W.O.D. 1.19.11

Forward rollin rollin rollin...

Sara B gets up!

CrossFit Kids at heart

Jim B. straight leg Good Morning, JZ bent leg Good Morning

Good Morning
Work Heavy singles to get to your 1RM


Turkish Get up*

*try to utilize the barbell to complete the TGU's

Reverse Hyper
At 25% or 50% of you Back Squat 1RM depending on level and ability complete 3 sets of 20 reps on the Reverse Hyper.

Community Note:
We are in the process of creating a record/leader board on the side wall, please make sure your numbers on the BIG white walls are up to date. Thank you!

Click here to get the recipes from the 2nd Annual Paleo Party

"Beginning is easy; continuing is hard."
-Japanese proverb


karen largent said...

i just googled 'reverse hyper youtube' and AIMEE was the first vid hit i clicked on.

e-famous!! :)

Peterson said...

Good morning to you too blog. Oh wait...

Nikki said...

Hahaha we have a comic... thanks for the laugh Peterson

Nikki said...

6:00am results -
1RM Good Morning, 1RM TGU R/L (kb=kettlebell, db=dumbbell, bb=barbell)

Kara 90x5 (form), 26.5/18(kb)
Ellie 125, 30/20(db) + 25/25(bb)
Bekah 135, 30/20 (db)
Meghann 145, 35/35 (kb)
Mike S 105, 26.5/26.5 (kb)

Great work today! Special shout out to Ellie for trying (and rocking!) the barbell TGU.

Melanie said...

Is Rice Wine Vinegar acceptable/paleo approved or should this be substituted with a different type of vineagar? I noticed it in Ken's recipe. Thanks.

Chris P. said...

technically vinegar is on the no list, but most people, even strict, use some sort of vinegar at some point, either in recipes or balsamic on salads. Some has gluten in it though, so it's going to be up to you on how strict you want to be.


Jason Lyons said...

Can't get vinegar without creating alcohol first. A smell something fishy here

Stephanie Vincent said...

Could be mel's spicy fish taco!

Chris P. said...

5:30 and 6:30 Goooooood Morning reverse hyper turkish get up-pers!

Melinda 110/35kb
Flounder 155/45kb/15bb
Jackie 125/26.5kb
Tracey 83/10kb left/18kb right
Tim H. 135/35kb
Steph V. 170/35bb
Sarah J. 105/25kb
Melanie 105/35kb
Karin 83/18kb
Tim P. 155/85bb
Laura P. 100/35bb/45kb right
Lindsey 125/35kb/15bb
Ditty form/35kb
Jess C. 35 left/45 right
Sheng Ching 75/35kb
Jay E. 315/70kb
Julie form/10kb
Pooch 115/45 left/35 right
Conn 155/70kb
Cline 145/45kb
Charles form/45kb/25bb

Shout outs to Jess C. and Laura P. for the 45# TGUs, Julie for improvement on the TGU, and Jay E. for...well, let's just say he had a great morning

Aimee Lyons said...


Sarah/90/20 (R/L) DB
Dianne/90/20 (R/L) DB
Sharon 95/25 (R/L) KB

Aimee Lyons said...

4:30 CF Kids...

Shoeless 145/43 BB
Vinny 145/55BB
Brian R form/65 BB
Rob Ph 205/75 BB
Gabe 95/ 35 KB
Kevin 205/85 BB
Plentus form/65BB
Karen 125/18KB
CC 95/30BB
Ken 95/33 BB
Sara B 115/33BB
Jim B. 135/45 KB
JZ 145/65 BB

Cline said...

More things where we jump from box to box, please.

Also, if they can involve gold rings and rolling really fast down hills, that would be a bonus.