Kara, Chris T. and Donkey the Ladies in Purple!
(huge congrats to Kara and Chris with their first Rx'd WOD)

W.O.D. 1.6.11

150 Wallball Shots for time
Ladies-14# to a 8ft target
Men-20# to a 10ft target

Essentials for a Healthier You by Steph V.

Community Reminders:
Tonight is the first Thursday of the month, so there will be an open gym and barbell strength at 5PM. Also, if you plan on competing in Open Sectionals please come by and we will discuss our training plan or email crossfitkop@gmail.com.

CF Kids class is at 3:45PM

CrossFit APEX is hosing the Disposable Heroes WOD on February 5th:
Click here for details and post to comments if you are interested so we can give them a headcount.


"Instead of thinking about where you are, think about where you want to be. It takes twenty years of hard work to become an overnight success."
-Diana Rankin

Ellie: 11:57 (Welcome Back)
Jay E: 9:57
Kristin T: 9:14
Tim G: 13:59
Joe A 13:18
Olan 12:58
Kara 11:48 (first Rx)
Chris T. 12:26 (first Rx)
Jeff 10:55
Cate 9:03 (to 9ft)
Donkey 12:38 (to 9ft)
Jason 11:57

Pat: 13:30 (height)
Brie: 9:16 (depth/height)
Kim G: 13:24 (depth)
WW 13:39 (depth to 13" box)
Charles 22:11 (depth/height)

Dianne 9:31 (100 reps w 10#)
Sharon 14:01 (50 reps @ 14# 100 reps @12#)


Kathleen said...

Day 2 of the fitness challenge the hardest so far. Had a headache and was grumpy most of the day. I miss my dessert. Off to a better start on day 3 :-)

Mike S said...

Question for the primal challenge: in the "bread lovers" part of the challenge, are steel-cut oats and/or old fashioned oats okay or not okay? I know that they are okay for a Zone approach. Not sure where they stand for purposes of the "bread lovers" part of the CrossFit KOP challenge. -Mike S.

Melanie said...

I am working on push jerks tonight at open gym if anyone feels like working in with me. I have missed a lot of the recent shoulder strength days so this is my plan.

Jen S. said...

I would like to do the APEX thing - but I'm not sure if I will have class that day yet.

Jason Lyons said...


You need to discover fudge babies. Get a recipe off of Aimee or Jen S.

Dorothy said...

I think I am feeling better with no sugar. Today I drank my coffee without sugar and didn't feel like I was drinking pond water.

Chris P. said...

Mike S., that's a no go on the oats. You can theoretically "Zone" anything: beer, pizza, cheetohs since the Zone is about proportions of protein/fat/carb and not about the quality (although Dr. Sears encourages good quality)

Hang in everybody, the headaches will go away and if you haven't already noticed changes in body composition (how you look) you certainly will in a week or two. Did you take a picture of yourself in a bathing suit (front, back, profile)? Are you getting adequate sleep (7-9 hours)? If you are still feeling sluggish, either pile on the veggies or increase your fat intake (avocados, macadamia nuts, coconut oil, etc)

Danny said...

I found this on the corssfit football page, I thought whey protein and milk were a no no?

Chris P. said...

a good but thorny point and it all goes back to your goals. Are whey protein and dairy considered paleo? no. Are they extremely effective for building mass? yes. That's why babies drink milk. Unfortunately for many of us adults, we can't process milk the same way as babies. That's why it's not recommended for paleo or health/longevity. However, if you're #1 goal is to gain 20lbs. (not necessarily all muscle) then your quickest shortcut is whey and dairy. You can do this on a longer timeline approach by simply eating MORE protein, veggies, etc. but for football guys looking to gain mass quickly, dairy is the way to go. I would not recommend dairy/whey for anyone looking to lean out.

Jason Lyons said...

Anyone play words with friends?

Scrabble King

the capitals are important

Aimee Lyons said...

Danny- I will echo Plentus (spot on) (it's all about your goals) and dive a little deeper into dairy and why it's not recommended:

A. Dairy provokes an inflammatory response in the gut, which can adversely effect how you digest and absorb not just dairy products, but all your food

B. Dairy (particularly milk) spikes insulin levels.

C. Dairy (specifically, cheeses), like grains and processed foods, have an acidifying effect on the body. A net acid-producing diet promotes bone de-mineralization (i.e. osteopenia and osteoporosis), and also contributes to the following maladies and illnesses: kidney stones, age-related muscle wasting, hypertension, stroke and asthma. By replacing cheeses, cereal grains, and processed foods with plenty of green vegetables and fruits, the body comes back into acid/base balance (and a more positive calcium balance). Recent research out of Tufts University has shown that a more alkaline diet preserves muscle mass.

for more info on this topic see

Christine said...

