Jason with 225# Overhead

W.O.D. 1.13.11

Overhead Squat


AMRAP in 12 minutes:
1 Snatch @ 70% of your 1RM OHS
2 Overhead Squats @ 70% of your 1RM OHS
3 Box Jumps (25"/29")
4 KettleBell Swings (55#/70#)
5 Burpees

Community Reminder:
The Paleo Pot-luck Party is this Friday at 7:30/8:00PM at Donkey's house. Bring a dish and the corresponding recipe to share, along with your appetite. Directions/address are available at the box.

Mikko Salo on doing 1000 burpees - video [wmv] [mov]

If you would hit the mark, you must aim a little above it."
-Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

(Snatch/KBS/Box Jump)
Meghann 110 (7 @ 65#/35#/21")
Jay E 245 (5 @ 135#/25")
Howard 105 (6 @ 75#/55#)
Kim G 70 (5? @ 53#/35#/17")
Ellie 75 (5? @ 55#/45#)
Tim G 155 (6 @ 110#)
Todd 45 form (7 @ 45#)
Olan 135 (7 @ 85#/33")
Chris T 90 (6 @ 65#/21")
Rakia 35 form (5 @ 15#/18#/9")
Sharon 25 form (DNF)
Kara 35 form (7 @ 35#/35#/21")
Jason 225 (5 @ 135#)


Seth Parsons said...

what a convenient video to watch...is someone trying to tell me something?

Nikki said...

Yeah Seth - he did it in 83 minutes. You're going for, what, 83 days? :)

Aim - I think should have a burpee party. Everyone should set a goal of 100, 500, or 1000 burpees. Afterwards, we drink! (So it'll have to be after the paleo challenge)

Aimee Lyons said...

Nik-I like the idea! That will surely help Seth get to his goal too!

Charles said...

How does one create a 29 inch box? I'd be interested in seeing what my box jump height max is.

Nikki said...

Charles - We just stack up boxes on top of boxes, and plates on top of that, until you hit a height where you can't make the jump. Then grab a measuring tape and see how tall it is

Chris P. said...

each box stacked on top adds 8in. so grab a 21" and add a 13" on top for 29". Or three 13" if you want to be excessive.

Kristen SB said...

Hey coaches, can anyone tell me when the strength classes are held? I know about Sat at 11:00am; but is there one on Thursay nights too or any other night during the week? Or is it only held on Sat?


Jason Lyons said...

Strength tonight at 5 KSB.

I would die and get butt arm if I did 1000 burpees. That is just dumb!

Jason Lyons said...

oh, and P is right with the box stacking.

i re-posted because today has been by far the hardest day of the challenge for me. i am having cravings out the wahzoo. i want nothing more than a nice soft sugar cookie but i have refrained....it was not easy though.

i wanted to get someone's opinion on moderation when all is said and done. for instance, i can't imagine never having a drink with dinner again or having the occasional taco bell or cookie. i know laura said she doesn't taste for them anymore but i can honestly say i will never get to that point. so, if you do have cravings, i know you are supposed to treat it like a treat, not a cheat....but how much is too much? once a week?

Melanie said...

I am with you Jason. I think the answer will be the catch all phrase "it all depends on what your goals are".
Like you said, no matter when you have it, it's a treat, not a cheat. If you enjoy those things and the feeling that you get afterwards isn't complete nausea, my feeling is that life is too short to even think about how often is too often. Your body will tell you in the end and it will be that feeling that will dictate how often is too often FOR YOU. Right now, stick to your guns and find an alternative to satisfy the craving. But later on, your body will tell you what to do. Laura is at the point where she doesn't crave them because for one, she hasn't had them in so long and second, she knows how she feels after she eats them.
Will I never eat pasta again? Hell no! Will I never eat Carvel ice cream birthday cake again? Hell no! Will I never drink beer again? HELL NO!!! But I am willing to not have them at high frequency or in the portion sizes that I used to. That to me, is good initial progress with this change.

Chris P. said...

Jas, once you get leaner, your body will handle occasional cheats better than it does now. Instead of planning them in your schedule (e.g. I will have two beers every Tuesday) take advantage of social situations to let loose if you want. If you decide to, lean towards the non-gluten items rather than gluten. Aka ice cream over beer. Corn tortilla chips over flour.

New member, Eric from Dallas was talking to me last night about this actually, and he definitely notices huge drops in performance when he has a few beers during the week. I agree. I think there's something in beer that really puts a damper on performance (except for maybe a Festivus beer right before deadlifting!) I think it's the combo of liquid carbs, gluten, and carbonation that makes it a potent detractor. I might drink beer once a month, but when I do, I feel like crap the day after.

