W.O.D. 2.1.11

Conditioning at CFKoP

Denise & JZ Snatch Balance

Sandy joins the Ass to Ankles club

Snatch Balance

With 60% of your 2RM Snatch Balance complete the following for time:
50 KB Swings
10 Snatch Balance
40 KB Swings
8 Snatch Balance
30 KB Swings
6 Snatch Balance
20 KB Swings
4 Snatch Balance
10 KB Swings
2 Snatch Balance

Guidelines, rules, and principles to live by are just words – unless you actually live by them. To be the trusted and respected leader whom others will want to follow, you must…practice what you preach.
-Eric Harvey

Roger: 45 (14:43)
Liz: 45 (14:23)
Melinda: 58 (16:03)
Sandy: 58 (14:35)
Dana: 53 (15:48)
Miranda: 85 (16:11)
Vincent: 55 (14:48)
Plentus: 95 (12:56)
JZ: 100 (16:28)
Denise: 50 (14:04)
Katie F: 50 (15:53)
Jessica S: 43 (12:01)
Aim: 93 (9:04)
Jason L: 155
Shoeless: 105 (18:14)
Melanie: 63 (14:47)
Olan: 95 (15:07)
Kevin: 95 (15:14)
Mike F: 115 (13:04)
Kathleen: 43 (13:08)
Danny: 135 (13:47)
Megs: 53 (10:40)
Kristen SB: ? (16:47)
Jeff Hi: 115 (16:30)
Nik: 93
WW: ? (14:48)
Dave: ? (21:50)
Sarah S: form
Chris T: 35
Kara: 35
Ditty: 53 (14:48)
Donkey: 65 (13:26)
Jerry: 65 (17:16 ROM)
Peterson: 95 (17:38)
Rob P: 95 (14:31)


Melanie said...

Hey all, I was reading Jason's post after FGB and I have to say that I couldn't agree with him more. Continue to hold yourselves to the highest standard and remember what it really means to RX. I learned this lesson big time last Saturday and I appreciate even more now what this means and how our coaches hold us to this. Stay true to your form and all aspects of the move, not just the weight. Don't count those attempts, only count the real thing. It will only help you to improve more.

Jason Lyons said...

Amen Mel!

A coaches note on this workout. I would not treat this as a strength WOD. Snatch balances are a SKILL used to improve your level of comfort under a loaded bar and also quickly getting into the hole. Do not add weight just to add weight. As your snatch balance goes up, so too will your snatch but don't do two and then add weight and do two and add weight. I would experiment a little bit and find a weight that is challenging for you but doable and then do repeated sets AT THIS WEIGHT so that you get comfortable with that specific weight above your head. Take note of this weight and the next time we do these, add a couple pounds and get comfortable with that weight. Make sense? Questions, just ask.

Meighan said...

Mel - when I was doing FGB last night I thought of you. We know I have the fear of the box. In round 1 - i got no rx jump, in round 2 I got 7 stepups and 8 jump, round 3 I kicked ass and got 20 rx jumps.

My score for FGB did NOT count any step ups. Only the real rx jumps.

Character cannot be shown in a score but in heart.

Dorothy said...

I will never forget the day that I thought I had Rx'd my first workout. I was like "RX baby! Hell yeah". Jason, who was not coaching by the way, walks up to me quietly and says "technically you were jerking it, not push pressing" and then he walks away.

My heart sank with sadness and tears welled up in my eyes. Alas, I would have to wait another day for my first rx.

But that's why I love you Jason. You keep me honest, even if it hurts my feelings. That's what true friends are. They call you out when you need it rather than letting you pretend that you are "all that".

(This story may have been exaggerated slightly to make it more interesting)

steph v. said...

my 2 cents.

Some of the standards are hard to tell on your own self. I have seen a lot of box jumps in the last week that I would not have counted as a judge but i am sure those box jumpers couldn't tell. same goes for depth in the squat. I now know what below parallel feels like (no more butt ball) but when i start to get tired i can't gauge it as well.

