The Evolution of Obesity?

The CrossFit KoP Primal Challenge is here!!

It begins on 1.4.11...following our kick off on 1.3.11 at 7:30PM. Read below for a few details to give you a taste of what the challenge will encompass and the different levels.

Novice Level: Are you a new to all this Primal and Paleo stuff? Where are you supposed? To start, we suggest with cutting Processed Sugar! The goal is to remove all processed sugars and sugar substitutes from your diet for the duration of the challenge. Remove all the cake, cookies, desserts, etc that got into your diet over the holidays. Cut the sodas (including diet sodas), the juice, other sugary drinks like Vitamin Water or Gatorade, and the sugar in your coffee or tea. Start reading labels, you'll see that sugar is added to almost everything packaged. Reduce your bread intake, which is also surprisingly high in sugars.

What is ok to still eat - natural sugars in fruit, dried fruit (check to make sure sugar isn't added), some honey, learn to identify and control your sugar cravings and try not to depend too much on multiple servings of fruit every day. Start to dial in your food and be more aware about what you eat will start you feeling better and will spark new gains at the gym too!

Bonus: cut beer and stick to wine or clear alcohols in moderation (e.g. NorCal Margarita, tequilia, lots of lime, and club soda)

Partyer: Are you the kind of person that is always partying? You go out during the week, have a few drinks, hang with your friends on the weekend and have a few, and drink every time a football game is on (Sat, Sun, Mon, and Thurs)? Want to try to cut alcohol out of your diet but need a reason, well here it is. At the Partyer level, cut all alcohol and sugary drinks for the duration of the challenge, along with all of the types of food that we tend to imbibe in while drinking: pizza, wings, nachos, chips, fries and fried food in general.
Take these things out of your diet and try to focus on removing other processed foods and sugars from your diet and you'll definitely notice a difference in how you feel, your sleep quality and your performance at the gym.

Bonus: Also do the Novice or Bread Lover level and dial in your food

The Bread-A-Holic or Bread-Lover: Are you a bread lover, a loaf-a-bread a week kind of person? For the duration of the challenge try to remove all grains from you diet, that means bread (wheat), noodles, rice, barley, couscous, and quinoa. Cut the bread and see what it does to your performance and how you can find substitutes for the things that you thought you couldn't live without: spaghetti squash or zucchini "noodles" instead of pasta, roll-ups or un-whiches instead of sandwiches, delicious homemade chicken soup chock full of chicken and veggies, etc. Cutting bread will improve your performance at the gym and how you feel all the time. You'd be surprised at the other things that may go away too, headaches, allergies, stuffiness.

Bonus: try to go gluten-free, read labels and see whats in the food you're eating, and try to cut out beer (with gluten) for the duration of the challenge

Paleo perfectionist: Is your diet already fairly dialed in, you've done a challenge before and already experiment with your food. Take this challenge as on opportunity to go super strict, and really dial everything in, go no grains, legumes, dairy, processed sugar, and alcohol. Take the time to really focus on starting this year out right and really treating your body with respect and seeing how you look, feel, and perform at the gym & how your sleep improves.

Bonus: Limit fruit, dried fruits, nuts, liquid calories - try to just eat real food verses a protein shake, experiment with some intermittent fasting (if you don't know what this is, its not for you to try yet)

Points system:
1 point a day for food compliance (based on which level you choose)
1 point per week for getting sleep (at least 8 hours for three nights a week)
1 point per week for CrossFit Workouts (3 Days a week and 1 rest day for full credit) (You can have a functional Workout count as well)

Rewards for compliance:
80% compliance = 1 Semi-private session with a CFKoP coach
90% compliance = 1 Semi-private session and a FREE T-shirt
100% compliance = 1 Free month at CFKoP *

*(If there is more than one winner in each category (Novice, Partyer, Bread-lover and Paleo-perfectionist, there will be a drawing for the GRAND PRIZE winner)

The Kick Off:
We will discuss all of the above levels and nutrition (including Zone, Paleo, Primal and the 80/20% rule) at our kick off meeting on Monday, January 3rd at 7:30PM, come prepared with questions and comments.

The Challenge will be backed up by events to support you along the way click here to read about the events we have lined up.

A CrossFit KoP Coach can take your body measurements and fat caliper test pre and post challenge if you are interested inquire at the box.

Helpful information:
Laura has helped us pull together some helpful websites and reference material. Click here to get the information first hand. Click here for the Food Matrix.


karen largent said...

can we still compete if we can't make the kickoff tonight?

Aimee Lyons said...

yes absolutely