Sarah J.

Mike T. and P. dipping away

Ditty on the Clean

Sara B.

W.O.D. 1.8.11

Squat Cleans (95#/135#)
Ring Dips

(compare to 4.19.10)

If you have not been to a L1 cert, one of the points they hammer home is that "intensity is the shortcut to the goodstuff". Everything we do in the gym should be done with the highest intensity that we can manage. This level is different for everyone depending on ability, age, etc... More and more we are seeing people chase the Rx with little regard to anything else, particularly time. For example, if it takes you 20 minutes to do Grace as prescribed, you should not be using that weight as Grace should be a sub 5 workout. When you plot Power vs. Time Duration, Grace works the left hand part of the curve. If you battle through at a heavier weight, you are surely getting in a workout but you are not working the proper time domain and over time, your power output in this region will drop.
Tomorrow is a perfect example of when to scale. Ring dips are hard. Really hard. The best out there have an Elizabeth time less than 10 minutes. If you click on the previous scores, the best times in our gym were in the 10 minute range, almost everyone finishing sub 20. I think that everyone doing the workout should plan to finish the WOD with full ROM in around 15 minutes. It is a perfect science...no, but it will assure that you are working the intended time domain and keeping the intensity high. When I was starting, I was just as guilty as the rest. My first Fran was 21 minutes, my first Karen was 26 or something. I though it was great because I was using the right weight. I cannot stress enough that CrossFit is more than moving your body or weight. It is ALL about doing it to the best of your ability and as HARD as you can...even strength WODs. When you see a 5x5 back squat WOD, you should be scared, you should not be thinking about what you will be doing next. Keep you intensity HIGH and we will try to give you a targeted finish time going forward. Any questions...hit us up.

Community Reminders:
Our newest barbell strength class is being held at 11:00AM today.

It is not too late to sign up for Balanced Bites (Jan. 9th from 12-3PM). Click here to register or you can pay at the door if you are interested

"Live the life you've dreamed"
-Henry David Thoreau

Shawn 14:25
P 8:30
TP 8:52
Vinny 11:43

Kathleen 14:51 (63#/G)
Liz 15:23 (53#//Bl)
Todd 16:54 (115#)
Ken 17:09 (35#/stand)
Melanie 13:42 (75#/B)
Sarah J 13:34 (35#/Bk)
Sara B 14:33 (75#/B)
Jim B. 12:20 (95#/bl)
Mimi 9:59 (34#/St)
Kimberly 9:40 (37#/st)
Ditty 18:38 (75#/65/Bl)
Jen S. 15:10 (85#/MF)
Laura 13:37 (80#/MF)
Pooch 12:15 (63#/G)
Vincent 12:45 (115#)
Jen N. 14:25 (45#/St)
Mike T. 15:12 (95#/65)
Kristin SB 15:21 (63#/Bl)


Kathleen said...

Thanks Aimee for the note on intensity. I like knowing what the intended targets are for the work out be it speed or stretching for the heavier weights. I wrestle with these issues in my mind a lot before most WOD's.

Mike S said...

Ditto what Kathleeen said. Being new to CrossFit, I'm just starting to realize that scaling should take to account not just being able to finish, but also being able to maintian the desired intensity level throughout the WOD.

Anonymous said...

Excited about today's WOD, I will take into account that intensity is key. On another note; I think I lost my necklace at the gym one day this week so please keep an eye out for it. It's a gold name necklace and you will know it's mine because of the big "SARA" haha..thanks for your help!!

Anonymous said...

love the reminder about intensity...

I think there are WODS where we need to push to do the rx movement even if that means coming in last (although not 10mins after everyone else)And WODS where we need to scale even when we could do the rx movement, for the sake of intensity or form or full range of motion.

Either way the goal is putting EGO in your pocket and doing whatever will make your body more functional (better form faster) in the future. Intensity is essential in that, it is the magic of crossfit.

I have a question about burpees....somehow i got the idea that a burpee was not RX if you used your knees. THe crossfit.com demo calls knees a "modification" but i clarified with kop coaches that the knees don't matter, just chest to deck and the clap over head. Have I been making burpees harder???? I work at not using my knees.

Dorothy said...

Did "Elizabeth" in my basement this morning. This is one of my least favorite ladies.

Scaled to 65# and used mental floss (some toe push off too)

Need to pat myself on the back because I kept the intensity high despite doing this WOD alone. I went back to the bar BEFORE I caught my breath. When I wanted to put the bar down I did 1 more rep.

Thanks for the pep talk on intensity coach. (I suspect Jason wrote this one. I think I recognize his writing style.)

JimB said...

Hey, here's a good breakfast option I've found as I'm weaning myself off of oatmeal...

Apple Breakfast:
1 large apple, chopped into bite-sized pieces
1 medium carrot, grated
handful of raisins
cinnamon to taste
walnuts (optional)

If you plan on making it the night before, make sure to drizzle a little lemon juice to keep apples from browning..enjoy!

Aimee Lyons said...

Dorothy- Pat on the back for intensity and WODing solo, but I would have challenged you to a higher weight.