We are challanged to hold ourselves to the standard, and apply the RX if we think it is valid (on the majority of days when we don't have counters) I think there are times when folks are really thinking they rxed it and then the coaches give them a DC. Its not that they don't want to be in integerity they truly don't realize it.

I don't know what the solutions is other than an effort to communicate why the DC to that person after class or on the blog. And for crossfitters to not take the DC personally...its about getting better...like i said you can't see yourself....your coach or counter can.

Jason Lyons said...

it is important to realize that i say these things only so that progress can be tracked. if your standards are always changing, how will you ever know progress?

for instance, i do fgb and score 250 but literally 3 of my 50 wall balls legitimately get above the 10 foot line. next time i do fgb, i score a 230 but ALL of my reps are above the 10 foot line. although it looks like i regressed, i became a LOT better. with all of the workouts that we do, it is impossible for you to remember that you did 50 wall balls and 9 touched the 10 foot line, 27 barely got to it and the 14 just cleared the 9.

you can hear when i coach that i say things like, clear that line, or get that depth...usually it is corrected for 1 few reps but once you get tired, it typically goes right back to partial rom. so, if you hear me say that twice to you over a few minutes, it is very likely that few, if any of the reps would count for a strict Rx.

here is the kicker, what does it matter? it doesn't, getting a 250 fgb with partial rom is still a GRUELLING workout. you still did awesome and you should still be very proud of your effort. if you were dying at the end, you performed fgb. be proud. be hungry for the next time when you either get closer to or get the elusive rx.

i don't buy the argument that we don't know that we are doing it. you know when you lock out above your head, you know when you jerk something because it is too heavy, we can clearly see a ball not crossing a line. if you have a counter, they are typically counting out loud, no rep yourself. say no. it sucks, i know. there is nothing worse than doing work that does not technically count towards your score. use that as motivation. feed off of it.


i have been doing this for 2.5 years and there are still wods that i scale. it gives us something to strive for. if you cut reps, dont have full rom, or don't use the proper weight, it is a scale or DC....it is NOT failure.

trust me, it will make the times you get it that much more rewarding.

Jeff said...

9:30 AM results (snatch balance reps/ conditioning wts):

Kara 35# / 15 #SB/35/26.5 KB
Chris T 35# / 15#/35/26.5 KB
Sarah S. 15# (form)/ 15#/ 26.5/18 KB

Great work everyone!

Todd said...

FGB: me-DC-squat depth? and full extention on press

Laura Pappas said...

For FGB I am not sure on my wallball squat depth since its something that lately has been brought to my attention that I don't always go low enough - I was thinking about it and trying, and I know my first set was solid - its sets 2 and 3 that I'm not sure of. I do know that the ball went over the line - I love 8ft wallballs!

Anonymous said...

im going to defer to the butt ball for wall balls for awhile..after checking in with aimee not all of my reps would have counted on the wall balls because of squat depth.

I agree with jason for most movements you can tell if you are getting full ROM. But squat depth is tricky. especially after you are fully capapble of achieving full depth everytime. I honestly cannot tell especially when i am moving at full intensity...and even when going slow on a strength day. I need feedback from counter and coaches and perhaps a butt ball for this.

however the infamous wall squats will be helping to elimainate this problem! Day 32.

Dorothy said...

I always ensure that I am reaching proper squatting depth, because I go all the way down. Nikki and I are in the Ass to Ankles club. Anyone else want in?

Meighan said...

Dorothy is there a secret handshake?

Stephanie Vincent said...

If there is a secret handshake I def don't know it! My ass and ankles haven't met...I have been trying to introduce them...so far they're not willing to meet!

Chris P. said...

6:30 dancers (let's just say at one point the music made them break out in a saucy tango)

Ditty 53/14:48
Jerry 65/17:16 (ROM)
Donkey 65/13:26
Peterson 95/17:48
Rob P. 95/14:31

Miranda said...

I have to agree with Laura, on my 2nd and 3rd round I am not sure if I had the right depth in my squat. I may have not gone below parellel in a squat, but I am not sure.
Dorothy - I tried that club, but my knees were not happy with me...