Happy Birthday Coach Tim!
(and your 5 cameras!)

W.O.D. 1.12.11
5 Rounds for time of:
5 Wall Climbs
10 Toes to Bar
15 Vertical Jumps

For the wall climbs, start with your toes and chest on the deck, walk your feet up the wall until your chest touches the wall, and then descend back to the original position. The vertical jump is simply jumping as high as you can and touching a spot on the wall...can you get the same spot every time?

Today Classes:
Our 6AM class will be canceled due to the pending storm. We apologize for any inconvenience but we have your safety in mind. As of now (unless we get a huge amount of snow) the remainder of the days classes will be as scheduled (12Noon, 4:30PM, 5:30PM & 6:30PM - are all on).

Pre and Post workout foods by Laura Pappas

"The limits of the possible can only be defined by going beyond them into the impossible"
-Arthur C. Clarke

Before the wall climb...

...after the wall climb


Cindy said...

Happy Birthday Coach Tim! Hope you have a ninja-filled day!!

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Coach Tim! I hope you have a great day:)

Dorothy said...

Happy birthday Tim. Don't tell anyone else, but you're my favorite coach.

KDitty said...

Happy Happy Birthday Timmy!! I hope you have a fabulous snow day!

I bet you have cool snow gear you get to use for your birthday! Lucky!

jen said...

Classic photo of you tim with all your cameras! How many pics can you take at once?! ~ You're the best! ~ Happy B-day! Enjoy your day obsessively cleaning or washing your hands or something cool like that!~ grans

Chris P. said...

Happy birthday Timmy, without you, it would just be the Adventures of P and that just sounds like bathroom humor. I know 6am is cancelled, but your gear would have gotten you to class if you needed to. Here's to BLL's, Cost-Co, gear, pistachios, knives, gear, the AT, Baja Fresh, Xterra, all things blue, and gear; happy birthday!

On a totally unrelated note, check out this crazy CrossFit firebreather I found on the web:


Kim G said...

Happy birthday Tim!! Enjoy your day!

JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Timmy!!! Have a great day. I hope you get some cool new gear!

Melanie said...

Happy birthday Tim!! I hope you get some cool outdoor gear for your birthday!!! Have yourself a fantastic day!!

Jason Lyons said...

happy birthday dude. that word is totally not used enough anymore.

Nikki said...

Happy birthday Tim! I hope you got to sleep in and have fun in the snow today!

Kathleen said...

Happy birthday Timmy! Sending lots of happy wishes your way today!

shoeless joe said...

Happy birthday Tim! Thanks for pushing me on every time I wanted to rest during the Annie sandwich.

MelindaK said...

Happy Birthday, Tim! Have a great day!!

Kristin T. said...

Hope you have a great birthday Tim! Maybe Laura will make you a paleo cake?! Is there such a thing?

Lindsey said...

Happy Birthday Tim! Hope it's a good (and snowy) one! :-)

Deb said...

Happy Birthday Tim. Thanks for being such a great coach and teaching us all so much. Hope you have a great day.

Christine said...

Happy Birthday Tim!!

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Tim!

Sam B.

Ellie said...

TP!!! Happy Birthday!! Thanks for always being helpful and supportive... and even sometimes funny.

TP quote before a WOD that involved a 400M run- "The sooner you get out there and back in, the less time you'll spend in the rain. Ready!?... In 3..2..1..."

I hope you have a wonderful day! =)

Jason Lyons said...

does anyone use PECO for gas and electric? if so, may i ask what your bill was this month? ours was 432!!!!!

how is this possible. We keep the house at 73 so that may be part of it but we did that in december too and it was only 135. thoughts on what to do?

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Tim! Hope this birthday is the best yet!

Gina Fab said...

Happy Birthday, Tim! You are a great coach and will be an amazing teacher! Have a wonderful day!

Nikki said...

Jason - here are some thoughts

1) Definitely consider keeping your house cooler than that. I know that will be easier once Chloe is bigger. My heat never goes above 64, and it's around 58 when I'm gone for the day and at night when i'm sleeping under tons of blankets. Just wear more clothes!

