Cline-The Partyer
Rob, Roger & Conn powering through "Cindy"
Sunny and Bandit - "These humans are NUTZ"
What is Jackie doing????

W.O.D. 1.3.10

As many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of:
5 Pull-ups
10 Push-ups
15 Squats

Training Note:
It's always good to press the reset button at the beginning of the year! With the start of the new year we will be locking in a good amount of benchmark WOD's and 1RM Strength lifts. This will help you set up some of your goals for 2011.

The regular class schedule is back & tonight is our Primal Kick off Party at 7:30PM. Hope to see you all there. Click here to read more details about the challenge.

"Grief can take care of itself, but to get the full value of a joy you must have somebody to divide it with."
-Mark Twain

P 18 (w 20# WV)
Tim P. 14 (w 20# WV)

Deb 10
Shawn 17
Peterson 13
Cate 20
Aimee 21
Laura 20
Nikki 19
Jen S. 13
Jason 11
Kevin 15
Brian R 14
Mike V 23
Jim C. 12
Dorothy 13
Jeff 15
JZ 15
Mel 13
Shoeless 10
Borden 12
Conn 14
Cline 6
Stackhouse 17
Rob 17
Sam B 28
Tim G. 9
Danny 12

Dana 11
Liz 10
Seth 8
Gabe 13
Miranda 10
Roger 10

Tim H 8
Charles 9
Ken 8
Christine 8
Sara B 11
Mike S 9
Sarah S. 13
CC 12
Sheng Ching 9
Rachael 9
Sandy 15
Melinda 11
Beth 10
Katie D. 9
Kathleen 13
Flounder 11
Maura 10
Darlene 8
Kelly 7
Steph V. 8
Pat 14
Mimi 3 in 5 mins
Jen N 10
Brie 15
Gina 14
Jackie 14
Sharon 8
Kimberley 5 rounds/10:00
Dianne 10
Kim 12
Rakia 9
Chris 13
Lindsay 12
Kara 13


Jen S. said...

Hey All - On Fri my friend is playing at High Street Caffe in West Chester if anyone would like to join me. He will probably play stuff like Allman Brothers...the Who...etc. I will probably get there around 9:00pm. www.tomgillam.com

Cate said...

Deb 10
Shawn 17
Peterson 13

Seth 8

Sharon 8
Kimberley 5 rounds/10:00
Dianne 10
Kim 12
Rakia 9
Chris 13
Lindsay 12
Kara 13

Danny said...

I am curious as to how mine were scaled and I had 10? I didnt scale using a band on pull up and definitely didnt scale doing push ups or squats. Was I doing my pull ups wrong? Not a huge deal but my total was 12.

Aimee Lyons said...

Danny- I'll update it for you, I take the info from the board as it was written and there was no indication next to your name - scale/rx/dc...

I'll update it now :)

Danny said...

Thank you! I wanted to make sure my form wasn't off or I was started to get lazy and didn't notice it.

Cline said...

I like my picture. Totally doesn't look like I'm taking a crap. Which is nice.

For the record my 6 were scaled. Used a band for the pullups and halfway through the second set of pushups, I was doing it from my knees.

Prom night, all over again.