W.O.D. 10.8.14

2 Parts Weightlifting 2 Parts Gymnastics 
All for time: 
Complete 5 Pull-ups on the minute until you complete: 50 Overhead Squats (65/95#) 
then... Complete 3 Toes to bar on the minute until you complete 50 Hang Power Cleans (95/135#)

Record total time for both components. Athletes are responsible for changing weights. One bar will be used for each athlete.

Community Notes:
ALL Weekend Classes will be held in the Annex, there will be NO CrossFit Kids "cubs" class this weekend. 

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– Leonardo da Vinci


Unknown said...

Is there any of our athletes that would like share some of their takeaways from Dr. Turner's seminar last night?
I'll share mine first. First I would like to thank Aimee for inviting Dr. Turner out to spend time with us. My takeaway is that very few of our injuries come DIRECTLY from our sport, but rather from a re-existing imbalance that was never properly addressed. My second takeaway is that muscles should slide smoothly without catching or hitching. When we have a traumatic event like an accident or even something as simple as incorrect over-repetive use can cause the same type of situation.

CFKOP iPad said...


Mike (drop-in) 16:53, 75#
Mike S 16:51, 45/75, ring rows
Melissa 17:49, 15/45, ring rows,knee raises
Justin 17:00, 15/65, band, knee raises


CFKOP iPad said...


Kate Kenny 9:33 rx except 3 pull-ups/round
Regi 10:44 95# back squat, 75#,RR,GHD
Liza 10:45, 25/45, band, knee raises
Josh 14:41, 75/95, knee raises
Jz 12:40 girls rx

CFKOP iPad said...


King 11:31, 115# HPC
Jill C 15:37, 45/65, band,knee raises
Jen S 15:58. Band, knee raises


Paul S said...

Kara 9:38 #40/53 Band Floor
Christ 9:40 #35/55 Band Floor
Jill 11:50 #35/65 Band ROM
Jackie 9:34 $55/75 Band ROM
Diane 10:45 #65 Band ROM
Alison K. 8:50 MOD
Fugo 8:54 MOD

Welcome Back Fugo!!!!!!!!

Unknown said...


Conn 11:49 75/95
Luke 13:50 Girls RX


Steph C 11:15 35/55
Linda 14:44 35/55
Fayth 11:48 35/55