I know you say that you can't possibly see yourself resisting, but the longer you make it a habit, the more you'll be ok with no beer, bread, etc. I used to love pasta and have it every night. Now I don't think I've had it for over a year and I literally don't even consider it if I am out at a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

such a big question. there of course is no catch all answer. I have to say what I CRAVE has completly changed. I NEVER would have believed that. So first off don't rule out the possiblity that you may not want some of the things you want now. I still can go for potato chips or fries...but i am perfectly fine not eating bread, pasta, crap food, and sugar. I often will eat "no thank you" servings of these and thats enough to get the taste. I know you all may get tired of me saying this...but i really beleive want you want depends upon your motivation. When you are motivated by self-love (rather than wanting to lose weight- bcasue you aren't happy with who you are) making the choice that is in the best interst of your body becomes second nature. WHAT YOU CRAVE CHANGES. Food and drinking become more about Nourishment than about PLEASURE. Lastly I hate the idea of Cheat Meals or days. When you eat off plan...you should celebrate! Eat with Joy!! When you eat with guilt you totatlly miss the experiecnce of eating whatever you are eating. If you had paid attention you may have nioticed you didn't want it or wanted much less than you thought you did. I know the power of food, of the pleasure (and escape it can bring), i know what its like to feel powerless over it. But i also now know FREEDOM is possible. The way most people go about trying to find freedom DOES NOT WORK. There is another way. It involves no longer trying to get somewhere other than where you are...instead just being completly where you are.

I could write a book...actually maybe one day i will (mel's advice:-)

Jason...anything is possible. I live a life i could never have imagined.

Dorothy said...

I am craving gummie bears....

Charles said...

Stick with it. I know how you feel. However, I think that it's way too early to say what you can and can't live without. Once you have done the full 30 days, you will learn a lot about yourself, and you will learn a lot of things that you can use to substitute the things that you "can't live without". I had Ice Cream right after I did whole 30, and I have never had Ice Cream since. It is a completely over ratted experience now. I have no idea what the heck I'm going to do about beer. That, sir, is my Achilles heal. After you are done and you start re-introducing foods back, you will figure out what you can and can't live without. And as far as social occasions, most people can handle a little white rice or corn every once and a while for a "cheat".

Charles said...

Plentus: This is SOOO true. When I did whole 30 before, I went from zero to about three do five dead hangs. In the xmas season, I was back to zero, and now, I'm at about two to three. It makes all the difference in the world.

Laura Pappas said...

@Jason - Just like when you guys are coaching us you tell us we can do anything for 5 minutes, 1 minutes, 30 seconds - don't put the Kettlebell down, the same thinking can apply to the challenge. If you're stubborn enough you can adhear to the challenge for 30 days because its a finite amount of time. Hopefully the challenge teaches you what you may have been overdoing before, what you really miss and what you can do without - and how you feel when you eat squeaky clean. When you go back to non-challenge land you decide what you re-introduce and what you leave out.
I've been tweaking for almost 2 years now since the first no sugar challenge, and I do the "challenges" to help reset myslef: learn what I'm overdoing and where I might be getting lazy and then address those things for the next 3-6 months until I do a challenge again.
My biggest weaknesses are wine and chocolate - I like both of them a lot and Paleo or not I'm not going to never have them. Over the holidays I drank a lot of wine and had chocolate or Paleo treats pretty much everyday. After the challenge, I will go back to drinking wine and having chocolate but I'm going to not drink during the week as my continuing goal. I'll have some good high quality 85-90% chocolate 1-2x per week. To me that is manageable, it gives me my "treats" without derailing my progress. That is what moderation looks like for me.
Following ideal Paleo per the Dr. Loren Cordain is 90% compliance - which means 1 cheat/treat per week - you can use that as a rule of thumb - which probably covers occasions and celebration (like your birthday).
Like P said, it does also depend on what you're "treating yourself to" too, try to avoid gluten and make your treat sugar or dairy and overall you'll be better off - since you insulin spike and then its over vereses damage your gut lining.
For you, you decide how to incorporate beer back into your life after 30 days, take Mel's perspective into account too, work on cutting back on frequency and amount and as you progress with your food maybe you'll start to make changes, or find replacements that are more compliant with your way of eating. Its a journey to see where you land and how you can make this work for you in your life and still enjoy your life :)

Christina - Paper Rock Scissors said...

I have no real important comment here, but just want to say that I made spaghetti squash the other night, and while Barilla is clearly my first choice, it was actually surprisingly good and made me believe I was eating pasta.

Then I made spaghetti squash latkes and they also were good (primarily because they are fried in olive oil and crunchy).


Miranda said...

Since we are talking cravings and food, I'll comment.
I am craving a soft pretzel??? Yea, not sure why, haven't had bread in a looong time.
Oh and I baked a "mock" coconut custard pie with spaghetti squash for Christmas.

Jim Curran said...

Be sure you can make the jump on the 29inch...i did the first time, second time, not so much