2) You can ask PECO to put you on Budget Billing. It's a payment plan where they average your bills over the course of a year and you pay the same amount each month. See:

3) PECO's electric rates are among the highest in PA and are set to go up again in March I think. Look into Energy Choice, a program where you can choose your electric supplier. You still get billed by PECO but technically you are purchasing the electricity from another supplier. You can usually lock in a rate for up to 12 months. I recently signed up with Conedison. More info here:

4) Lastly, try to pay attention to your major loads and see if they are drawing more electric than they should be. For instance, do you have an older fridge/freezer or water heater that seems to be running all the time? When I bought my house my bills were around $400/month until I realized my water heater was CONSTANTLY running. It was about 25 years old. I replaced it with a new energystar water heater and my bills went down to about $200/month.

5) There are alot of little things you can do like run the clothes dryer less (hang clothes to dry), keep lights off during the day, keep your showers short, turn your water heater temperature down, etc, but these savings would be small compared to the above.

Good luck!

Nikki said...

Sorry it looks like the links didn't work. Do a search for those programs and if you have trouble let me know.

Also - if you notice any windows or doors with big drafts, try to seal 'em up.

Unknown said...


All of Nikki said is great. The budget plan is great to have. After an enormous bill during the summer with central air I signed up and haven't had a surprise like that again.

Also, look at your roof today. If it is not snow covered you should insulate the attic/crawl space if you have one. The heat is just escaping and so is your money.

Todd said...

Happy birthday Tim! Thanks for taking care of me on day 1 many months ago, when I almost died on my first baseline!

Kristen SB said...

Happy Birthday, Tim! I hope today is filled with all things that make you happy - cameras, gear, coaching, 700 fill puffer coats! Thanks for being a great coach.

Mike S said...

Happy Birthday Tim! Thanks for your help and support keeping me going through the WODS. Have a great day!

Christina Carnevale said...


My bills were in the $300+ range, and while I agree that 73 degrees is higher than normal because of the baby, I also learned with my 16 year old heating unit (gas forced air) that if I leave my house at a more constant temperature the bills actually went DOWN.

For example, when I was lowering the unit to 65 when we were gone all day, the unit couldn't "get to temperature" (70) when we were home. Therefore it ran and ran and ran and ran, and it never got warm. Now I leave it at 68 when we are gone, and it has no problem getting to 70 when we're home. It's possible that maybe your unit is running ALL the time, because it can't actually get to temperature. With that said, you may be better off having a lower house temperature and use small electric heaters in the rooms only where you need it or where Chloe is.

I also have a programmable thermostat, which controls the times when the heat comes on.

Also check the temperature on your water heater - most people don't need it more than 120 degrees. So if your water is abnormally hot (for example mine was 160 when I moved in, which is way too hot and it would run all the time), you might want to think about turning that down.

Chris P. said...

I think people missed the link before so I'm going to post it again so you can all uh-preciate the man that is Timothy Pappas.


Melanie said...

P, I love the tribute to TP! I actually recognize a bunch of those shots on the AT or have the same exact pictures with myself or Derek. Even the reservoir at the end of the hike! We should all be so lucky as to have a friendship with someone like the two of you!

Laura Pappas said...

Ahhhhh I love the tribute - yes I missed the link :) That's awesome Chris.

Happy Birthday Tim, I will do your 30 burpees even if you're teaching and not taking class at 4:30.
I'm sorry they plowed the neighborhood so you couldn't do donuts in the cul-de-sac. Anyone know of any unplowed parking lots around here?

Peterson said...

Happy birthday Tim.

Good stuff with the pictures P.

Mike S said...

Jason, if you have ceiling-mounted air conditioning vents or return air ducts for central air coditioning that are ceiling mounted, close them up or block them off. Otherwise, a lot of heat goes right into the attic. Also, having the right amount of attic insulation will help.

Mom said...

Happy B-Day, Tim...mom

Dana said...

Happy Birthday Tim!!! ... From Kansas. Have a great day!

Steph V. said...

Happy Birthday Tim...hope you don't mind all my teasing...I only tease people I like...A LOT!!! Have a great day!!!

P.S. If i was writing this message on the white board it would be in three different colored markers.

Megs said...

Happy Birthday Tim!

Aimee Lyons said...

Happy b-day Tim- Thanks for all the hours spent cleaning the box!

P- love the tribute, how many cubbies does that large pack really have?

Danny said...

Happy Birthday Tim!

Tim P said...

