W.O.D. 2.1.20

4 Rounds for time:
500 Meter Row
30 Wallballs (14/20# to 9/10 ft)
30 Box Jumps (20/24")

Feeling the need to reset in 2020? ...well, WE HAVE THE ANSWER! 

 Join us TODAY at 11:00AM for the kick off of our 2020 Nutrition Challenge with a lecture and presentation from Dr. Turner and Aimee Lyons.

Everyone starts their journey to bettering their nutrition at a different place. We will help you no matter where your starting place is (quality, quantity, food composition...etc)

This year we will focus NOT ONLY on improved performance and body composition BUT, ALSO HEALTH MARKERS.  With the help of Dr. Turner we will be specifically be focused on blood profiles. (All bloodwork needs to be done fasting and completed the first week of February)

The focus of this challenge, specifically, in addition to diet improvements will be intermittent fasting.  The challenge will last 8 weeks and then we will retest the labs and review the changes and the health markers, body composition and performance benefits.

The COST of this challenge includes the blood work and In-body scans, it is $170.00.

 The male and female with the most significant improvements in blood markers and body composition change will win a free month of membership!

At the end of the challenge, a retest on blood labs will be done to compare results and final In-body Scans will take place the first week in April.

CLICK HERE to sign up today!!!

"Never whine. Never complain. Never make excuses. Kill the critic in your head and weaponize your mind." 
- Ben Bergeron


Unknown said...

Braden: 23:53 rx
Ab: 27:44 13'
Donna: 28:09 step up
Katie R: 26:@6 10# 65
Roberto: 23:49 rx
Marco: 20:50 rx
Webb: 28:01 rx
Yex: 25:51 rx
Cory: 21:25 rx
Sara: 27:12 10# 13'
Randy: 22:59 Rx
Jonathan: 22:20 rx
Emily: 28:30 rx
Colin: 23:50 rx
May: 28:33 10# step up

Kelly: 28:05 step up
Bridget: 28:42 5 rounds RX+++
Mark: 22:50 step up
Matt E: 28:58

CFKOP iPad said...

Danielle 21:50rx