W.O.D. 1.10.11

"Annie Sandwich"

Row 500M

Double Unders

Row 500M

Primal Challenge:
How was weekend #1?
Were you able to get a full three points? Friday, Saturday and Sunday?
Did anyone try new recipes? Post to comments.

A quick clarification on the Paleo perfectionist - grass fed butter is ok but alcohol is NOT.

“Dedication is not what others expect of you, it is what you can give to others.”

Ab(Abmat) B(Butterfly) UA(unanchored) DUA(DU attempts) SU(single unders)
Seth 14:46
Chris T 23:09
Jason 12:47 (Ab/B)
WW 19:49 (B)
Ben 20:05 (B)
Olan 20:37 (Ab/B)
Gabe 17:32 (B)
Brian R 22:14 (B)
Kev 19:07 (Ab/B)
Steph 22:03 (B)
Megs 14:54 (Ab)
Kathleen 21:06 (B)
Tim P 11:27 (B)
Kristen SB 22:11 (UA)
Aimee 11:17(Ab/B)
Shoeless 21:36 (AB/B)
Danny 13:59 (B)
Melinda 19:25 (B)
Vinny 18:29 (Ab/B)
Miranda 14:35
Peterson 17:39
CC 18:58
Shawn T 17:29
Jerry 13:10
Laura 10:30
Liz 15:39
Sam B 14:03

Mel 20:53 (DUA3/B)
JZ 21:42 (DUAsome/B)
Ditty 25:20 (B)

Kara 21:03 (SU)
Steve K 17:23 (50-30-10 SU .5 Situps)
Karen 29:50 (DUA)
Kim G 25:39 (DUA/B)
Jackie 25:13 (DUA)
Gina 20:38 (DUA/B)
Sara B 20:48 (DUA/UA)
Brie 15:16 (DUA/B)
Pat 24:49 (DUA/B)
Christine 22:14 (SU)
Roger 18:29 (SU/B)
Fish 23:15 (DUA)
Jessica S. 21:14 (Su/B)
Rob P 20:06 (SU)
Conn 21:17 (DUA)
Sheng-Ching 21:44 (SU)
Mike S 25:32 (SU)
Jen N 27:35 (DUA)
Pooch 21:51 (SU)
Julie 25:16 (SU)
Darlene 17:35 (SU)
Charles 17:32 (SU)
Cline 24:00 (SU)
Brittany 17:50 (SU)
Kristen T 19:19 (DUA)


Mike F said...

I start class a grad class tomorrow night and won't be able to make the WOD tomorrow. I can do this WOD at school though, without the row. How far should I run on a treadmill to equal the 500 meter row?

Week one: After a few days of getting through the hunger of wanting carbs I started feeling better yesterday. Cooked a lot this weekend:

Paleo Chilli (Primal Cookbook)
Paleo Meatballs (Bison and Pork with Almond meal)
Fried Turkey Cutlets (Used coconut oil and covered half the cutlets in ground walnuts with basil and the other half in almonds and rosemary.

Kevin said...

a 500m row is a 400m run equivalent.

Dorothy said...

I had a cheat meal on Saturday and had BBQ sauce. I did however manage to make it through a b-Day part without eating cake. (Made smoothies instead).

I feel like I have a better plan this week because I got some differnt things at the grocery store this week. I also made my own spaghettis sauce which is actually pretty damn good (and easy.

Always learning with this. By the end, I'll be a pro.

shoeless said...

Dorothy, thanks for posting that, I feel like I'm going through something similar. My nutrition plan is definitely a work in progress. The biggest mistake I make was eliminating a long list of foods without coming up with anything to replace them with.

Yesterday I cooked a whole bunch of stuff to bring to lunch for the week, and I've been experimenting with some new recipes, so I feel like I'm in a better position now too.

I've been feeling a lot better than I did since I first got on this plan, and even got a headache from drinking a cheat glass of chocolate milk recently, which I'm taking as a good sign an extra motivation to stay on track.

JZuck said...

This weekend was not too bad after an initial rough few days to start the challenge. I think I wasn't eating enough at the beginning because I was trying to tighten up an already pretty strict diet. I tried some great new recipes for the first time this weekend:

Paleo Morrocan Meatballs
Paleo Pot Roast
Sauteed Red Cabbage

If anyone wants the recipes, let me know.

Here is a link about cooking oils that may be helpful to some of you:


Kristin T. said...

Aimee - how many people are signed up for the Paleo Partay at Donkey's? ....just wanted to get an idea of how much food I should make!

FYI - I'm bringing some yummy portobello mushrooms and some paleo candy bars :)

Stephanie Vincent said...

Do they sell lard and tallow in the regular grocery store?? If so where at??

Todd said...

Annie Sandwich, is that on a pita or whole grain...is that paleo?

Chris P. said...

Annie Unwich?

Steph, if stores have lard or tallow, it will be by the refrigerated meat. I've seen it in Giant on 202, usually in plastic containers with spanish writing since "healthy america" would shudder at the thought of using pork/cow fat to cook with.