Wow-thank you! CFKOP has a handful of 'good people' all around and I really appreciate the kind words. I truly enjoy coaching everybody in different ways and areas and watching the improvements that it brings.

Holy Poo, Plentus!!!- I actually missed the earlier link too and just saw the pics and have to say what a weirdo that guy is. very cool though.

Tim P said...

The Noon-errrr

Rx Results
Dorothy 16:28
Jen S 17:33
Jim C 19:26
Cate 12:09
Kristen SB 18:50

Sarah J 16:29
Sharon 21:30 (4rnds)

Kristen SB rocked everyone of those toes2bar out!

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Tim!

The PECO budget billing - just be careful. Steve & I did that 2 years ago and while it saved us money monthly and we knew in and around what each bill would be, at the end of our budget cycle, we got nailed with an almost $600 bill! Apparently, it was to make up for the charges we didn't incur monthly. Which to me, defeated the whole purpose of the budget. Now we just keep our house around the 67-70 range and really stay mindful of shutting off lights, etc. And like CC, we have the programmable thermostat which definitely seems to help.

Joe A said...

Happy Birthday Tim you are the second funniest coach at KOP.

Dorothy said...

Jason, I would have your meter checked first. Could be broken.
I had a similar water bill problem. It went from something like $100 to $250. I called them and they swore I had a leak somewhere. Next week I caught them changing my meter (sneaky bastards). The following month there was a credit on my bill.
(Although they never said anything to me).

Remember the principles of science. It's usually the simpliest answer.

As an experiment shut everything off (Can can do this at the panel). Then go out and look at the meter to see if the numbers are increasing or not.

JZuck said...

Jason, as of Jan. 1st. Electric rate caps expired. PECO raised their rates. But you now have the option to pick your energy supplier. I have a good one that i can send you info on when I get back in to town tomorrow night. In the mean time, google PA Power Switch for a list of them all.

Anonymous said...

Hey Tim.....what everybody else said!! Have fun and enjoy your day

Charles said...

Happy Birthday Coach P!

TP said...

430pm RESULTS!

Each person help themselves to a personal standard in this workout.

Gabe 18:13
Brian 14:55
WW 18:58
Kevin 14:01
Sara B 16:21
Jackie 12:50
Lindsey 16:12
Christine 12:50
Laura 11:15
Aimee 9:36
Miranda 16:18
Mike F 18:43
Shawn 16:43

Olan said...

Happy Birthday coach!

Love the slideshow.

Miranda said...

Awwww,ove the slide show! Tim I love the pic with the fish!

Jen Naspinski said...

Happy Birthday, Tim. I'm grateful we didn't have to 27 burpees 4 times.

Chris P. said...

5:30 and 6:30
kr = knee raises
k2e = knees to elbows
t2b = toes to bar

second time posted is for the 30 birthday burpees for Timmy. Everyone did it knowing that it would make him happy. Rachael did it twice.

Jessica 15:55 kr 4:02
Vincent 13:40 t2b 1:21
Paul F. 16:48 t2b 2:37
Flounder 15:43 kr 4:13
Jeff 15:02 t2b 1:55
Eric 18:21 kr 3:59
Brie 10:39 shoulder press sub 2:13
Karin 14:08 kr 2;45
Jason B. 11:24 kr 1:14
Rachael 18:30 kr 2:23 and 2:45
Robb 8:58 t2b 0:59
Sheng Ching 16:00 kr 3:25
Jen N. 12:07 kr 3:10
Cline 15:24 kr 2:52
Peterson 17:14 k2e 1:52
Kristin T. 15:20 kr 2:33
Granny 9:18 t2b 1:42
Conn 15:09 k2e 1:58
Jess C. 22:39 t2b/k2e 2:52

WW said...

PECO - Its all based on demand charge. Energy falls into various pricing buckets. The charges for each bucket are different, and cost usage cascades downward. Thus the initial energy use is billed at the highest rates. The issue is the buckets are not standard/uniform and vary based on overall consumption. When overall demand is high, you are charged the premium rate for a longer time table.

Laura Pappas said...

You can see why Aimee had the fastest score, we're all up the wall and she's already down starting her second wall climb!

Peterson said...

That's the truth Laura. When Lindsey showed it to me last night I thought everyone posed. Then Lindsey said nope, Aimee's just that much faster than everyone!