W.O.D. 1.25.11

Liquid Cocaine
5 Rounds for time of:
5 Clean and Jerks (105#/155#)
10 Chest to Bar Pull-ups

New for Sale:
We purchased some of Steve's latest treats (from Steve's Club/Steve's Original) to sell at the box. We have 15 Paleo Krunch bars for sale at $3.50 and 15 Grass Fed Paleo Stix $6.50. These are great snacks to get you through the work day! Limited Supply- get 'em while they are hot. (or cold)- both are being stored in the fridge. Find a coach at the box to help you with the purchase!

If you haven't heard of Steve's Club - click here for more detailed information. Steve does some pretty amazing things to change the lives of these kids! We will be hosting the Beat the Streets Fundraiser again this year on April 16th!

Coaches Note:
Chest to bar means exactly that...your chest touches the bar. Similar to a wall ball needing to touch the wall, your chest (between collar bones and nipples) needs to touch the bar every rep. If you are being strict, you can be flying high but if your chest does not touch, you are not doing the workout as prescribed.

At a recent certification at our box, Heather Bergeron completed this workout in 6 minutes and change. We would recommend trying to finish this workout in less than 15 minutes.

"You can't wait for inspiration. You have to go after it with a club."
-Jack London

Mike V: 6:20
Jason: 13:15
Olan: 12:54
Aimee: 9:14
Nikki: 8:27
Jim C: 13:19
Jen S: 16:10
Vinny: 10:56
P: 10:40
Jerry: 10:53
Rob P: 9:54
Danny: 9:15
Granny: 10:37
Bryan from State College: 8:11

Miranda: 14:48 (C2B)
Jay E: 10:36 (C2B)

Karin: 10:37 (55/Bk)
Jeff Hi: 13:04 (115/B+MF)
Todd: 11:16 (125/C2B)
Vincent: 14:19 (135/PU)
Kim G: 15:27 (75/G+MF)
Steph: 14:57 (105/PUA)
Jessica S: 14:10 (75/G)
Mike F: 10:57 (155/PU)
Dana: 13:25 (85/PU)
Melinduh: 11:41 (95/PUA)
Denise: 9:59 (55/G)
Katie F: 13:59 (45/G)
Howard: 14:50 (105/B+MF)
JZ: 12:03 (115/PU)
Dorothy: 14:41 (100/C2B)
Megs: 9:25 (75/PU)
Killer B(S): 10:24 (75/MF)
Seth: 11:43 (135/C2B)
Mel: 11:04 (85/PU)
Jeff: 11:45 (135/DC)
JB: 8:33 (75/?)
Kathleen: 8:05 (65/B)
Lisa C: 9:12 (45/Bk)
Gina: 11:47 (55/G)
Sarah S: 9:53 (45/B)
WW: 13:59 (105/G)
Sarah J: 9:32 (45/J)
Kara: 9:41 (53/?)
Brie: 7:21 (53/G)
Chris T: 10:15 (75/?)
Rebekah: 9:02 (65/G)
Steve K: 12:40 (75/?)
Rakia: 10:15 (10/?)
Jason B: 11:47 (155)
Ditty: 14:28 (75/bl c2b)
Kristen T: 10:34 (75/gr)
Charles: 15:47 (63/DC)
Paul F: 12:07 (115/DC)
Rachael: 11:41 (58/gr)
Chris from Pitt: 12:07 DC
Jen N: 10:40 (55/bk)
Julie: 6:20 (25/bk)
Sheng Ching: 12:18 ?
Liz: 12:48 (75/bl c2b)
Peterson: 11:30 (135/dc)


Peterson said...


Looked up the White Dog Cafe. I checked their menu, and I now understand why I never went there as a college student.

$14 entrees for lunch!

I'd definitely like to try it now though!

Charles said...

Scaling question: I'm pretty close to getting consistent RX pull ups. Would just doing RX pull ups be a scaling option, or would it be better the do chest to bar with a band to get the full range of motion? I'll probably have a band around either way, just so I can keep going if I hit a wall.

Jason Lyons said...

@ Charles

This is a great question and one that I often ponder so I would be curious to see other coaches opinions... Here is mine...

I saw you doing pull-ups the other day and you should say proudly that you do have them. Your chin was surely getting over the bar and I think you got a few in a row. So, since, in my opinion, you have pull-ups, I would work the full range of motion with a band. If you were in that grey area where you were just about to get pull-ups, I would tell you to work on those unassisted...but that is not you anymore.

Melanie said...

White Dog Cafe is AWESOME and worth every penny if you are a foodie and enjoy a great meal. I have not checked out the new one that opened up in Wayne yet but a dying to get there soon! Their brunch is soooo good.

Laura Pappas said...

I'm bummed I am going to miss this workout - question about scheduling in mind body - looks like Thursday 6am is cancelled - is that correct?

Charles said...

