Jon, Jeff and Tim M. mid WOD...and they weren't even posing!!!

W.O.D. 5.21.09

Shoulder Press
CF games to be announced!!!!

Kurtis Bowler, Rainier CrossFit, One armed Overhead Squat and Turkish Get-up - video [wmv] [mov]

A little reminder from our friends at CrossFit Generation on why lifting heavy weights is the key to weight loss...
Losing fat involves increasing your metabolism; and muscle plays a huge role in raising metabolism. A pound of muscle burns about 60 calories a day while a pound of fat burns only 5 calories. That means any growth in your muscle tissue is going to help you burn more calories all day long. In fact, weight training has all kinds of great effects on your body:

Increasing resting metabolic rate so you burn more calories, even while at rest.

Making you lean and strong - muscle takes up less space than fat, so the more muscle you have, the slimmer you are.

Strengthening bones and connective tissue, which can protect your body from injuries in daily life.

Enhances balance and stability.

Building confidence and self-esteem

“It's all fun and games, until someone looses an eye...than it's fun and games you can't see anymore.”
-James Hetfield- Heavy metal rocker (Metallica_Helpless), b.1963)

Cindy 65
Chris 155
Doug 145
Sam 135 x 3
Jason 125 x 1
Swine 115
Lisa 80 x 2
Nice job everyone!
Doug, jumping small buildings or 44.5" boxes...and Chris pressing people over head...or 155 pounds!


Ray said...

"Every Second Counts" DVD just hit the store on www.crossfit.com.

Joe A said...

This guy just ordered a copy

Aimee Lyons said...

Thanks Ray- I ordered one copy for CFKoP when it arrives we will have a "movie night".

Nicole said...

I just ordered a copy!! I can't wait!!!

Appalachian Athlete said...

Hey everyone, have a great weekend, enjoy the holiday. Sorry I'm gonna miss all the fun in the next few days, but I'll be playing in the mountains of central PA, so I won't miss it that much!

Aimee, for the next few weeks, I should have access to a really nice Hi-Def projector for "every second counts", and maybe even a nice big screen to watch it life-size.

Aimee Lyons said...

Good stuff Doug!! We will have to coordinate a time! Enjoy central PA!

Jim Curran said...

chris you are a beast and Doug 44.5inches is some serious skywalking!