W.O.D. 9.23.16


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of: 
Run 400 meters Max rep Pull-ups

Community Notes:
All weekend classes will be held in the Annex, 110C DeKalb.

“Life is like a game of chess. 
To win you have to make a move. 
Knowing which move to make comes with IN-SIGHT and knowledge, and by learning the lessons that are acculated along the way. 
 We become each and every piece within the game called life!” 
 ― Allan Rufus, The Master's Sacred Knowledge


Tim P said...

Dana D 84 Rx
Theresa 83 Rx
Laura Alt. 53Rx
Katie M 35 band
Matt R 45 Rx
King 94 Rx
Mike S 75 (ghd)
Mike Sim 66 (strict pullups)

Kate K 45 band
Briana K 80 Rx
Nick C 96 Rx
Paul D 44 band
Angelo 103 Rx
Nicole 33 band

CFKOP iPad said...

Michael Roth 54 pr!!
Mary h 39 rom
Jill h 25 Rx pr!
Karen 36 band
Jackie 34 Rx pr
Terry 38 Rx pr
Emma 25 band
Barb z row Rr

CFKOP iPad said...

Jessie 37 Rx
Tim h 30 band bike 25 cal
Ryan s108 Rx pr!!!
Seba 24 band
Joe m 34 Rx ( kip )

Jillian Archibald said...

Nicole M. 57 band
Mit Mit.44 RX
Rob C. 58 RX PR!
Jonathan P. 86 RX
Alicia-Marie 40 RX PR!
Mike R. 116 RX PR!
Ryan A. 44 RX PR!
Justin H. 64 RX

Giulia 98 RX PR!
Maggie 103 RX
Chris D. 88 RX PR!
Matt B. 40 RX
TJ 59 RX PR!
Josh M. 110 RX PR!
Sean S. 61 RX PR!
Jess A. 42 Band/Rom
Danielle G. 30 Floss
Lucy Q. 44 Band

Bryan S. 35 RX
Ashley M. 24 RX
Jen S. 43 RX PR!
Alona 46 RX
Kevin H. 54 RX PR!

Alan 34 rr (bike 20 cal)
Matt E. 51 RX
Genesis 43 rr
David S. (drop in) 101 RX
Josh S. 70 RX
Alexis S. 50 rr

Awesome job tonight! Lot's of PR's!
- Jill