Feeling pretty good on day 3 of no sugar, though I'm finding that my cravings are strongest in late afternoon/early evening.

Christina Carnevale said...

Day 3: I am exhausted. I think because I am sick though so that might have something to do with it. Also, I am not hungry AT ALL, which is weird, same for yesterday, so I am forcing myself to eat at least breakfast (which I did just at about 10 minutes ago).

Also, I made the paleo ketchup - I can do without it. I am just going to make a vat of my "gravy" (which already is paleo - peeled tomatoes - these are sugar free, garlic, onion, olive oil) and use that instead on everything I eat with ketchup/spaghetti sauce.

Christina Carnevale said...

Also, is the open gym till 6 or till 7?

Danny said...

Thank you Aimee and Plentus!

Tonight, I plan on tackling "Kalsu" which is 100 thrusters with 135lbs, with 5 burpees at the top of every minute. For women it is 95lbs.....who is with me???


shoeless said...

Hey folks, I've been having a really rough time with my breadaholic diet, but I'm hanging in there. Last night I woke up with some serious stomach pains, and couldn't get back to sleep for a few hours. (I also had some really weird dreams - anybody else?)

Anyway, after reading Plentus' post this morning, I realized I probably need some more vegetables. So I did some research, and came across all kinds of conflicting information about what is better to cook and what is better to eat raw.

So, here is my question: Can someone recommend to me some good vegetables to eat raw (more convenient) besides carrots and lettuce?

@Danny, that looks like an awesome wod. I was planning on trying Karen tonight if anyone wants to do that with me.

Melanie said...

Kathleen, you should try the paleo cookies too. They are awesome!!!!!! I added a few dried blueberries to my batter for just a touch of sweetness to counter the bitterness of the cocoa. I highly recommend them:

Going to try next time by adding some crushed nuts too.
Compliments of JZ and Laura

Kathleen said...

Shoeless I'm planning on doing Karen tonight too. My shoulders still sore from Mon/Tues night WOD's. Not sure what time I will be there though.

As for sleep it was weird for me the first night (think I was stressed about the challenge) but it's getting better. Last night I couldn't wait to go to bed so I didn't have to think about how badly I wanted dessert anymore. Need to get that fudge babies recipe :-)

Overall day 3 better than day 2 for me.

Kathleen said...

Thanks for the cookie tip Mel!

Donkey said...

Fudge Babies Recipe: http://crossfitkopnutrition.blogspot.com/2010/01/fudge-babies-okay-youve-gone-paleo.html

I like to roll them in coconut.

Also, check the recipes that Aimee posted a few days ago...I think Paleo Bars are in there--delicious!

Jason Lyons said...

Shoeless, try

broccoli (I hate it raw though)
tomato (love um)

Kim g said...

Shoeless, regarding raw veg, think of stuff you would put on a salad, peppers, cucumbers, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, etc. All those are good raw. Good staple are carrots and celery.

Totally forot about open gym. What time is it till?

I'm finding I want sweets after lunch. My office is always filled with chocolate and cookies and crap. I'm not like smacking my hand as I grab a cookie but need some suggestions to 1. Curb the cravings or 2. Have a paleo defense. Help!!!

Kim G 

Mike S said...

Shoeless, for raw veggies you may want to try red bell peppers sliced up. You can also do green, orange and/or yellow, but I think red are the best. -Mike S.

Aimee Lyons said...

Open gym will run until about 6, if you run over a little towards 6:30 it's okay.

Aimee Lyons said...

Jen S.- I might be down for the APEX thing :) Anyone else?

Shoeless- I like carrots, celery, tomatoes & red peppers raw...there are a lot of publications out there on RAW/Cooked - but bottom line eat your veggies weather or not raw or cooked!

Challenge notes for me see:

to sum it up, I'm STARVING! By taking away dairy I have reduced my caloric intake...I'm not getting enough calories for a nursing mom who is working out, coaching throughout the day and getting minimal sleep... I never had these issues when going strict the first time around.

Any ideas? P? Laura? Nikki? have you read anything in your studies?

Charles said...

We can't make open gym until 7 again? 5 to 6 is kind of early for people with a commute.

Anonymous said...

Aimee....i know im not the nutrition expert....but my intuition (my expertise) is screaming....EAT THE DAIRY. Seriously tho...don't follow my intuition but DO listen to yours ....your body, it knows what it needs...follow its lead! :-)

Breastfeeding (especially an infant)makes you HUNGRY no matter what you eat (but you know that already!!)

