The primal challenge is almost over!!!

Are you still going strong??

Please turn in your journals or compliance spreadsheet on Thursday February 3rd.

Community Reminder:
Friday February 4th - 7:30PM the FINALE & Party! Winners will be announced.


JZuck said...

Still going...getting very difficult. I had a pretty strict diet already, but it is much harder then I thought to take it to the next level.

Dorothy said...

Going strong and getting better. There are some things that I don't even miss anymore (Catsup and diet soda). And some that I am looking forward to having next week (splenda in my coffee).

When I think about what I really miss, there's nothing that I am dying to have. Even ice cream. I can't believe it.

I think that this has been a sucessful exercise in breaking bad habits and adding new better habits. I don't crave sweets anymore. Weird.

Finally, I am so glad that we were in this together. I had several friends that attempted the no sugar challenge, and none of them made it. But Crossfitters are a tough bunch and you all helped me with your support. (Plus, as my husband will tell you, I'll do anything to win a T-shirt).

I won't be able to make it Thursday, but I will e-mail my journal to Aimee.

steph v said...

If you haven't read this blog already...you won't regret following the link....so funny!

gotta laugh at ourselves, right?

Cline said...

Have slipped a couple times with fried foods, but nary a drop of alcohol has passed these lips.

Am loving it.

How will the weekly points be handled for this last (abbreviated) week? For example, I won't be able to get my 3 workouts until this weekend at some point.

Lindsey said...

I've done really well with this. I've found I don't really miss fried foods or pizza as much as I thought I would - although I still really want nachos and salsa. I think I tended to sub sweets instead of eating chips though (especially with all the sweets I got from the holidays). Oh well, at least it's some improvement in my diet! I haven't missed alcohol too too much. Well, really, I haven't missed the hangovers. :-). There were definitely a few days when I could have really gone for something. A month has passed by faster than I thought it would and I want to try to keep some of these habits (or at least limit these foods to a minimum).

I do have a question as to whether a couple of things I ate are against the partyer option. Both were items I made at home and didn't think about them till after (I think I assumed they weren't included but now I'm not so sure) - steak sandwich & toasted bagel with sauce and cheese. Thoughts?

I've lost weight since I started the challenge - added bonus! And I'm still going strong with the 100 day challenge - wall squats. I almost missed them one day and did them at 11:55pm. I won't be able to be there on Thursday but I'll email in my log - what's the email address I should send it to?

Dorothy said...

I suggest you do some tabata squats, situps, or pushups at home so you don't get docked the point. Ha Ha! Just teasing. I am sure the CFKOP judges will be fair.

Aimee Lyons said...

Cline - we will take your word for it!

Melanie said...

I have been no saint with this challenge but feel I am now settling into where I am comfortable, which is 80/20. I am super happy with my fitness level and my continued progress, my recovery is better and I feel great. If I need to get more strict for some reason, I can always do that but this time around I have really loved testing more recipes and sharing them with everyone. I have also learned more self-control and I plan to keep things up after the "challenge" is over. I will also continue posting any cool recipes I try out too!
I like that we do this at least once a year since it helps to remind you of why we should eat cleaner, and it gives you the jump start you need to get back in-line or to re-focus your eating habits.

Kathleen said...

Still going strong and I learned lot in the past 28 days. It has been great to have the support of everyone in the crossfit kop community and I love all the recipe and idea sharing. My motivation for doing this challenge was to see if it would help boost my performance during WOD's and I think that it has. I approached it as an experiment and I feel it's paying off. After the challenge is over I will definitely be conscience of any time I eat sugar and will be more careful about the things I buy at the store for my family. I am so happy I took on the challenge!

Laura Pappas said...

Great to see everyone's stories, its amazing how changing your food can effect so many other things in your life. I agree with Mel and JZ, I'm really strict most of the time but its interesting to challenge yourself and I feel like I'm starting to see some strength gains too.

Jeff Hi said...

I will not be able to attend on Friday, so here is my update…..yes I have some cheat meals/drinking over the last few weeks. But my frequency of work outs and noncompliant meals has stayed fairly consistent in January vs. prior months. Prior to doing this, I was doing Akins since the beginning of July. During the switch to a more paleo approach, I felt like I had the hard part completed. I already gave up grains/bread and most sugars. I really didn’t eat legumes, so that was easy to give up. I just tweaked what I was doing, which was the following:
• Added more fruits, vegetables, and nuts.
• Eliminate artificial sweeteners (diet soda, Turkey Hill Diet Green Tea, coffee creamer)
• Just drank black coffee, a lot water, and a little hot tea
• Weaned myself off of protein bars, etc.
• Eliminated all dairy.

I am very pleased with the results and how I feel. I dropped 8 lbs during that month. I didn’t keep track of calories and weigh my food during the month. (I have done this in the past.) The best outcome to this is that I no longer take allergy pills. My doctor and I blamed my dog. I guess he wasn’t the reason. One final thing, if you want to drink vodka and avoid grain based alcohols, Luksusowa is potato based vodka. It’s been my favorite for years and the one thing I didn’t have to change.