dana Rae said her legs were shaking after that WOD, so I had to take her down to the mall for a banana strawberry smoothie to recharge her batteries. She then slept the whole way home!

jen said...

great kids class, they all loved it and i think they want more!

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of your efforts. Glad the kid's class was a success.
Love, Mami` y Papa

Jim Curran said...

MJ loved it....thanks Aimee. John is next, look out!

Aimee Lyons said...

John is gonna be dangerous!! Watch out kids!