W.O.D. 1.22.11

1 RM Bench Press


4 Rounds for time of:

10 Barbell Floor Press 95#/65#

20 Floor Windshield Wipers (R+L=1 rep)

Coaching Notes:
Floor press is a bench press without a bench. Elbows/Triceps touch the floor at the bottom position, then press out to full arm extension at the top. From there (when you complete 10 reps), hold that position while you sweep your feet, together, from one plate at the end of the barbell, to the other plate on the other side of the bar. Muscular endurance will be tested as the sets increase. Make sure elbows touch on the floor press and feet touch the weights during the windshield wipers.

"The reward of having a thing well done is to have done it."
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

Aim: 130 (7:54 Rx)
Mel: 105 (10:00 Rx)
Joe A: 275 (8:42 Rx)
Cindy: 87 (11:10 @ 35)
Laura: 85 (14:20 Rx)
Liz: 100 (11:20 @ 63)
Ben: 125 (12:49 @ 65)
Dave: 245 (13:10 Rx)
Mike F: 285 (7:54 Rx)
Jay E: 305 (7:07 DC)
Seth: 175 (14:37 Rx)
Tim P: 200 (6:02 Rx)
Shawn: 245 (7:05 Rx)
Sandy: 70 (9:40 @ 40)
Bekah: 85 (9:08 @ 45)
Dorothy: 120 (7:41 @ 63)
Jeff: 165 (5:47 @ 95)
Jeff Hi: 185 (6:21 Rx)
Ken: 125 (9:26 @ 65)
Nicole M: 55 (9:25 @ 30)
Jason: 215


Stephanie Vincent said...

:( so sad I had to miss floor wipers!

Danny said...

Ok, I am in a predicament...so far this paleo challenge has gone lovely. I am down 14lbs and have seen an increase in performance in certain met con wods. It has been awesome. I am on the partyer challenge and have even combined the no bread, no sugar, no grains etc...and have been 100% compliable.

Tomorrow is only the 5th time in Bears history they have been in the NFC Championship game. I believe Papa Bear would strike me dead knowing I was sipping on club soda and lime while watching my beloved Bears play the Packers.

Considering the circumstances, as well as integrating other optional requirements into my diet..is a "get out of jail free" card applicable for me to be able to have several "pops"? Or is there still a paleo friendly adult beverage I can enjoy without effecting my current 100% compliable status with the diet?

Jason Lyons said...


Unfortunately for you, there is no get out of jail free card. These are the hard choices that we always have to make. You need to think of what is more important. Do you want to prove to yourself that you can get 100% or do you want to enjoy a beer or two watching your team in the NFC championship game? With 100%, you have a chance for a free month, missing one day still gets you in the 90+% range. If you want a chance at the free month and you want to show will power, skip the alcohol...if you want to have a good time and enjoy your team, have the beer. Up to you. If you want to drink..or not, you are welcome to watch the game at our crib. I will be watching it.

Kristen SB said...

Hi Aimee,

I thought I posted to the blog that I was interested in the 215 Throwdown, but I did not get an email regarding teams. Maybe I missed something and did not officially sign up. Is it too late?


Nikki said...

Kristen - it's not too late! We're not sure yet exactly what the rules are going to be... we have slightly more than 10 men and 10 women signed up, but we are encouraging everyone to show up and we'll take it from there. Come to CFKOP at 1:30 on Saturday; the competition starts at 2 and goes until 7pm! We did have an email chain going; sorry we missed you! What's your email address?