Nicole above 5.26.09 65#
Nicole below 7.22.08 20#
Look how far Nicole has come!
Everyone at the gym knows Nicole, how can you not, she's one of our most animated athletes and basically tells it like it is...no sugar coating here. Well, Nicole has been training for almost a year and has seen some dramatic strength gains. Congratulations Nicole, you have made AMAZING progress!

W.O.D. 6.1.09
400M Run
Overhead Squat 95lbs/65lbs x 15

Nancy Challenge, CrossFit Los Angeles ...[wmv][mov]

"Success is not a destination, it's a journey."
-Zig Ziglar

Jeff Rx 22:22
Shawn 75 18:05
Liz 30 19:47
Lisa Rx 18:50
Dave 30 25:39
Paul Rx 15:28
Miranda Rx 21:02
Jim C. 75 21:06
Jon 75 18:44
Curin 45 21:06
Jason 95 17:26
Kelly 15/4 16:50
Nicole 55 21:20
Chris 65/75 19:52
Mike B. Rx 18:23
Dev Rx 17:05
CP 45 17:16
Granny 45 15:07
Jen B. 35 17:14
Jill 35 17:51
Danielle Rx 16:44
Jen S. 55 23:35

Level 2 WOD:
400M Run
21 OHS (115#/75#)
42 Pull-ups
15 OHS
30 Pull-ups
18 Pull-ups
45 Burpees
200M Run

Tim 36:43
Han 28:47
Mike M. 19:59
Sam 16:21
Aimee 15:48
Joe A. DNF


Ray said...

Check out the cute teenee weenee barbell. Very chic Nicole.

Hannah said...

nicole, i remember the first couple weeks with you...and the change is incredible. keep working hard because it really shows! i hope you come tonight so we can enjoy the run together! ;)

Nicole said...

Omg that picture is so funny!! When I was doing 20lb OHS, I would throw the bar down and be like this is too heavy! HAHA!

I will be there tonight, so we can run together Hannah! Gotta love Nancy...

Jason Lyons said...

Nicole: You rock, we were all once in that category and I think we have all made improvements. I remember my first Nancy when I used 30 pounds or something because the rest was too hard. Then I remember getting to 50 or 60 and thinking I was He-man. Now, 95 is fun for me. Amazing.

On a different note, I wanted to share with everyone some health effects that CrossFit had on me. I just got my vitals back from my annual physical and here is what we have....

Norm (120-200)
Cholesterol 2008 = 187
Cholesterol 2009 = 176

Norm (41-75)
HDL 2008 = 44
HDL 2009 = 51

Norm (80-130)
LDL 2008 = 81
HDL 2009 = 104

Norm (10-200)
Triglycerides 2008 = 309
Triglycerides 2009 = 105

Norm (5-40)
VLDL 2008 = 61
VLDL 2009 = 21

Norm (1.5-4)
Chol/HDL ratio 2008 = 4.25
Chol/HDL ratio 2009 = 3.45

So, the bottom line is that I improved in every category and that is just using CrossFit because my diet is still a little suspect with wine consumption and Rock Bottom every Thursday night. I imagine if I just zoned better, I would be able to make these even better. I am really going to make a conscious effort to do better in that category. Aimee is probably laughing because I say that a lot but at the cert, they said that your performance will sky-rocket as well if you just eat better so I figure that it is worth the good ole college try.

Thanks for listening and I hope that it gives people motivation to come to class more as well.

Jill said...

Awesome Nicole...and not only that you are so close to getting off the dental floss and doing your kipping pull-ups!

Jill said...

Jason that's awesome! I wonder how my performance would change if I didnt booze every Saturday night and go to Pat's at 3 a.m. for a cheesesteak like I did this past weekend. Badddd news.

Meighan said...

Nicole you give me hope that I can do that one day too if I just stick with it!!

Curin said...

Awesome Nicole!!! I will be there tonight for the workout even though running is not by strongest point! I have to push myself to do things that i do not like because they will only make me better.......or so they say :)

Nikki said...

Nicole - I second what Meighan said! Hopefully a year from now I'll look back at my 115# deadlift and laugh. Your 180# inspired me! Congrats on a great year!

Miranda said...

Congats my friend! you and are not using the band from here on out! We can do it, I have seen your kip, and there is no reason for you to be using the dental floss!
Congrats on a year of accomplishments! See you tonight girl!

Evan said...

Awsome numbers and improvements especially the triglycerides. Can't wait to see what mine are doing at the end of this year.


jen said...

I heart nicole! Way to work it girl! ~ Jas, wow, great numbers...especially the tri's!

Chris said...

Nicole - you sure you don't want to go back to the elliptical machine?

Ray said...


You saved your own life brother. How cool is that?!

Triglycerides essentially occur when you consume more calories than you burn. It is your body busily converting excess calories into fat for storage. They are not really sure if they contribute directly to heart disease, but if they are high, then it is an indicator that you are set up for a range of problems including obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Alcohol can jack up the triglycerides as well (excess empty calories), but hey, you have to die from something! I am going with craft microbrews myself!

Jen S. said...

Thanks to everyone for helping me get through this workout...esp Paul & Aimee..."Nancy" is not my friend.... ;) And Aimee - I'm sorry I chipped your wooden bumper plates.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jen better to chip the wooden bumper plates than chip your tooth. No worries, they are just plywood!

Hannah said...

hey! my tooth looks brand new! :D

Aimee Lyons said...

better than those grillz. now what to do about Granny's tongue.