Charles said...

Do you ever use Coconut Oil? If so, when do you use it, when you pressure cook? Any specific meals it's better for? I only ask, cause I keep hearing about it, but it is pretty darned expensive.

Nikki said...

Charles - I use coconut oil for alot of things. I just go back and forth between olive oil and coconut oil. When I use it for my eggs they get a fun tropical flavor! I've also sauteed meat and veggies in it. It is pretty expensive but you dont need much, and since it's such a healthy oil to cook in I think it's worth it. I got a tub from whole foods a while back for $10 and it's lasted longer than I expected.

Christina - Paper Rock Scissors said...

I made it through Week 1, despite getting pretty sick on Thursday and thru the weekend. I ate way less than I should have, pretty much because I had zero appetite. I am alive though, and I didn't drink (unless you count the Robutussin).

Lindsey said...

I survived week one as a (non)parteyer! It was a lot harder than I thought it would be. I was craving nachos for most of last week and kept trying to buy variations of pizza at the grocery store without realizing it (luckily Chris was there to point all that out to me!). I think I really wanted that stuff because I knew I couldn't have it now. I was actually really surprised by how much crap was in my diet. I thought it would be easier to just get rid of alcohol and bar foods than it actually has been. I'm sticking with it though and trying to avoid bars like the plague. This is really the first time I've made an effort to not drink alcohol since I turned 21 and I'm feeling pretty good about it.

Charles said...

CC: That's awesome. I remember getting sick on week two. Week one I lost 4 pounds, and week two I subsided on cashews, dried apricots, and lemon/honey tea, with a liuttle bit of soup. It sucked, and I gained all the weight back. Week one is definitely the worst.

Charles said...

Lindsey: the key is to be able to go to a bar to see and band, or hang out with friends, or watch the game and not drink. It's a learned skill that I have quite some experience with. Club soda is often free, or at least free refills.

Lindsey said...

Thanks Charles! I'm meeting up with a friend on Wednesday - and it will probably end up being around happy hour time. I'll have to give that a try.

Dorothy said...

I'm afraid to ask....Is there sugar in a starbucks Cafe Latte?
I thought it was just espresso and milk. But when I read the description online it said sweet milk.

Someone at work told me there was no sugar in them, so I let her buy me one but now I am suspicious.

Stephanie Vincent said...

Coconut oil- is the main oil I cook with- the virgin oil tastes like coconut...great as a lotion!! But the regular is tasteless and perfect for sautéing. He walmart in trooper sells an inexpensive brand...if your not worried about organic.

Laura Pappas said...

To help with the Paleo Shopping, a perspective from Whole 9

@Lindsey - I agree, it is harder than you think to not drink when its something you normally do. You will find its easier as time goes on, but I second Charles point - try to figure out how you can incorporate this healthier choice into your life instead of just avoiding things for 30 days. You will find you can live without nachos and pizza (I hope!) and that going out and not drinking can be just as fun.

@Charles - coconut oil is great to cook with and is used in some of the Paleo Baking - like Plentus Pumpkin muffins. After learning that olive oil can go rancid while you're cooking with it I started leaning more towards coconut oil while cooking, it does add a slight coconut flavor to whatever your eating but I use it for eggs, veggies, whatever I would have used olive oil before where I'd prefer not to use grass-fed butter. You can get the 365 brand from Whole Foods that wasn't too pricy (as I last remember). I ordered my last batch online and got Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, 2 16 oz jars have lasted about 6 months.

@Dorothy - not sure on the starbucks latte, I'd ask the barista. My advice, don't trust anyone on it doesn't have any sugar in it...most people aren't aware of everwhere sugar hides and all the names its under

Peterson said...


Starbucks does use a "sugar free syrup" for skinny drinks per Dottie's Weight Loss Zone (sorry, my Mom did Weight Watchers's and used the site a lot. It's good for a really quick and dirty way to find the basic nutritional info for restaurant food).


Not sure if that's what's used in a Caffe Latte though..

Christina - Paper Rock Scissors said...

I would like to do this WOD tonight but I am already tired.

I may just "unwich" the Annie to at least get some WOD in.

JZuck said...

You can get refined or unrefined (virgin) coconut oil.
The unrefined usually has a much stronger coconut flavor.
The refined isn't quite as good for you, but still has most of the health benifits. If you buy refined look for one that is is "expeller pressed" (aka, refined more gently), as it retains more of the nutrients, most importantly Lauric Acid

Aimee Lyons said...

@ Kristin- I'd say about 15 are signed up as of now...

Chris P. said...

based off that picture, I'm going to start calling Olan "Donkey" now...

Charles said...

I ordered some coconut oil last night from Vitamin Shop through Amazon, and it came right away. I guess that I'll have some fun tonight cooking. Thanks guys.

Jason Lyons said...

if you think olan was bad, check out shoeless, he does a 36" box jump for every du