W.O.D. 1.24.11

Math may not be the subject of choice for our young lifters, but they sure do work hard trying to perfect the deadlift!


This means a set of 3 reps, a set of 2 reps, another set of 2, a "set of one" aka a "single." This few reps indicates maximal load, and indicates longer rest times.

Happy Birthday to Katie and Sandy!

"Nothing arouses ambition so much as the trumpet clang of another's fame."
-Baltasar Gracian

Kimberly 235 (pr)
Dianne 200 (pr)
Kara 205 (pr)
Chris 185
Karin 180 (pr)
Brie 180 (pr)
Ben 235 (pr)
WW 325(pr)
CC 175
Kathleen 165
Jim C. 395
Rob Ph 395 (pr)
Nikki 245 (hybrid recovery)
Jackie 215 (pr)
Karen 200
Tim H 335
Pat 255 (pr)
Gabe 250 (pr)
Jen N 190
Granny 230
Miranda 275
Conn 365 (PR)
Cline 305 (PR)
Bordon 365 (PR)
Kristin T 210
Charles 245 (PR)
Melinda 290
Sam B 315
Sharon 255
Rob Pl Form
Pooch 265
Mike S 230
Paul F 265
Darlene 183
Brittany 83
Denise 185 (PR)
JZ 305
Ditty 202.5 (PR)
Jeff Hi 285
Tim G 295
Jerry 385 (PR)
Olan 365 (PR)
Seth 275
Peterson 385
Kim G 195
Flounder 335 (PR)
Vinny 405 (PR)
Melanie 215


Cate said...

I just got home from dinner at Theresa's in Wayne. They will make any of their pasta dishes with spaghetti squash. It was soooo good that I just had to share the news!!! :-)

KDitty said...

That is so cool...thanks for sharing!!

Nikki said...

Thanks Cate, that's great to know! We should get a group together for dinner there sometime :)

Melanie said...

Theresa's is great!!! I'd love to get a group to go there some time.

Happy birthday Katie and Sandy!!!

Chris P. said...

So I have to know, Danny, did you have a drink??

Katie and Sandy, happy birthday!!!

Aimee Lyons said...

I can vouch for Danny, he did not!!! He showed great restraint, even with the bears loss!

Jeff said...

Happy Birthday Katie and Sandy! Hope you both have great days!

Aimee Lyons said...

A sad good by to the godfather of fitness Jack LaLanne...at 96!

80 + years of work getting people in shape and teaching the ills of SUGAR!


And Donkey representing at CrossFit Central London!


stephanie vincent said...

Hey all- So far I have the following people in for the metro dash on April 30th: Charles, maura, karen, miranda, cheri, gina, mike f, ken, cline, vincentvincent and myself.


People def will be able to register later, but if you want to guarentee you are in the heat with the KOP crew..let me know soon! stephanie@radicalhateloss.com

Peterson said...

Should you be hitting your max on that first set of 1?

Also wondering what % you should be using on the 3/2 rep sets. I'm sure this will be gone over in class, but I'm just anxious... :)

Jason Lyons said...


i dont know if there is a science to it but i would be pulling near max on my first single. deads can be dangerous so a lot depends on how you are feeling. some days you have it and some days you dont. my set of three would be about 70 percent of my one rep max. From here, my set's of two would be 75 and 85% and from there I would probably jump 90-95% depending on how I felt. I would try to pull a PR on second to last one and see what happened with the last one. Obviously before putting on 70% for your 3, you need to significantly warm up with lighter weights but I would start counting there.

Anonymous said...

So sad about Jack LaLanne! What a wonderful life! He is quoted in that newsclip saying that inactivity is the biggest killer. As I watch my parents age, I couldn't agree more...Farewell,Jack!

Todd said...

Steph - I have the Broad Street Run on 5/1, so will be unable to do the Metro. Is anyone doing the Brandywine Mud Run this year?

Dana said...

I miss you guyzzz!!!! I'll be back soon... been traveling for the last two weeks... booooo

Cate said...

9:30 results:

Kimberly 235 (pr)
Dianne 200 (pr)
Kara 205 (pr)
Chris 185
Karin 180 (pr)
Brie 180 (pr)

Way to go ladies!!!!!! Great job. It's so much fun to see you all getting so strong! Woot Woot! That was awesome.

Jason Lyons said...

happy b-day katie (dont know which one) and sandy.

information on sectionals was posted but not much. they said it starts march 15th and will last SIX weeks. a new workout will be posted every tuesday and you have until sunday to get it validated at an affiliate or uploaded to a website. this seems interesting. it is asking a lot of affiliates to be available to anyone that wants to do a workout in my humble opinion

steph v said...

read this:
then watch this:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fusyvOQKyQ&feature=player_embedded#!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes! You won't see me tonight so there shall be no birthday burpees. I'm actually a lot older than people think I am, so it would be cruel of me to do that to you all ;]


Tim H said...

Whatever happened to Dr. Jeff's mobility class? That was a great class.


Aimee Lyons said...

Solid deadlift work at the 4:30 class! A good amount of PR's and solid work on form and perfecting the lift!

A special shout to WW, Brian, Gabe and Ben who did the extra credit work at the end of class :)

TP said...

630pm Class!

Jen N 190
Granny 230
Miranda 275
Conn 365 PR
Cline 305 PR
Bordon 365 PR
Kristin T 210
Charles 245 PR
Melinda 290
Sam B 315
Sharon 255
Rob Pl Form
Pooch 265
Mike S 230
Paul F 265

Miranda said...

Happy Birthday Katie & Sandy!!!!!!

Jason Lyons said...

Guys, just a reminder after looking at the pictures to have your neck/head in a nice neutral position. There is nothing high on the wall in front of you...promise.