Aimee Lyons said...

Steph- thx

Charles- sure

MelindaK said...

I'm thinking that I would be down for the Apex WOD too.

Peterson said...

I added you to words with friends Jason.

my name is FoghatIsAmazing

Ellie said...

Dear Crossfit KOP-
Thanks for the butt kicking this morning.. I needed it.

See you tomorrow...


PS - I am tentative on the APEX thing... with it being year end, I pretty much don't plan on doing anything (except working) until at least mid-February...

Chris P. said...

Aim, either go with the dairy or (and this can go for everyone) eat more starchy carbs such as sweet potatoes and squash, plus fats like avocado and nuts/oils. In addition, I know that RED MEAT makes me feel awesome in terms of picking up my lethargic butt. The week before the marathon I had a steak everyday and it was great. The red meat provides more calories per ounce plus saturated fat that your body needs.

Chris P. said...

Aim I just looked at your blog (btw, low key unveiling, eh?) and you are definitely not eating enough. Especially in the fat department. Those turkey wraps (turkey wrap vs. ground turkey wrap? ha) and any chicken you eat has no fat, which you already know. I think more animal fat would do you good, even compared to the usual nuts, avocado, etc. Steak, ground beef, pork shoulder...yum

Charles said...

I know that I should look for grass fed beef and (my favorite) Bison, and pastured or free range pultry, but what should you look for in Pork that you can get at a place like Wegmans. Me thinks that I have to join my local coop with all the other yuppy hippies.

Danny said...

I will conquer Kalsu before long!!! Two motivations: I am disappointed with my performance and I extremely dislike the Oklahoma Sooners (Kalsu was a Sooner). It is on

Aimee Lyons said...

P-Thx. I did have some guacamole on those lettuce wraps! Oh and regarding the blog, I never really finished all the posts I wanted to before Chloe's arrival, so I never did an "official" unveiling.

Danny- Maybe we can attack Kalsu again in a month or so...

Laura Pappas said...

Wow lots going on today, great discussion too. I agree with all the great advice from Plentus about dairy and oats and Aimee needing to eat more too. Great to share your the areas you need help, especially in the beginning you could try some Paleo Treats to get you through. Another quick idea that I like is heating up some frozen blueberries and draining the liquid and then adding some almond butter and unsweetened coconut, heating again (microwave is fine) mixing and eating. It's delicious.

For bread-lovers your goal should be to cut all grains, to really see the full effects of letting your body heal from the gut irritation that grains cause.

Shoeless another few ideas are zucchini and yell squash, you can have them raw, or try something more exotic like jimica. You can cook some veggies in bulk and then portion them into servings like sweet potatoes or squash.

I'm trying to limit my fruit and cut nuts, the first 2 days were fine but yesterday and today have left me starving all day. Still working in finding the balance without those foods in my repetorie.

Dorothy awesome that you're starting to enjoy coffee black

Laura Pappas said...

Oh and how are people doing on sleep? Anyone try to black out their room? It makes a huge difference in sleep quality.

karen largent said...

@charles: i have an 'in' if you want local, grassfed beef, poultry, etc. i get a weekly email with what you can order. i can pick up or you can. let me know if you're interested :)

donkey said...

PS: Charles may not have gotten to full depth on his squats tonight, but he most certainly got all 150 to 10', because i didn't count any that didn't :)

Charles said...

I got a DC? Really?

Jason Lyons said...

Obviously is was me that put dc there. I was not counting like Donkey so I don't know how many you did but a lot of the ones I saw were not below parallel. Donkey said she didn't count the ones that weren't high enough but I don't know about the ones that weren't low enough. Not a biggie, something to strive for next time. Just to make you better, I would recommend a ball/height that you can finish this sub 15.

Charles said...

Yeah, I was definitely pushing it with the 20# ball. I figured that I might as well try RX, cause it's probably one of the only workouts where I have a chance at it. Thanks for keeping my honest. :P

Nikki said...

Aimee - sorry I was late seeing this string of posts. I checked out your blog and I agree with P and Laura that you need to up your caloric intake! It's hard to tell exact quantity of what you ate, but in general that looks like like the amount of food i might eat in a day, and you need to account for the breastfeeding.

When you ate the 2 eggs, did you cook them in a good amount of olive or coconut oil? If not, you should be! I'd recommend adding more red meat, cooking in ample amounts of oil, eat an avocado a day. Maybe you could replace that afternoon lara bar with an avocado and a hardboiled egg instead. It would cause much less of an insulin spike and I bet you'd feel fuller.

