W.O.D. 1.17.11


Weight for the Thruster is 65#=Ladies, 95#=Men
Pull-up- Chin MUST be above the bar

Teams of 4 will complete the following:
200 Barbell Thrusters
200 Pull-ups

50 Thrusters for each person on the team
50 Pull-ups for each person on the team

Each individual must contribute to the total, but does not have to complete exactly 50 per person.

The team will hold the bar and a "human rack" will be created for each team mate to use.

The bar for the Thruster cannot touch the ground, if it does a penalty (of 50 Thrusters) will be assessed.

The weight for the team will be determined by a weight that everyone on the team is capable of and can complete full Range of Motion (ROM) with.

(compare to 3.20.10)

Fish Tacos

"Forget the past and live the present hour."
-Sarah Knowles Bolton

Rakia,Steve K 12:23 (100 reps)
Lindsey, Pat, Peterson, Chris T. 19:04 (55#)
(TLC) Ditty, Megs, Kristen SB, Dorothy 21:33 (53#)
(JZ & the Ladies) JZ, Karen, Jen N, Donkey 18:05 (45#)
(D-TOP) Danny, Plentus, Olan, Tim P. 13:19 (Rx)
(Masters) Jerry, Brian R, Rob Ph, Shawn 14:30 (95#)
(Cloud 9) WW, Ironman, Tim G., Seth 22:38 (95#)
Vinny, Vincent, Shoeless, Mike T. 19:06 (Rx)
Kathleen, Denise, Melinda, Melanie, Sara B, 24:09 (53#)
Borden, Conn, Rob, Paul F 16:03 (Rx)
Laura, Miranda, Sharon, Cline 20:21 (65#)
Rachel, Darlene, Brittany, Maura 20:50 (45/15#)



Melanie said...

Happy birthday Donkey!!!! Thank you for your constant inspiration and support at the Box!!

Stephanie Vincent said...

I looooove me some donkey!!!! Happy birthday to one of the coolest people I have ever met!!!!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Donkey! You inspire everyone around you to push harder and achieve more than they thought possible.

Dorothy said...

Happy birthday donk! I miss you when you go away for businees and I don't see you for a while. You might have a huge attitude, but you also have a huge heart. Thanks for being you. I hope you have a happy f'ing birthday.

Laura Pappas said...

Happy Birthday Donkey, its been great working out with you, love the passion and intesity that you have. Thanks for being the best roommate possible at the Games too! Go out and celebrate with some of that crazy music you love :)

Jason Lyons said...

dear donkey....you suck...that is all. :)

that is my way of saying happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Donkey! I'll never forget how much you helped me get through my first WOD, and told me it was okay that I was crying hysterically :) XOXO

~Sarah J.

JZuck said...

Happy Birthday Donkey!!

Gina Fab said...

Happy Birthday, Donkey!!! You are awesome and I love working out with you!!!

Kristen SB said...

Dear Donkey, you are truely the coolest person I know, I love working out and hanging out with you. You are a true friend...I love ya, man! Happy Birthday!!!

KDitty said...

Happy Happy Birthday! I hope it is a fabulous one!

Chris P. said...

Donkey, what a bad@$$! You raise the intensity of not only the WOD, but also the general atmosphere by making people excited about this stuff. I think you're the only person that won't get any complaints for doing birthday burpees tonight b/c you're so cool. Happy birthday!

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday donk! You rock.

Sam b

Peterson said...

Happy Birthday. Your yelling is always appreciated when I'm at the end of a WOD!

-Chris (and Lindsey says Happy Birthday too)

Ellie said...

Happy Birthday to one of the funniest (and most fun) people I know. You have a way of being so hardcore (with that no nonsense attitude), but also nurturing and caring. It's a delicate balance that not many people can pull off... wishing you a wonderful birthday!

Jerry said...

Happy Birthday Donkey!!!!!

and Caleb says "Tell Donkey the fire spinner happy birthday"!!!!

donkey said...

omg...you guys...you are going to make me experience a human emotion soon if you don't stop saying nice stuff! can we go back to telling me i suck now??!! (thanks J)

seriously...thank you *so* much for the happy wishes. i appreciate this community more than you can possibly imagine--you are a huge part of why crossfit is the awesome.


430 class...apologies in advance for the burpees :)

Anonymous said...

OK nutrition geeks i have a questions....

Should i be attempting to loosely zone along with my primal diet (ie eat a balance of protien/carbs/fat at meals) I am starting to feel hungry all the time. I am starting to be concerned that i am not eating enough...to support me. I am having a hard time getting out of the 3 meal a day mind set..but i cannot get enough whole foods into me that way...i think i really have to focus on 6 meals...and thinking a zone balance might be good.


Kristin T. said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DONKEY! It has been great getting to know you and I hope we hang out more! Have a great day!

Jason Lyons said...

i think of it as zaleo. zoning real foods. they talk about this at certs so i personally would try to zone the foods you eat and of course bump the fat up if you need more energy based on our lifestyles.

Kimberly L said...

Donkey, If : you suck" means AKA Your AWSOME!!!!" Then you suck, big time....Have a great day doing what ever puts a smile on your face.

TP said...

Happy Birthday Donkey and allllllll the burpees that came with it!

630 results

Rob Pl
Paul F......16:30


Rachel (45)
Darlene (45)
Brittany (15)
Maura (45)......20:50

shoeless said...

Donkey, you're one of the people who got me really excited about the KOP community when I was just starting and didn't know many people. I always remember the workout with push jerks where you finished early then came over and re-cleaned my bar to the rack after each set so I could bail it and not have to pick it up. You give so much to our community and all your friends, between the music playlists, reading our fortune cards, waking us for the eclipse at 2am, the list never ends! Happy birthday.

Anonymous said...

To my favorite classmate - Happy Birthday!

Brian R