Athlete of the Month: Kira Keogan

Meet Kira Q&A

Hometown: West Chester Current

Location: Villanova

Age: 21

Occupation: Student (hopefully will go into analytics after graduation)

College: Villanova

How long have you been a CrossFitter? I started 6 years ago but have had to take time off over the years so I’ve been doing crossfit continuously for about a year and a half now.

Did you ever play sports? Soccer, swimming, and track

Got some cool (or uncool) hobbies you'd like to share? Crocheting and reading because I am secretly an 85 year old grandma.

What has been your biggest achievement at CrossFit in general? Getting on the whiteboard for Diane!

What skill(s) had you been working on all during 2019, and did (it)they become a success? I’ve been working on my lifting and strength and I’d say it’s definitely been successful because I’ve PRed my deadlift, front squat, back squat, clean, jerk, clean and jerk, and snatch since August.

Goals for the 2020 year? To learn butterfly pullups and work on my upper body strength.

What's your favorite WOD? One wod we did in December that I really liked was 7 rounds of 7 strict HSPUs, 6 knees to elbows, and 5 hang power cleans.

How about your favorite food/snacks? Oreos are my favorite food but some snacks I love are peanut butter toast, oatmeal and trail mix. Also anything from Wawa.

What is the craziest workout outside of CF you have ever done? I did a Spartan Race a few years ago at Blue Mountain and I ended up getting first in my division (open female 15-19 age group) which was crazy.

What’s your least favorite WOD? 17.5 which is 10 rounds of 9 thrusters and 35 dubs.

Favorite lift/movement? Toes to bar

What’s your least favorite lift/movement? The assault bike of course

Whats your favorite piece of workout "gear"? My metcons

What you say is your biggest improvement since starting CF? Besides all the skill stuff, I’d say just becoming more dedicated to crossfit overall. In the past I would just go to crossfit, do the wod, and go home but now, especially in the past year, I’ve really been driven to try to get better. So I’ve been trying to devote extra time before or after wods to work on skills/movements/lifts that I’m not good at and to try to get stronger.

Who is your favorite coach? Jenna!!

PR's to mention? Goals Reached? Nutrition highlights? Before 2019 ended I wanted to back squat 200lbs so in December I hit that and was really happy.

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