W.O.D. 1.29.11

Happy Birthday Laura!

"Widow Maker"
AMRAP in 15 minutes:
5 Burpees
10 Box Jumps (21"/25")
15 Double Unders

Community Event:
Today, we are hosting the CrossFit 215 Winter Throw-down against CF Inspire. Events kick off at 2PM, everyone is invited to watch and cheer on the athletes.

"Fitness starts between your ears!"
-Jack LaLanne

Liz: 8
Megs: 8
Nicole S: 3
Rachael: 5
Ditty: 7
Brie: 9
Joe A: 5
Kristin T: 7
Sara B: 9

Dianne: 7 (SU/17")
Ken: 6 (DUA/21")
Sandy: 9 (TJ/17")
Sheng-Ching: 5 (DUA/17")


Dorothy said...

Happy birthday. Thanks for always being so patient and helpful. You told me to pull my knees up high when climbing the rope and it's made all the difference.

Go get 'em CF KOP! No matter what happens, I'll always be proud of you because I know you will give it your all.

JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!! I hope it is a great one!

Patti said...

Happy birthday Laura!!! Have a great day!!!

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday LAURA! Thanks for all your help and advice- I greatly appreciate it. You are not only an amazing athlete but a great person as well. Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Best of luck to all the athletes tomorrow! I hope to get there at some point to cheer you on, but regardless, I know you'll represent KOP well!

Mom said...

Happy B-Day, Miss Laura. Your nutrition knowledge is a great asset to KOP and of course your beautiful smile.

Kristin T. said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Hope you have a wonderful day! :)

Charles said...

Happy Birthday Laura!

donkey said...

happy birthday, laura! you are amazing--i love watching your progress. enjoy your special day, roomie! xo


Stephanie Vincent said...

Happy birthday Laura!!! U r such a kind and caring person! It's a pleasure to know u. Do something crazy on ur birthday...go mess up Tims sock drawer!! :)

KDitty said...

Happy Birthday Paleo Buddy! I hope you have a fabulous day! You deserve it.You are a rock star.

Cate said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!!

Jason Lyons said...

happy poopday to you, happy poopday to you, happy pooooooooooopday dear laura, happy poooop day to you.


Aimee Lyons said...

I bet all of our Throw-down visitors at KoP won't be happy with the added birthday burpees!!!

Enjoy your day Laura!!!

Danny said...

Happy Birthday Laura!

Good luck everyone at the Throwdown...wish I could be there with you.

Mike S said...

Laura, happy birthday! Thanks for all of your help with nutrition. Have a great day!

Meighan said...

Happy Birthday Laura!! Thanks for always coming to cheer me on when I'm still wodding and you've been done for 5 minutes :)

Enjoy your day

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!!

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Laura! Thanks for spending your special day competing with us!!!

Jen S. said...

Happy Bday Twinsie ;)

Remember: Burpees are your friend!

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday Laura aka CF Games competitor aka LPNova1 aka Melissa Urban aka squish aka chef supreme aka friend aka camper aka blogger aka birthday girl

Cline said...

Happy Birthday Laura and good luck to everyone this afternoon!

Overslept, so did a modified WOD at home. 5 burpees/10 air squats/15 jump-with-both-kick-your-butts.

10.33333 (repeating) rounds.

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Hope it's awesome :-)

Kathleen said...

Happy Birthday Laura!!!! I owe you some birthday burpees.

Kristen SB said...

Happy Birthday Laura! Way to represent today at the throwdown! You are a huge inspiration to me at the box, a great athlete to watch in action! Enjoy your day!

Laura Pappas said...

Thanks all for the birthday wishes and the competition it was a great time :)