If you up your intake and still feel like you need milk, I say drink it. You can get grass fed whole milk at Whole Foods. It's still dairy but getting it grass fed I feel like it's a little better for my body.

Chris P. said...

dang, what is the record # of comments? this one has to compete if not take the prize

Charles, I've been torn on pork since pigs are omnivores and can handle non-grass items better than cows. However, my intuition is that they shouldn't be slamming down a ton of corn, so yes, if you can find a local source of pork, that's great but I wouldn't stay up at night worrying about it.

Charles said...

Aimee: Where is this blog?

Plentus: That's what I thought. I mean I don't eat that much pork anyway. Pretty much bacon on the weekends and maybe breakfast for dinner during the week.

People would say that bacon is bad because of saturated fat, but I'm more worried about omega 6's. Granted, a big old hunk of palmetic acid is not a good thing, I think that I will just keep it in my moderation category and not worry about it.

Aimee Lyons said...

@ Charles - http://crossfitkoppregnancy.blogspot.com/

@ P, Nik, Laura-
Todays breakfast with an attempt at more calories still no dairy although that carton of heavy cream in my fridge is calling my name.

2 eggs
Bacon 3 strips
1/2 avacado
coffee (with coconut milk)

*my first time trying coconut milk in the coffee, not too bad (not cream) best description--pina colada meets espresso bean...

@Cline- I'm still trying to come up with your bar drink...I think I'm getting closer.

Laura Pappas said...

@Karen - I'd be interested in you meat source

@Charles and P - agree on the pork, they eat a lot, local is best but thats one animal that really is meant to eat all sorts of things so I think they process the corn better and don't require as much antibiotics to stay alive - however I haven't seen a documentary on pig farming

@Aimee - your breakfast sounds great, and I agree with Nikki if you can get a hard boiled egg in with that larabar or mix it up you'll be more full - remember protein in nuts doesn't count as protein :)

MelindaK said...

Coffee with coconut milk is my new thing. It is definitely not as good as cream, but it's better than black coffee!

TP said...

Ok, i'll shoot for the 50th.

P- Yes I think 50 is def the record no doubt.

I tried the paleo hot chocolate last night as a treat from aimee's KOP Nutrition link. It was sure different and not anything close to DD's, but I think for having no sugar and just sipping on it while reading Outside magazine, it'll do the trick for something different. Thanks.
Those little treats help cognitively.

Cline said...

Aimee, hurry up, I've got a Rubik's Cube Bar Crawl* Saturday night and would prefer to be holding something that at least looks like a drink. That way I avoid the same conversation about what I'm doing 75 times. The not drinking will be hard enough on its own.

Also, thanks.

* Everyone shows up wearing at least one article of clothing in 6 different colors. Goal is to swap items either with fellow crawlers or strangers (bonus points) so that you are all one color.

Charles said...

Cline: club soda, but the only problem with that is that they will probably give you a big ass glass. Tonic and lime maybe? Or, you could just say that you are drying out for a bit. Most people who are not douche bags will understand.

TP said...

Cline, how does sizes work??, or is that all part of the "fun" of a Rubik cube bar crawl. hahaha

donkey said...

hazelnut milk may be a better add for you coffee drinkers. it's hard to find without sugar (most often it has evap cane juice (bad) or brown rice sweetener (also bad).

recipe for making your own, for the intrepid. it's easy, just more steps (obvi) than walzing into whole foods and buying coconut milk.


for cline's beverage, two threads i found interesting:



what about a white russian with a milk sub, coffee/espresso, and vodka?

even atkins allows vodka...just sayin'.

Jason Lyons said...


it is important to remember that rx is NOT just using the recommended weight, it is also going through the full range of motion. it is the only way that we can compare apples to apples.

do not be concerned with rx. when i started, it took me close to 6 months doing this pretty much every day to get my first rx and truth be told, it should have taken longer. i think fran was my first rx when i was doing something with weight and it took me over 20 minutes. i was stubborn then but now i realize that is not the point of fran. fran should be done in less than say 7 minutes. you should choose a weight that allows you to do that.

when i was starting, i just wanted to get those damn letters but in reality, they are NOT important. they are something that we should all strive for so when we actually get there, it means that much more.

i cannot stress this enough and i want you guys to hold me just as accountable if you see me working out. scream no rep from across the room if you dont think my squat was low enough. we really need to focus on the work we are doing and not on the letters next to our name. maybe we should stop putting that on the board/blog so people are less inclined to stress about it?

i know how good it feels the first time you get it. i have been there and with some workouts, i am still not there and i can just imagine how great it will feel again. however, that should NOT be the focus. each workout that we give to you has a preferred time domain that we are working. if you leave that time domain, you are no longer getting the full impact of the workout. for instance, i would have rathered you use a 15# ball getting full depth and crush karen in 7 minutes rather than spend 22 with a 20# ball. INTENSITY IS THE KEY.

