CrossFit KoP 2010 Affiliate Team

Ladies and Gentlemen...It's that time of year again - that means it is time to prep for the Games ...Let's get excited!

CrossFit Headquarters has announced some initial plans for this years 2011 CrossFit Games, click here to read more about the road to the 2011 Games. From what we understand, it looks like anyone interested in either the Affiliate Team or Individual competition will have to compete individually. It looks as if the lowest scores from individual competitors will automatically constitute the members of the Affiliate Team. This is all speculation as the rules were not clearly written out yet. The open sectionals will occur from March-April with the Regionals concluding in May. Also, new this year, Masters are going to have four age divisions (45-50, 50-55, 55-60, 60+) and will also compete in the Opens so if you are interested, now is your time to shine!

All the Logistics aside, here comes the FUN- Who's in?? CrossFit KoP will provide additional training for those who are going to compete. Last year we had a blast training for Sectionals and Regionals and we are anticipating even more this year! If you are interested please post to comments or join us between 5-6PM at the open gym on Thursday of this week to set out a training plan/schedule.

On a related note, we have the 215 Throw-down coming up soon (January 29/30) and the team is not yet full. We will need one more lady and 5 more men. Also, it would not hurt to have some alternates just in case something comes up for people on the team. This is a perfect time to prep for the upcoming competition or just have a blast while meeting new people. Remember that CrossFit is supposed to be fun so treat this competition as exactly that, never be intimidated. If you are interested in filling out the team, please post to comments.



Melinda said...

I'm in for the 215 competition - not sure if you had me down or not. I'm in for both days.


Mike F said...

I'm in for the 215 competition

Jason Lyons said...

Here is who we have for 215

Jen N
Steph V
Kim G

Sam B
Mike F

Jeff said...

In for the Masters, and happy to put these "old" bones in for the 215 competition if needed. Psyched to see what the Masters will bring this year!!!

donkey said...

i'm in for the additional affiliate team training. not yet sure i am in for the competition.

if i weren't traveling i'd be so down for the 215--people, do it!

Anonymous said...

I am down for the competition and I know Laura P is too.

Tim P said...


Laura Pappas said...

I'm also in for the additional training, read the games info, it is a bit confusing. I have committed to babysitting Thursday so I won't be at the meeting though.

Melanie said...

Count me in for the 215 Throwdown. Sounds fun.

Jason Lyons said...

the 2007 games determined the affiliate cup winner by seeing what box had the highest placing athletes, there were no team events. for instance, if aimee, cate, and grans finished 5,10,15 and people from another box finished 6,11,16...aimee and company would have won the affiliate cup.

it seems to qualify for regionals where there will be team events, the individuals need to compete to rank which affiliates are highest and get the invite. so, this is good because only the best affiliates will be at regionals...this is bad because it may be possible for elite athletes to qualify their affiliate despite having no intention to compete on the team. i dont know if they addressed this. for instance, lets pretend that speal, mikko, and orlando all go to crossfit G and so they are all likely going to qualify individually but it may make it so that crossfit G qualifies even though Moe, Larry and Curly will be competing in regionals. that does not seem fair to those teams that actually qualify themselves. so, we will see how they address that.

that being said, if you want to be on the affiliate team, you need to compete as an individual in the open sectionals. good luck to all doing it.