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W.O.D. 5.08.09
Your Choice.

As many rounds as possible in 20 Minutes of:
5 Hanstand Push-ups
10 1-legged squats (5L/5R)
15 Pull-ups

As many rounds as possible in 20 Minutes of:
10 Push-ups
10 1-legged squats (5L/5R)
20 Wall-Balls 20#/14# all to 10ft target

Mary at 7K ft (Rob Miller)...[wmv][mov]

"Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices."
-Alfred A. Montapert

Sam 8
Jason 6
Scott 7
Mike M 7
Doug 11
Ray 5
Paul 6
Cindy 6
Nicole 4
Chris 4
Jen 5
Jill 7
Tim P. 9
Jeff 8
Lisa 8
Hot Wheels 6
Laura 8
Mike B. 7
Katie 7
Granny 8


Ray said...

My first thoughts were "HSPU's and pistols....no way".

Then I got up and tried a pistol...."no f'ing way".

Then, I tried again...."I'm gonna do this thing".

I will need to apply Doug's "Zen Yogi Meets CrossFit" methodology.

Jason Lyons said...

ray, what helps a lot of people is REALLLLLLY focusing on keeping your weight in your heels.

Jill said...

I cant wait to do a WOD...I'm in desparate need of a good kick in the ass. Aimee I want a horrible WOD for sunday during our private...and by horrible i mean something that might bring pukie. I've been eating to much Entenmans danish lately.

Ray said...


Might I suggest 10 Rounds for time:

10 Thrusters @ 45 lbs or whatever
10 Burpees
Sprint to the top of the hill & back

That ought to get the job done. Eating the Entenmans danish before you start might assist in the process.

Mike said...


200m run
50 burpees
200m run
50 push ups
200m run
50 lunges
200m run
50 squats
200m run
50 lunges
200m run
50 push-ups
200m run
50 burpees

that'll get those danishes out of your system

Mike said...

nice job at the noon session today gents...

also a good time biking with Aimee and Tim today...special thanks to our Valley Forge tour guide Tim

Ray said...

OK, I felt like I was dogging it at the noon session having to do "Mary" using the 25" box for HSPU's & pistols. The pullups really slowed me down and I could only get 5 rounds.

So, I just finished 6 rounds in the hay with "Mary's Ugly Sister" this time using my 20" box for pistols. Thank God for Viagra!

I was gonna try my "pukie" WOD out that I suggested for Jill, but I was also watching the grill, and I thought that might piss the wife off if it went to completion!

Aimee Lyons said...

Great work today gang...solid work on the pistols!

Jill- Might I suggest:
Run 800M
100 Burpees
Run 800M
100 Squats
Run 800M
100 Pushups
Run 800M
100 Lunges
Run 800M
100 Tuck Jumps

Mike and Tim- Awesome ride. If anyone has a road bike just let me know and we will make sure to get you on next ride...I know a great VF Guide named Mr. Pappas. He's cheap...and will point out all of the Historic locations in the Park.

Ray- You Animal!

See ya all tomorrow for Saturday Snatches!

Jason Lyons said...

how about:

"the origins of russian dancing"

Jill said...

Aimee your on! That should keep me sore till about next Friday when I can get back to my next crossfit WOD.

Can we eliminate the burpees and tuck jumps??

Appalachian Athlete said...

SATURDAY snatches? NOoooooooo!!

How 'bout TUESDAY snatches! And Saturday, say, freakin' thrusters and wall balls

fun one today. Have a good weekend everyone. Hope to do some old fashioned trail running in Rothrock S.F., maybe I'll throw in some squats...

Ray said...


A trail run in Rothrock really sounds like fun. Bring a light flycasting rig and bushwack back in to some of those streams. There will be some nice Browns and maybe some Brookies.

If you throw in the squats, you can call the WOD "Apocalypto". I was watching some of that movie the other night. Those folks were the ultimate CrossFitters.

Aimee Lyons said...

Doug-Maybe you will see a nice rainbow on your trail run??? Just a happy thought!

Paul said...

Caption "Anything you can do I can do better"

Joe A said...


Sam and Mike strive to attain a dancer's body.

Sam said...

Joe- What are you trying to say, that I don't already have one?

Joe A said...

Yes Mike thats right

Jeff said...

In the same theme for a caption:

Audition for "So You Think You Can Dance"