The White Dog has had its ups and downs. I think that it's under new ownership now. It's a nice place though, and I'd be up for checking out the Wayne location.

Cline said...

Peterson, I went to the White Dog once for lunch in college.


Jeff said...


I agree with Jason, work the full range of motion for the chest-to-bar pull-ups with a band. Remember to lead with your chest, the focus is touching the chest to the bar, not just getting your head high enough. And congratulations on getting your pull-ups!

Aimee Lyons said...

I am a huge fan of the White Dog Cafe (in Wayne) never been to the one in the city though...

@Charles- I have to disagree with Jason and Jeff, I would not have you go back to the band. I would have you work pull ups no band and work on developing a more aggressive kip to get closer to the chest to bar level. I would liken it to the Double under, you get better at DU's by working on DU's not working on Single Unders. That's just my two cents.


Tim H said...

I worked at the White Dog Cafe in University City for 5 years. It is where I met my wife. I would not recommend it to anyone. Ever.

I have never been to the one in Wayne.

Tim H said...

P.S. Not because it is where I met my wife, but because it is filthy.

Charles said...

OK, here is the question. Is the only difference between the range of motion of a pull up verses a chest to bar pull up an aggressive kip? I guess it's more along the lines of, do I get anything getting that full range of motion in? I know that the only difference between getting dips and not and getting dead hangs and not was pretty much just getting the full ROM at least once.

Todd said...

Just a thought-I have noticed it is sometimes easier to do c2b pullups underhand if you get tired and lose the power of your kip, especially in the latter rounds.

Jason Lyons said...

The reason I stated what I did was for a particular reason. When you look at Aimee or Nikki do C2B, they make it look really easy and it is very similar to their regular pull-up with just more umph. I am different than them. When I dod C2B, my trajectory is different so that I could touch my chest to the bar. This is partly because I am not super efficient but I feel that there is value in learning that path...at least initially.

Cline said...

Please, no more behind-the-scenes "dirt" on restaurants. Blissfully ignorant, I would like to remain.

And speaking of restaurants, I just got invited to a Farmhouse Table Dinner @Talulah's Table tonight. Heard nothing but fabulous things about this, and cannot wait.

I intend on staying true to my Partyer-level challenge, but the other aspects of Paleo can cram it. With walnuts.

Chris P. said...

Charles, no band. C2b is only a few inches difference, but also a world of a difference. But only once you have pull ups.

All, I recommend if you want to get pull ups in general to work on the rings. Do ring rows and increase the difficulty each time by bringing your feet out more and more in front. (as if you are laying down on your back) this will build the necessary strength to get a deadhang pull up. Kipping is good and has its place, but let's be honest, if you're at a party and say you have a pull up, people will look at your kipping and call it cheating. So get your dead hang and impress the hell out of people. No bands.

JZuck said...

Enjoy dinner Cline! Thank is one meal that you definitely don't want to pass up.

Charles said...

Chris P: I have dead hangs. I can get anywhere from 1 to 5 at home. I actually have a pull up bar in front of the stairs to go upstairs, and I try and get a few in every time I pass by, as long as I feel OK.

I do believe in the importance of getting dead hangs in when I can, because it's more of a strength exercise than a power exercise, and I think that it's good to have that balance. When I'm at the box, before and after class, I focus on the kipping practice, cause I can't get that at home.

Chris P. said...

6:30 - We Love Post WOD Paleo snacks

Jerry 10:53
Rob P. 9:54
Danny? 9:15
Granny 10:37
Brian from State College 8:11

Jason B. 11:47 (155)
Ditty 14:28 (75/bl c2b)
Kristen T. 10:34 (75/gr)
Jay E. 10:36 DC
Charles 15:47 (63/DC)
Paul F. 12:07 (115/DC)
Rachael 11:41 (58/gr)
Chris from Pitt 12:07 DC
Jen N. 10:40 (55/bk)
Julie 6:20 (25/bk)
Sheng Ching 12:18 ?
Liz 12:48 (75/bl c2b)
Peterson 11:30 (135/dc)

Great stuff tonight. Charles with pull ups on the thick bar, Julie with her second class at KoP, visitors Chris and Brian tearing it up, Paul F. doing belly button to bar pull ups, Jerry and his grunting efforts. All good times! Remember, practice your hook grip while driving and also pretend you have lego hands.

P.S. After the WOD, I was literally swarmed by ravished CrossFitters buying up and eating Paleo Krunch and Stix. I felt like a water buffalo surrounded by a pack of cheetahs.

Unknown said...

Thanks for having me guys and it was a lot of fun being in such a well-established box for the first time in a while. You guys do a great job with the large groups. Thanks again. Bryan St.Andrews (state college)

Jen S. said...

Laura - just saw this:

There is a 6am class on Thursday to sign up for - it was just duplicated and my only option to fix this was to cancel it (I'll spare you the technical mindbody lesson...)