I ask all of you to be strict, don't be afraid to call dc on yourself. it is worth it in the end. hell nikki did it the other day when she used 63# instead of 65#

Aimee Lyons said...

Cline- When I was pregnant I would do club soda with a splash of cranberry and twist of lime. Looks fancy and no one knows there not vodka in there...should eliminate some questions from onlookers and pub crawlers.

TP said...

I second Jason's post in the same sense about Crossfit in general: The idea that will get the most work done is the "intensity" that you are doing the task domain set forth. If it's too much or too heavy that the intensity is not there like it should be, than you are not only getting actually less of a workout in, but the struggling in not making you stronger, only hurting your form and range of motion.

Nikki is weak because she couldn't do the extra 2# anyway.

Charles said...

Jason: I know, and thanks for holding me accountable. I was upset for all of about 5 minutes and then was just motivated. Keep RX on the board. We are all where we are. I know that I've felt like I've come SO far in the last 4 months. Back squatting to the 13 inch box with moderate weight (105#) the other night felt awesome to me. I finally figured out proper comfortable form. I know that next time I do it, I will CRUSH it.

One suggestion might be to list the target time domain in the WOD. Like you said that Fran is 7 and Karen is 14. If you guys know the target time domain, then put it up there so that we know how to scale in a smart way.

Cline said...

Thanks for the drink suggestions.

@Charles: Would go with tonic, since Vodka Tonics are my non-beer go-to. But I checked the labels of it I had in my fridge and prominent was high fructose corn syrup.

@TP: Indeed. I assume. Never done it before.

@Aimee: Will give that a try. May need more of a splash of cranberry to cut the taste of the club soda.

Chris P. said...

Cline, cranberry juice = added sugar and hfcs? is water and lemon that taboo? if so, just tell people you're pregnant like Aimee did

TP, I think 60 is the new 50 nowadays

Nikki said...

Wow this is an impressive day of posts.

Yes I did 63# instead of 65# - I was scared I would DNF with the extra 2#. Or I just had a brain fart and forgot we now have cute 1.25# weights. Come of think of it, if I had used them that would have been Rx+ at 65.5# :)

I like the idea of not putting Rx on the board, maybe for a month just to see how we like it. We should still list the weight used, but if the wod calls for 65# just say 65#, not Rx.

Jason Lyons said...

Rx is the devil! Bobby Bouchet's mamma told me.

Seriously, it is hard. I know many of us think we get low enough every time but in reality, it is not the case. Unless you have a counter who is strict (right Plentus) you will never know for sure.

A hint, if I tell you get lower on a squat, it is probably not the first, if I tell you a few times, I would bet that every few reps are not below parallel so unless you are doing tons more reps, it is likely not rx.

I have seen this happen and people still write rx. Be proud of the DC! I have also counted reps for people and multiple times witnessed short sets. Don't worry about any other person besides yourself. Give all you have and be proud and honest about it no matter what the result.

My last Cindy was 11, SIX less than my PR but you know what, it was what I had that day and I gave everything. I left disappointed but motivated. If you short reps or forget ROM, you will have no idea when you actually improved.

Cline said...

I may have heard/read the definition of "DC", but it's escaping me. Little help?

Jason Lyons said...

DC is damn close

Laura Pappas said...

If anyone is still reading this thread I just happened across a blog of someone that I follow who has decided to do the Whole 30 program for 102 days - from Jan 1 through her birthday on April 13. She is posting all of her food through pictures at this link - if you need ideas on how to be Paleo Perfect check her pics for ideas http://christiesfoodlog.posterous.com/

@Cline - Water in a drink glass or club soda with lots of lime is probably your best bet. Plentus is right adding a splash of juice (cranberry, pineapple, whatever)is just added sugars and not good ones that will spike your insulin. I was trying to think about using coconut but I'm pretty sure bars don't have full fat coconut milk behind them. Get your elevator speech ready, Whole 9 has a good one :)

Jason Lyons said...

Cline is partier level though...not Caveman so while juice is not preferred, he would not violate his plan...correct?

Aimee Lyons said...

Cline would not be in violation of his partier level...he could score a 1 for that day :)

Cline said...

Wow, the Lyons hive mind is something to behold.

In my mind I'm doing Novice as a bonus, though I had already pretty much started doing that in December (aside from big chunks of Christmas).