W.O.D. 1.23.11

For time complete:

12 Reps, Snatch (75/115)
24 Pistols (one legged squats, (12R/12L)
9 Reps, Snatch
18 Pistols (one legged squats, (9R/9L)
6 Reps, Snatch
12 Pistols (one legged squats, (6R/6L)
3 Reps, Snatch

Coaching Notes:
The snatch will be full squat. The prescribed weight is 75 for ladies and 115 for men, if this weight is more than 75% of your 1RM you should consider scaling the weight and put the emphasis on full Range of Motion and form.

"When you are following your energy and doing what you want all the time, the distinction between work and play dissolves."
-Shakti Gawain


P. lentus said...

I'm so confuzzled...power or full, power or full...

Aimee Lyons said...

Full...must have had a momentary lapse P.

Jeff said...

Results for Sunday snatchers (weight on bar/box used for pistols):

JB 9:21 (45#/21in)
Jess S 12:01 (45#/17in)
Ellie (35#/13in)
Rachael (45#/13in)
Meghann 10:10 (65#/13in)
Joe G 11:19 (15#/21in)
Todd 11:32 (85#/17in)
Dianne 14:02 (35#/21in)
Steph V 8:44 (75#/21in)
Laura 8:16 (65#/Rx pistols)
Jess C 13:45 (45#/17in)
Cline 13:20 (65#/21IN)
Plentus - ouchie
Kristen SB 16:27 (53#/17in)
Ditty 16:28 (53#/17in)

Nice work everyone, I saw a lot of good depth on the squats in the snatches. A good start for a beautiful Sunday!